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I am not a professional reviewer nor I have studied English literature or journalism.So don't expect my review to be professional.I don't charge a fee to post a review.I admit that I am a nitpicker.I think twice before accepting your book. Do remember all this when requesting me to review your book. So if you are an author/publisher who wants me to write an honest opinion of your book, please know only when I like your book truly, I will write an honest review. After reading the book, if I feel your book didn't touch my heart and blow my mind, you cannot expect me to write a favorable review. 

This is my email Id

.Once I approve your request, I will post the review within two-three weeks.

All the reviews I post in my blog will also be posted on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads. 

Apart from hard copies , I also accept e-books for review once in a while.It depends upon my mood.

These days I enjoy young adults,  suspense-thriller , romance, self-help, and motivational books.I can't say no to all non-fiction books(I have reviewed a physics book) and medical thrillers so that i can improve myself.If you feel your book has that quality or falls under any of the above genres, mail me the synopsis.

Authors and Publishers please note

Do you want me to proofread your book instead of a review?I can do that. As a book reviewer, I feel a book must deserve a high rating and invite more and more readers.I will say exactly what changes you have to make in your book. Inadvertently some errors or omissions would have crept in, it will be pointed out by me for necessary corrections.

Thanks for taking interest in my blog.:)