Book review policy

I am not a professional reviewer. If you are still interested in getting my review,  fill the form found in this blog.

I don't charge a fee to post a review.

Once I approve your request, I will post the review within two weeks.

All the book reviews I post in my blog will also be posted on Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, Bloglovin and Twitter.  I am currently facing a problem sumbitting my review on Amazon so once it is resolved I will post it there too.

Apart from paperbacks and hardcovers , I also accept e-books for review once in a while.It depends upon the type of the book. As I wear spectacles, I can't strain my eyes on an ebook. This is not applicable to the books which I myself request to read. I am planning to correct my vision through laser soon, therefore, digital copies will not be a problem for me anymore.

If you are an author/publisher/book promoter/brand interested in getting my review, take note of the following genres. 

Fiction- Romance, Women's fiction, YA,  Crime, Mystery, Paranormal. 

Non-Fiction-Self-help, Memoir,  Business, Economics,  Health, Spirituality,  Religion, Social causes,  Metaphysics

If your book doesn't fall under any of the above, you can send me the blurb, if I like it, I will review it in my blog. As of now, I am also accepting series which I previously ignored.

I prefer fast paced novels more in Fiction and slow paced novels do interest me but depends on the weightage of the story particularly I love stories that discusses social issues. 

In non-fiction, I love all books even a layman can understand. I have reviewed a Physics book. As I hold a commerce degree, I can read books written in this genre. I also enjoy reading self-help books. For me, there is no good book or a bad book. Every book gives a lesson.  I truly believe books simplifies the life of a person. 

Today I am pretty selective about the books I wish to read and review. I can't commit myself to reading books which I feel is not for me. You can send me details of your book if you are interested in getting my opinion.

Thanks for visiting my blog.:)

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