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Blogging since March 2013. I am a commerce graduate living in Chennai, Tamil Nadu who is hoping to complete her final year, Master of commerce by this year or 2019 May with her very sincere efforts. Since I am not a native English speaker nor a graduate in this subject I assume you people forgive my language.

Honestly, unlike many book reviewers who I came in contact with, I didn't get the opportunity to read many books incuding that were written in Tamil (my mother tongue) except have read kids and women's magazines written in my native language a lot. Stories (also real life) inside them enthralled me and I was eager to read the monthly releases. 

A hole in the world by Sid Hite is the only lenghthy English novel I read when I bought it in 6th grade that too after a teacher who encouraged me to buy books to develop my language skills as I was terrible (even today this tradition continues) in speaking and writing fluently in English. I read the book when I was in 9th grade as I experienced difficulty reading at first although absolutely loved it after completing the read.  

I did my primary school in a village school. Not a village exactly but a very small town. There were no right teachers to make the students speak in English. I developed a love for different languages later on and truly mesmerised by people who speak those languages. I can also manage to speak and read in Hindi.

My reading addiction of English books began when I was about to complete my 12th grade in an Anglo-Indian School.  I picked up a book in a library situated near my house when I used to live in Trichy and enjoyed reading. 

The book was a medical thriller written by author, Robin Cook.  Instantly, he became my favorite and medical thrillers became my all-time favorite around that period. I kept reading many books written by him. Some I liked and some I didn't.

Then I shifted to other genres of books. John Grisham's 'A painted house' is a book that touched my soul and till date I treasure this book in my heart though I don't remember much of the story. The story was told from a young boy's perspective and I found it pretty amusing to read it.

Generally, I don't have a preference in reading.  If I prepare my mind, I can read almost any book even if it is boring. I want to get enlightened through books.I initially liked series but today I am averse to reading such books but there are few exceptions like paranormal, crime and romance novels.

Books of all kinds keeps me updated with life and makes me the person I am. Today, I have reached a point where I can no longer review books that I think will not be of my liking. If I feel a book deserves a rating below 3, I will not review that book. You will find only above 3.5 rating in this blog. I am pretty upset about giving a high rating for some books in the initial years and not reading the book fully. I will never make that mistake again.

I am also concenterating on reviewing other consumer goods in this blog that I think will benefit people at large. Products of various kinds especially the ones that gives a valid reason to use interests me. I love to share my thoughts and encourage you to buy it if the product is worth the buy.  I don't want to confine my blog to books only. 

This year, I grew fond of lyrics writing and I found time to publish one of my lyrics and make it into music. Most of my lyrics if made into songs will cross 5 minutes and my first song crosses 6 minutes.  I am on high on imagination, so you can find me exaggerating the story in my lyrics.

Finishing post graduation is my supreme goal and the thought of doing a master's degree in Philosophy after that gives me an ectastic feeling. At the age of 27, I am very much interested in studies more these days (no external force can stop me). Marriage will always be the last thing on my mind and I will never settle for a non-intellectual person who is not well read  and  doesn't have a clean heart.  I will adopt children in the future as I am against children suffering in any form. I truly believe all children are gifted by God. 

Producing children when so many are orphaned everyday is like insulting these innocent ones and gloating on their pains. This is a realisation I made when I was studying in high school itself and this was welcomed by some people at school. I am a strong believer of soul mate since childhood and my future husband must definitely have studied master's degree or higher than that or at least posess worldly knowledge and must be a thorough person who is humble and smart enough to differ from all other men. 

I ask lot of questions in all science subjects be it History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Botany , Zoology, etc (Hater of computer science and I don't actually like it that's why I chose without computer science, cyber security is my only favorite topic) and I love getting them answered.  I am not a 'Know it all' and don't consider myself a well educated person so I love to surround with bright personality who satisfy my hunger for knowledge.

Blogging is also the means to discover more products and help me educate myself with the important lessons of life and keep all forms of trouble at bay. The most well-read people with a nice, decent behavior keeps me stable and grounded. When it comes to imperfect people, I am quite disappointed and I just don't have have the patience and endurance to associate with them.

Decent, good-natured,  honest, candid, well-read alone appeal to me and I prefer such companies in women too.I am very sure my parents will find me the best of the best match just made for me before I turn 30. Narrow minded, indecent, foolish, clingy individuals are not for me even as a frenemy. I will call a spade, a spade. As of May 2018, I follow this principle strictly in my blog including. People pleasing will never be my style when they don't deserve it. 

For my mental and emotional health, I turn to unselfish, gentle-hearted, sophisticated, well-read people for major advice especially my brother. I feel very satisfied with them and they make me a better person each day. Wish me good luck for my upcoming exams. This blog is created for selfish purpose that is to upgrade myself. 

Thanks for stopping by. :)

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