Thursday, July 05, 2018

Devicaas Hair Cleansik review

I must admit, I used to be a girl who is not obsessed with beauty so much and buying such products was the last thing on my mind. I have never wasted unnecessarily on dress including. However, I realized that I can’t stay like this forever. Before, it didn’t make sense to me going to beauty parlor very often but today I feel the need to look good and be awesome. If my overall look is neat and tidy why should I waste on buying dresses than I already have? I have come to an understanding that wise buying brings greater benefit in the long run.

Appearances do make an impression on a person whether it is on a professional level or a personal level. It is the first thing people immediately notice especially when you are in friends circle or family circle even if people don’t admit to it.  The people around me did advise me a lot but I was not the kind of person who gave respect to their opinions. Yeah, who cares its kind of late for me to realize about my concern towards my look. I just turned 27 this year and I hope it’s not a bad age for wasting money on beauty products that are worth my time. I should say, it is my laziness and stinginess that made me to ditch the thought of buying products that enhances my look.

I wanted to start with my hair so I bought Devicaas Hair Cleansik (Cleanser for controlling hair fall & Dandruff) because dandruff indeed affects the health of my skin and body to an extent. I simply loved their product descrption on Amazon. Thus I bought it. I used to have a very thick hair and when I studied in school, I didn’t really like it and I felt it looked ugly though nobody said anything about it except few were openly in awe of my hair. This is definitely not intended for a joke. I really had very thick hair and after going to college by walk and travelling in buses during the afternoon in the tough climate, the volume of my hair got reduced and I would say my hair looks thick even today but not as before. Though I don’t want my hair to return back to normal as this much hair is enough for me but I want it to look smooth & silky. It’s every one’s wish, right?

What is my hair type?

Straight & dry

Product details

Who can use this product?
All women.

What is the color and quantity of the product?
Orange, 200 ml.

Is the product chemical free?
Yes, it is free from chemicals and contains natural ingredients like Camphora, Soda bidoras,  Swarjik , Rosa centifolia Keshar, Calotropis gigantean, Coecsnusifera and coconut oil that strengthens the hair by preventing hair fall, softening and deeply cleansing the hair.

When and how should it be used?
On wet hair. Shake well before using it. I used it after shampooing my hair like a conditioner but my advice is, the cleanser alone is more than enough as it contains fragrance that I loved and the nourishment it gave to my hair.

How much quantity should we take for a rinse?
I took just about four drops of the cleanser and I have to say, it was more than enough. I couldn’t believe my own eyes after seeing the lather it formed. I cut my hair to shoulder length so I will be using only two drops of the cleanser every week.

What is the expiry date?
3 years from the date of manufacturing.

What is the cost of the product?
Currently, it is Rs.200. If you can get it for cheap at any store, you can try.

Other important points to be considered
  • This is not a cosmetic preparation.
  • It is environment friendly.
  • It is not tested on animals.
  • It is an authentic Ayurveda product.

My verdict

The product indeed cleanses the hair well but also I feel it dries the hair a tidbit when overused. So limiting the quantity and time taken to leave the lather should be noted down.

About the company

Devicaas is synonymous with beauty care proudcts based on aunthetic ayurvedic formulations. Ms. Shakun Kharb, founder and R & D head of the group, has created a niche for the company in the hair and skin care segment, by perfecting the various formulations over 25 years.

Devicaas now enjoys patronage from famous personalities, beauty care specialists, salons and beauty parlours in India and abroad, and the list of loyal clientele continues to increase by the day. It is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company.

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