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A gentle heart by Christie Logan

Print lenghth : 123
Published on : May 16, 2018
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My review
A Gentle Heart
A gentle heart is quiet an interesting book. This is a very short novel containing just 100 pages (Kindle edition) and I have to say, the story captured my full focus from the start. Not even a dull moment. The female protagonist reminds me of Cinderella. She has a foster mom who treats her like shit when she has to be worshipped for all her love, care, patience, kindness and respect. I was like, why not she leave her? 

The story is about Alex’s unforgettable love how it blinds him to do the unthinkable. He is a good guy actually but who is never willing to accept he is wrong. He is filthy rich. A triumphant real estate agent but a failure in life, his girlfriend dumps him for a fitness instructor." A fitness instructor in gym shorts, can you believe it?” He gets angry whenever he thinks about it. This also hurts his ego and he wants to take revenge on her to satisfy himself somehow at an important meeting as she is also a real estate agent hence will be present. He doesn't realize what an asshole he is. He is unaware of what true love means and how evil his thoughts are. Claire has her reasons for her change of heart which is genuine and he doesn't pay attention due to the fact he has fixed his mind already that they are a perfect match for each other.

Successful as he is, he is the kind of son, all mothers would want but not all woman wish to have as a boyfriend. He is a loving son at the same time not the guy who will love a woman the way they want to be loved. Money minded girls will swoon over him and he doesn’t have a brain of his own. Holding a four years degree and an MBA doesn't help, he never agrees to look at the other person’s side of the story or perspective when it comes to him. This is when he meets Tyffanie and he is immediately drawn to her politeness and looks that makes her stand out from other women. He makes a move to spend time with her for only reason.  Did he succeed in that mission? 

Tyffanie is innocent and naïve. She sees everyone she meets with a rose tinted glasses including men. She has suffered at the hands of the mean girls and boys before in school but she keeps being herself sticking to her moral principles without deviating from it. There must  be a limit to a person's tolerance level. After knowing the hidden motives of people especially men, she feels sickened. Devaluing of herself always comes naturally to her. She is insecure, lonely at heart and she is not what you call confident under her own skin. Watching other women, she wants to get inspiration. She wants to feel respected and termed as classy in the society. Seriously, she doesn't know her self-worth. From an young age, she was belittled by her foster mother. 

The book is an emotional read. Women are inconsiderate to her and evil men like Simon, act friendly only to bed her. Yet she is very trusting of people which makes her very vulnerable. When the situation demands her to get angry, she is passive or gives a cold stare.  I couldn’t put myself in her shoes in the long run. I pitied her.  I loved everything about her except her self-effacing behavior and her level headed attitue in the most difficult scenarios. She wants to be protected by a gentleman who will make her feel safe where many men are indecent and rogues. When it comes to her job, she is indeed bright as a button and beyond ambitious enough to start her own business. She knows stuffs. Her dreams are simplisitc that is to have a small, warm and cozy home.

There are lot of things to be admired in the book. It is a decent read-no steamy kisses and sex. Alex, usually a very stubborn man softens and melts his heart for lovely, Tyffanie. When she loses all the rounds in a game foolishly thinking he would feel sad if he doesn’t win, I could feel how much hardship she would have encountered in her life looking after the kids in her foster home although the character is just fictional. Slowly and steadily, he falls for her . Furthermore, he is not sure of his feelings or say doubtful she is really his soul mate. His mother's part is an integral part of the story. 

I wasn't able to like Alex's character because of his impatience and always wanting to have only the best things in life. When the story progresses, his behavior precisely around Tyffanie who he is after for one thing alters, from the bottom of his heart, he treats her like a treasure.  He is down to earth and gentleman like . This book is a very good read. Must be read by all men and women. You can learn about abuse of power by authority, life of an unlucky foster kid, a glimpse of breast cancer survivors hardships, gossipmongers and a few more.

Rating 3.5/5

Disclaimer I received the book in exchange for my honest review.

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