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My rainbow by Khush Agarwal, Isha Setia, Dhritika Dhawan, Harshvardhini Pareek, Aditya Agarwal, Isha Rautela, Shivangi Singh

24962784No. of pages : 169
Publisher : Quill club writers
Published on : April 5th, 2013
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My review

Never ever imagined children as young as 11 years old can write remarkable stories with such competency and make the readers wonder in awe whether this has been penned down by them.  My rainbow is a work of brilliant young writers from Delhi Public School, Jaipur. All the stories give moral messages to the readers and the way they have narrated is purely extraordinary. 

With this mature thinking, impeccable vocabulary skills and comprehension of the psychology of humans, they have a bright future ahead of them and as the book was published in 2013, some of these children would already be on their way towards a splendid future and working on their dream.  The age of the writers is between 11 -16 but doesn’t feel like it and I am truly stunned to describe my exhperience after reading.


The legend of Zalim Khan by Khush Agarwal, a 13 year old lad is a story in which the three lazy sons of a dead bandit have to solve the puzzle in order to find the fortune their father has left. Will they be able to find it? The treasure hunt has twists and turns and is very complicated. A wise mother's love for her haughty sons is said aesthetically.

Rating 4/5


Water under the bridge by  Dhritika Dhawan, also a 13 year old is a simple, delicate story that made me realize the pains of a fatherless girl child. A seventeen year old girl who lives with her poor mother finds the whereabouts of her father suddenly in a newspaper at the place where she works as a nanny to a six year old boy. With her mother's blessings, she pays him a visit. Now that his father is a rich man, she wants to find out what made him to leave her and her mother. Will his answer put her at last to rest? He wants her to live with him in his mansion. Will she agree?

Rating  3.5/5


Carnival in Lousy town by Harshvardhini Pareek is an interesting folklore by a 11 year old. Due to a spell cast on the town, everyone is lousy. Will they become normal again?

Rating 3.5/5


Fate by Isha Setia is also an imaginary story of a fatherless girl child but distinctive. It talks about destiny and life changing things happen to a mother and daughter. Much of the story happens inside a circus.

Rating 3.5/5


The Interview by Shivangi Singh is a detective story. It gives the readers a glimpse of how a five year old looks at the world. The memory power of seeing people, their appearances, behaviors and characters leaves a strong impact on the child.  This is told with precision. Nandhini gets an opportunity to interview Prof. Braganza in her journalism class who she thinks she has seen in handcuffs when she was a child. Is she mistaken? Will she be unburdened by the truth?

Rating 4.5/5


The decision by Isha Rautela- If you are given a chance to forget the past to become the keeper of library of the future, will you agree? Yash gets into trouble and meets a man who is bizarre. The man says, he is the chosen one. What will be the decision of Yash? This story is just wow.

Rating 4/5


Adventure of the mysterious flagstone-Young boys face the armed gangsters with downright bravery that puts them in danger. They are dealing with a high tech criminal. How are they going to succeed?

Rating 3/5

The children possess gift of the gab which is tremendously evident and they did give the adult writers, a tough job. The title ‘My rainbow’ is apt and all the short stories are educating in the sense, the readers can expect to expand their knowledge. It is not advisable to compare one story with other stories as they are all unique and takes place on a different setting.

These seven riveting short stories are addictive and doesn’t bore the readers even a tidbit. Fast paced, one could finish the book almost within 2 hours. It’s a must read by youngsters. Inspiration and curiosity takes one to explore previously unknown territories. All Children, if properly guided like these young writers, will achieve the success their parents and mentors could just wish and surpirse the world with their shrewdness.

I received this book in July 2013. The lots of editing errors made me stave off from reading around that time. By chance, I picked it today from my neatly arranged bookshelf and began reading by shirking the errors by not giving due attention and was glad, I did it. 'My rainbow' entertains as well as elevates the readers to stand up for what is right.

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

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