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Then the doorbell rang by Capri Jalota

35995929No. of pages : 397
Published on : July 20, 2017
Publisher : Leadstart Publishing Prvate Limited
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My review

Then the doorbell rang kept me on my toes. I usually have the habit of taking breaks from reading but definitely not for this one. If the initial pages of a book doesn't hook me, I will postpone reading and take my own time. This book differs and yes, it's thick yet I finished reading within one day. 

I trust that says it all as to how serious and focused I was into reading this fascinating story. The author has taken a great deal of effort to make his book, a spellbinding read without boredom getting the better of the readers for which I congratulate him from the bottom of my heart.
The novel moves at a blistering pace, I just kept on reading and reading and was left to wonder what is going to happen next in this gripping tale.  It sure is a real page turner. Jane is the main protagonist. She is half Indian and half British. When she was small, Jane was showered love and affection by both her parents. They were one happy family living in Dubai.
Then it all turned upside down. Her father was preoccupied with his work as he was the sole earner and started accumulating wealth for the family. What upset her most was her mother’s attitude as she became authoritative day by day and began to discipline her strictly in every way possible and made sure she experienced hell on earth.  

Jane couldn’t do anything about it and simply gave in to her mother’s demand. Her father is a silent person who remained helpless not able to utter a word against his wife. At the age of 14, she has accomplished so many things which a normal girl her age wouldn’t even dare to have imagined.
On the day, she turns 18, her mother leaves her with a long letter explaining what made her act in a rude manner . She noticed every little thing and was very proud of her.  Her final words says, she is now in pursuit of what makes her happy and requests her daughter to do the same. 

Jane feels heartbroken after reading it and hates herself for cursing her all those years. She makes a promise to her mother in her mind that she will never make the mistake, she did. She strongly believes she has not only inherited her mother's looks also her genes.
She does everything in order to make her mother's sacrifice not go in vain and she succeeds in it too. What can she do when love tricks her just like it did with her? Will she end up like her?Is her mother telling the truth?
I must tell, I was so impressed by the simplicity of Uday. He knows Jane and he doesn’t have anything in common, except he works hard to make their relationship somehow work. He is cute and innocent.I loved all his trivia. He is such a knowledgeable person although a fool.
In these days, it is rare to find a husband like him who is kind and giving.  He is an introvert and a clumsy guy who bottles up his feeling. I felt if only he was open and direct about why he was attracted to Jane in the first place and who helped him win her love, fate wouldn’t be so harsh on him. He brought it on himself.
It is beyond doubt, there are still parents these days who think even after their children has grown up admiringly and can stand up on their own feet by creating a solid future for themselves are not willing to accept it for they have ego problems and make their life miserable thinking their decision is best. One of the arguments may be all love stories doesn't have a happy ending then so does arranged marriages in this century.
Bad luck followed Jane for reasons unknown to be precise mostly on her birthday.  This made her belief that her birth date is cursed and she dreads the day. I wasn't able to like her character . She tried to do things her way without considering other people's feelings when she should be acting as a well educated woman with a white collar job.

After she reads Uday’s journal, her life takes a good turn in addition to bad turn. It is unpredictable. So many new characters are introduced (Rahul, Radha, Uday's parents, Ms Betty, Steve,  Leena, Mahesh, Nandhini, Pinki, Shallu, Geeta).

All these people give her a new perspective to look at her life. She creates jeopardy in the lives of the good ones who took great care of her. Her excuses were simply lame. She comes to terms that she is guilty and tries her best to right the wrongs. Will she be able to do that? 

Let me be honest. The novel had painful parts and I was rarely able to give it any attention to the full extent as the author had extensively made use of his humor sense in the first half after such situations. 

Fatima's outlook on death was sincere and comforting.What was the other excellent thing were poems that made me laugh out loud other than the mind boggling trivia.  Why do some soul mates don't end up together? And why do incompatible people end up together? 

Then the doorbell rang makes the readers feel light hearted and not burdened thinking about the characters sufferings enormously only sympathise for a moment and move on to the next chapter if we exclude exceptions in the second half.  

The title and cover image is riveting. Apart from that, the novel makes the readers thinking and I loved the ending. It is skillfully carried out.  No major errors to point out.

Rating 4/5
Excerpt one
I am not telling you this to bias you in any way, so don’t get me wrong. I just want you to understand that there are two sides of each story; understanding one’s perspective is easy but trying to understand someone else’s perspective on the same story is rather difficult.

Excerpt two

“ Listen, I am not a loser. I am serious, I will not be responsible for whatever happens next.”
“Loser…loser…loser. How many times do you want to tell me that?”
I couldn’t hold myself back at that point of time.
I grabbed her by her neck, drew her face closer to mine and planted a kiss on her lips. It wasn’t long. It was just a peck but it took a while for our lips to separate.
Time stood still at that moment.

Excerpt three 

“What in God’s name was that?” I asked.
“ Please don’t rape me!” she pleaded.
I burst out in laughter.
“Why are you laughing?” she said with a tear rolling down her cheek.
“I have no such intentions, Jane. Trust me, the plan was only coffee tonight!”  

Excerpt four 

She came closer and held my hand. We both had tears in our eyes. I put everything within me to say, " Don't leave me".

She gave me a big smile and said, "Never".

Excerpt five 

Surprisingly, in spite of her deteriorating condition, Pinki was buoyant and happy. All thanks to Abhay. She was virtually glued on the mobile all the time. I often wondered what the two were up to but then refrained myself.  I guess Pinki was growing up and deserve to have her privacy.

Disclaimer  I received the book in exchange for my honest review

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