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The guardian angels by Rohit Gore

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

Paperback:328 pages
Publication date: July 10th 2013         
Publisher: Grapevine India
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My views

The Guardian Angels
My previous review of this book can be found here.  I wonder why I was immature while reviewing this book but I am happy now I got the opportunity to give another POV to you, my loving readers.

To be blunt, 'The guardian angels' was an amusing read. This book is seriously on the melancholy side (sporadically funny), it makes you aware of the imperfections in the society and also in us. Have read it only once. But I'll admit, it was worth a million read and it is not necessary for me to read it again. Life is short and one has to paint with interesting colors. This will be the opinion of normal people.  Hope I am right. The critical question is, are they possible?

In this book, Radha has chosen the path to perfect the world a tidbit and ends up in trouble.  There is no bad people or good people. It is something to do with the mind and heart.  If they are corrupted, there is nothing we can do about it.  The person transforms into doing unimaginable things with regard to personal gratification. On the brigher side, no people's mind and heart is filled with such petite thinking wholly. So it is good news, we can make them sense of what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior in subtle ways.

How we choose to see the good sides of everyone we come across and yes, it is true, there are people like that mentioned in the book. What made them walk in wicked ways? Did they, by birth, were evil? We know the answer. One has to look within oneself, what kind of person they are by coming to a conclusion impartially like a psychologist would. Looking into the past and taking notes as silly as it seems, we need to be careful not to make the same error and become more righteous and act sensibly. 

It doesn't matter if we are surrounded by wrong people. What matters is the way how we respond . Just think about the world where there is none who is bad. Can we picturise it? We can. But as in my humble opinion, it is unattainable.  Everyone has free will to do anything .If they choose to be evil, they can. Greediness, the thirst for power, jealousy, and possessiveness surpasses all good things that are generously available in this universe.  It is nice to have high ideals about people. Even best if we are realistic.

The author's narrative is impressive. There is beauty and truth.  Our body is perishable any time.I may live today but tomorrow I will definitely die. Radha's father has Huntington's disease and how it can affect her and put an end to her being. It makes us think.I would say, he is very creative with his writing. I appreciate him for that.  

Everyone has some form of disease. By that, I mean mental disease too. If our mind is pure, automatically our heart reacts in a positive way. Why not? We all know it.  All kinds of diseases were once seeds sown on good ground (like our body and mind) and when they grew out of control, we were seeking for ways to compensate it by finding a purpose whether doing bad or good. Just look at a baby. Is she or he, look like evil?

So like passing the material wealth to our next generation, we gift our diseases unintentionally. Can't we stop it? We can. Our inner demons must be defeated first and if it is not possible, we can forget about everything. There are two sides to a coin. Head and tail. In the same way, there is good and evil. There is no guarantee, if today I am a perfect person, I will remain the same.  Our mind and heart sucks the energy (negative or positive) in our surroundings and grooms us. If we want no disease including no evil, what we must be doing? 

The guardian angels is a book that gives a new meaning to the way people look at love.  Swift thinking when we face chaos and do whatever it takes to protect and save the ones we love even that means we will die. Adi , Radha and Vedant's story is a fine example. I don't remember much about it for I haven't read in recent times.  

Walking in right path takes real guts. Many people strife for a problem free life with endless happiness. It is not wrong. We do deserve it. But there is no such thing as endless happiness.   As a true friend of mine told me, only through pains and sufferings we can define what is happiness. How wise he is! We must be thankful to people who make us suffer as we are able to miraculously find what or who is good and make us happy.

The root cause of evil is cheap attitude only and how it affects us and forget about what life has to offer. Like secret passing game, people drag others (including their children-hereditary) thinking they are superior or by cultivating their ego to their advantage, never willing to learn and make the people around evil, in turn the world becomes hellish for everyone to live.

If I am not happy, I will make you also unhappy. If I have done something wrong, you shouldn't point out as you are not a saint. If I say, 'I love you', you should reciprocate it or else I will make your life miserable. If you don't do this work for me,  'I will murder you'. If I say, you are bad, you indeed are. I am the owner of your life and you are my puppet. We can continue but let me stop with this.

We are not born to change characters.  Accept good people and enjoy their company. Dealing with people of that sort directly as Radha did is very harmful (it did put her life in peril) and everyone must live their life and not take others burden. All we can do is make people independent and fight their own legal battle smartly. We need to advice people to get proper education to stand up on their own feet and not trust in a savior ( unless it is life and death situation) instead they must become their own savior. The guardian angels ends in a cliffhanger and there is no other better title than this.

Rating 3.5/5

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