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The Girl behind the glass by Sumit Pramanik

35091919No.of pages : 374
Publisher : Pirates
Published on : May 4, 2017
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My review

The girl behind the glass is a novel that tested my patience. It’s not that it was bad or anything, the author’s language is superb and flawless but the main point is I got tired of reading the first half.  Not to mention there were way too many distractions here and there, the author’s details of each silly scenes annoyed me. 

I was like, please get to the heart of the matter why Neelabh and Shakshi, both 27 years old, just married couple are hiding their true identity with the false names Tanmay and Varsha and staying in Hotel Infinity although I cannot ignore the fact that it piqued my attraction into reading the book and discover the reason for their motives.

The author explains the circumstances in which the characters are in and is very much appreciated but I wasn’t able to accept certain things in the book. Yes, it’s a psychological thriller. I do understand but some backstory unquestioningly didn’t click well with the book and not clearly proved to be right at first glance. 

For instance, Hiten, the police officer pours rat poison in a pet’s food as it bit his wife. How can a police officer who has to obey the law do that? It is not practical. Then Mr. Chand, a famous painter is full of wrongs but he behaves like he is a good man and justifies it too that’s what I feel. The story is dragged unnecessarily in the first half but I would say the second half is far better for reading.

Mr. Saini is the owner of the hotel and the housekeeper is Firoz.  Sakshi feels very uncomfortable when she catches him ogling at her. Her conscience tells her that he is an evil man whenever she sees him. Young women between the age group 18 to 28 are being kidnapped for some unknown reasons. What is the purpose of kidnapping them? Tamalika, a young beauty parlor critic and a blogger has been recently kidnapped and murdered. Her body is not yet found. Police officer Hiten is investigating the case.

Now the kidnapper has Sakshi. She was the one who saw the teenager’s dead body. Neelabh , instead of going to the police, he tries to find her strenuously.  In the quest to find her, he discovers many secrets which in no way helps him find Sakshi.When he approaches police officer, Hiten, after failed attempts,  he thinks he has found some clues about who the kidnapper might be though he still hides the fact why he and his wife are using alias.  

Hiten, on the other hand learns that he is withholding information and asks him to cooperate with him. Finally, he agrees and tells him everything. Everyone living in Hotel Infinity has secrets (some dark) that they cannot reveal to the outside world. What secret Neelabh and Sakshi are hiding? What is the connection between Mr. Saini and housekeeper Firoz?

The novel moves at a very slow pace which makes it pretty exhausting to read. This is my humble opinion. If the page numbers have been reduced and the book is written in a concise way, it would have made it to my favorite list. When the killer was revealed, I was totally surprised and at the same time, shocked.  Never expected it.

Horrific tales happening around some orphanage homes will make one's  heart twinge with hate. Some parents are too protective of their children and some parents are too negligible of their children. In both cases, it harms the child’s behavior from becoming the moral person they are. This is one of the messages the novel strives to give.

I conclude by saying that, over all, the novel is a sensational read. The title is nice but it could have been made better though the cover image is impressive. All those who love crime fiction would love this novel but if you are an impatient type, you will find this story not particularly of your interest. The novel also has a dull aura and may bore people.

Rating 3.5/5

Excerpt from the book

Neelabh's brian hit a hiatus. He felt as if he had woken up on the railing of a thirty storey building's roof, more scared of jumping than falling. He was afraid that he would shout. Shout, scream, wail, and hustle through every corner of this building. This building, this city, this state, that ocean...this world. He didn't care. He didn't fucking care what he had to do to find her. He needed her, even if he had to wreck this place brick by brick, expose the crushing darkness of the inhabitants' lives_everyone here had a dark secret. But he couldn't afford all that now. Kicking off a ruckus would land them in a deeper hole. If he shouted, their own secrets might get exposed. Fucking irony!

Disclaimer  I received the book in exchanged for my honest review.

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