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Lemon girl by Jyoti Arora

23588660No. of pages : 168
Published on : November 2014
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My review

There are so many ugly things that are happening in this world. We don’t just stop for a moment and question why it has happened or why it is happening. We are all caught up with our own life, too self-absorbed and we don’t think for a second, why are we like this? Even if we do, we are not fully committed. Why are we selfish? Why are we inconsiderate to other’s feelings? Why are we a monster? Does our heart made of stone?

Author’s dedication

I dedicate this book to every girl and woman who refused to take the blame for other’s faults. Who, even when trodden down, dared to stand up and create a new and better life for herself. I offer this book as a salute to such brave and determined ladies.

Within the heart of every person hides a love story
Just waiting to be told
Come let’s follow the rhythm of these two heartbeats
And unfold the tales they do hold.

This piqued my curiosity. I must confess, when I started reading the book two days ago, I got bored after reading three pages of the novel and quit reading. I was very sure I would hate this book even after loving author Jyoti Arora’s, ‘You came like hope’.  Now I have finished reading the book, she has truly surprised me.

Certain things need to happen. It simply can’t be explained. If our life is always happy, where is the thrill and adventure? We need to learn the lessons it taught in order to get up stronger than before. We are all living in a world of hypocrisy. We don't know why we are here. If the world is full of hypocrisy, what do you call its people? We have to digest this harsh truth.

Some people are too close minded. Some people even after knowing the meaning (finding), ‘True love’ struggle to accept it for selfish reasons. Some parents are too quick to put the blame on their children. Some are understanding friend yet are not true friend. Some are too quick to make a life changing decision without giving a second thought.  We can go on. Which one are we?

What on earth happened to Lemon girl? Why she is behaving like a whore? I have read about women who have had seven boyfriends but seventeen boyfriends? This is such a shock. What happened to the chubby Ms. Righteous who is not afraid to speak her mind? Where she is?

Why she is in a live-in-relationship with a guy she detests who doesn't even bother to know her past or what she likes and what she hates? Why she is behaving like a parrot that nods its head to its master? Why she is worried that she will gain weight and her boyfriend will not like it at the same time allows the goons to play with her body?

I mean, what really happened to the girl who bargained to the vegetable seller with downright bravery and told him he is a robber and made him sell lemons at her rate? Where is lemon girl? Is she lost forever?

This book has a strong social message. Imperfect is the new perfect. Well, that is what I learnt. What did you learn?

Verdict  The book will have a strong impact on the readers but the story is incomplete.

Rating  3.5/5

Excerpt one

‘Nirvi, I hate that dress of yours.’
‘Yes, Sam, I hate it too.’ Though it was my favorite till then.
‘Nirvi, you look great in black. It makes you look thinner.’
‘Yes, Sam.’ That means I look fat in other colors. I must starve myself more. He won’t like me fat.
‘Nirvi, do you really like those songs? They are so boring.’
‘Yes, Sam, I was getting bored with these too,’ though I had loved them since childhood.
‘I am the best.’
‘Yes, Sam, you are, ‘ since he excelled in video games.
‘Oh, Nirvi, you look gorgeous tonight.’
‘All for you, dear,’ since that’s all that he cared for.
‘Nirvi, our country needs us. We must fight corruption.’
Did that mean not warming the pocket of the traffic policemen when caught speeding? But that was a minor trespass. Corruption was where the politicians ate up millions. So, ‘Yes, Sam, you are right. I’m so proud of you.’
‘Nirvi, we must hold a protest,’he declared.
‘Yes, Sam,’ that would be the only protest I make.
Lemon girl bubbled with enthusiasm. What happened to that girl? Arsh, even though he has seen her only once in the vegetable market, he can’t erase the traces of her for four years?

Excerpt two

Whenever I was with Tiya, I always felt sure of everything. But when I was with Nirvi, she somehow made me feel unsure of even me. And though I would rather have it the other way round, yet somehow, the doubts Nirvi produced lasted much longer than the sense of surety Tiya could give.
However, as I drove back home, my heart was full of surety, surety that Tiya was the best for me. Life with her held very sweet and pleasant promises. And I could make sure her happiness never dwindled either. There was no knowing what anyone would do to her. But I was sure I would never hurt her one bit. She was a merry little bird. The world was full of hunters. God had chosen me to protect her. God had chosen me to protect her. God had chosen her to fill my life with happiness and love. End of the story.

Excerpt three

School and my job, a safe place to stay in, that’s all that matters. I am living with respect. And nobody suspects anything here. They call me Miss Prim and Proper. Can you believe it, Arsh? Your Lemon girl is Miss Prim and Proper.
‘What can you know of love anyway, you Miss Prim and Proper?’said Nikita to me today, an hour ago. Just after I dribbled my poison over her.

Excerpt four

‘She lived with….with you? Your father asked, looking at me. You should have seen his eyes at that moment, Nirvi. They hated me. They dreaded me. And yet they were in utter surrender to plead from me any news I might give of his precious lost child.
‘No’ I said at once. ‘I was her neighbour’.
‘Oh, whom did she live with?’
‘With…’I began.
‘With us girls. We lived together. Three girls,’  Tiya replied before I could utter another word.
‘What happened to the boy she ran away with? He left her?’ he asked.
‘No boy, there wasn’t any boy. She didn’t run with any boy,’ Tiya again too over.’ She ran away because……because…’
‘She didn’t want to get married to Ajay?’ your father asked.

Disclaimer I received the book in exhange for my honest review.

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