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Author Interview : Suzanne Lowe


It is always such a great pleasure to meet new and talented writers. Suzanne Lowe is one of them. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in Sport Science and has worked as a library assistant, personal trainer and barista.  As I was inspired by her book blurb and bio on Goodreads,  my  curiosity of learning more about her came. Indubitably, she is a motivating person for budding writers like me. She is currently working on her non-fiction book and also on her second book in the Seventeen series. I am happy to have got an opportunity to interact with her.

Me : It's an honor to welcome you on my blog. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Thank you.

Hi, my name is Suzanne Lowe and I am from Perth in Western Australia, in the southern half of the worldI grew up in a small country town in the outback of Australia, am married and have two daughters and a black and cat named Abby. Apart from writing I also love photography and watching sci fi movies.

Me : How did the thought of writing Seventeen occur to you?

Seventeen, came about as I wanted to write a story for young adults, that featured two sisters having to survive in a world, that was suddenly vastly different from one they had grown up in. One without adults or any rules. This was a scenario that my own two teenage daughters would often discuss and theorise about at the dinner table. I wanted to set the story in Australia, somewhere that is quite isolated and a unique setting for most dystopian stories. 

Me :Who was the first reader of your book?

My two daughters as the story is aimed at their age group.

Me :Who are your favorite authors in Science-fiction? 

My favourite authors are John Marsden, Anne Rice and Stephen Donaldson

Me :Since your book is a series, why do you think readers are interested in series?

I think readers enjoy series because they can keep reading what happens to their favourite character in the books. Seventeen is my first novel and I plan to write a follow up with a second book this year. 

Me : Did you face any writer's block while writing your book? 

No. Luckily I knew the story I wanted to tell. I did however have periods of time when I couldn't write due to work and family commitments, so the book did take me longer than I wanted to write.

Me : You are an Australian writer.  In your perspective, who do you think reads more books particularly in your country, youngsters or grownups?

I think in Australia a lot of young people still read books, but I would say they favour ebooks over hard copies.

Me : How much awareness are there about reading books in your country ?

A lot of schools in Australia have reading programs to encourage children to read, so hopefully that continues on to adult hood. As an author it is very difficult to be published in Australia, so that is definitely one thing that could be improved.

Me : You have written a book about two sisters who have to survive the world despite the threat of the deadly virus. Your message for my readers. Will readers enjoy your book?

My message in my novel is that, You have to stand up to bullies. Even if it is not effecting you directly, you can’t just stand by and watch it happen. Also, everyone is capable of a lot more than they think they are. Sometimes you have to force yourself to step outside your comfort zone to realise this.

I think readers will enjoy reading Seventeen, as although it is fiction, it is a scenario that could happen. Also I think it would be interesting for young adults to wonder what they would do if there weren't any adults around. Do they think they would survive? My own daughters  enjoy talking about this scenario.

You can find more about her book on Goodreads Amazon Website.

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