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You came like hope by Jyoti Arora

36618517No. of pages : 165
Published on : November 22, 2017
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My review

You came like hope is an intense, emotional rollercoaster ride. This is a love story of two sensitive people .I will not say you must read this book for I found this novel very rewarding to my soul but I will say if you read it you will learn something about how misfortunes can make people life hell. I dedicate this review to all those innocent souls who consider themselves as unlcuky. I got myself immersed in the characters that felt so real.

I can guarantee whoever buys this novel will never be disappointed . One will be surprised to find as if they have met such characters in real. Take Rajni for example.She is the relative of the main protagonists Adih(hero) and Peehu(heroine) who wants them to end up together.

Adih lives next to Rajni's house, she is also his only relative who doesn't believe in a tale woven by a ruthless woman unfortunately all his other relatives do. Although Peehu has heard ugly gossips about Adih's family (no matter what her mother says), this doesn't give her enough reasons to stop herself from getting close to his daughter, Mani or him.

Handsome men with a sick daughter and a very ugly past is sure to drive anybody frown. It happens, isn't it?Sorry, Peehu is not one of them.. Circumstances force her to pretend like her dead sister who was a perfect daughter whereas she was a failure. She fools everyone, including her parents.

We don't know what fate has in store for each of us. Any minute our story can turn for the good or the bad. Life is full of surprises. Peehu is mistaken for a tutor by Mani while she passes by her house. As the tutor who agreed to teach Mani changed her plans at the last minute, due to her sweet pestering, Peehu agrees to help her with the Math test. When Adih comes home, he scolds his daughter for letting a stranger inside their house but soon when he learns Peehu is none other his distant relative, he cools down.

Adih's beautiful family was ruined by an evil, rich woman who married his brother to take revenge on him for rejecting her. Will he let his guard down and allow Peehu melt his heart and prove she is not like Pooja? Yes, he does in the climax but God, I must say I felt irritated and frustrated how he kept on pushing Peehu until the end and doesn't really confess his feelings even when she was being polite and asked him lovingly that Uday, his twin, Pakhi's lover proposed to her and what he wants her to say to him.

The author has done justice to his character. She is absolutely right about the fact that people who don't have anybody to lean on to break into happy tears even at the slightest gesture of smile by a stranger, in this case Peehu for whom he has deep feelings but acts like he doesn't really care about her even a tidbit. Well played. I felt saddend by it and at the same time wanted to slap him and coerce him to kiss Peehu and tell her how much he wants her in their life. Uday was always a jerk and will be a jerk. Men like him want only perfect girls and Peehu knows it too. She looks like Pakhi. That's all.

Well, in a country like India where most women learn about their husbands only after marriage, this is definitely not a shocker. Isn't it? Peehu's parents are right. They are also like any other parents putting their faith blindly on a gossip and telling their girls not to talk to some people based on what they heard. It's completely natural.

Coming to Pooja's character, deep down we all know such girls who will do anything for their physical pleasures and happiness and spoil another person's life. But how can such souls live happily without feeling guilty at all with no shame?This is a mystery to me. When Adih told Peehu, Pooja wants what you want, I felt a sharp pain in my heart.

You may be unlucky now but if you make it to the end, it accounts for victory, am I right?You may be sick like Mani or accused falsely for something you did not do or insulted and criticized repeatedly but what matters is you are truly desired by someone who will do anything to make you smile just like Adih, Mani, Peehu and of course Rajni didi.

Life is hard for Adih and Peehu even after four years has passed and they now have a daughter named Prisha as a symbol of their love as Mani has medical issues but they are the luckiest people on earth. Do you know why?because they are the humblest and noblest people even when others say otherwise. The author has captured my heart. Will I be reading this book again?You bet I do.

This is a realistic story but the twin sisters plot alone didn't click with me yet I admire the author for making it work. She has written this novel really too well. Thanks to her for giving me a free copy.

Rating  4.5/5

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