Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Goddess speaks : Unlimited healing for everyone and everything

No. of pages : 30
Publisher : Global wicca
Pubished on : June 18th 2015
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My review 

The Goddess speaks- Unlimited healing for everyone and everything energized my soul. I urge everyone buy this small book because of its wonderful content. We all desire a world where there is mutual harmony. Is it not? It is highly possible when you read the book you are taken to a world of endless good.  The lines that I liked more are as follows.

Whatever be the past, all is forgiven, all is healed, absolutely, deeply and unconditionally, forever and ever.

No longer do I desire to be superior to anyone, at a physical, social, economic, intellectual or spiritual level.

My love does not allow me to ever hurt, harm or possess anyone.

My cauldron of prosperity forever generates unlimited amount of goodness for all.

Rating : 5/5

Verdict : Author Swati Prakash has profound knowledge and infinite talent. I am glad she used this for greater good.

The Global Spiritual Revolution: Our Inner Power to Heal Our World

No.of pages : 200
Published on : January 1st 2017
Publisher : The positivee media
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Genre : Self-help-Spiritual 

My review 

First and foremost, I congratulate author Swati Prakash for writing this amazing book and second, I thank her for 
providing me a free copy. It would be a shame if I say I didn’t like. In fact, I just loved everything about the book. How can anyone not fall with it after reading the very impressive preface? A sample below.

What does the world need today? Peace, happiness, love, prosperity, clean environment, greenery, freedom with responsibility, positive applications of science and technology, better management of resources, safety and non-violence, not just for humans but everyone on earth. And to achieve these goals no amount of charity or monetary progress will suffice, unless we evolve spiritually first.

There are seven chapters. We learn about magick, witchcraft, science, spirituality, superstitious beliefs, energy, psychic power, paganism, harming none, self defence, global rights, myths, sexuality, five elements, intuition, and so on. As much as I enjoyed reading, I liked thinking what I read.

All the exercises in the book are laid out beautifully and they are simple and easy to follow. My favorite chapter is ‘Harming none’ and ‘Banishing the negative’. What is really important and why is it necessary to invest our time to create a new world where there is no jealousy, false pride, any other negative attitude that hinders positive growth. This forms the crux of the 200 pages book. I hope I got it correct.

I appreciate the author’s effort for presenting in a way even a layman can understand the lesson that is being told. Having faith in God or science is all okay but does it blind us so bad it makes us egoistic. It’s as if there is a big competition going on for proving who is right.

There are three kinds of people in this world. One, believers of God. Two, believers of science. Three, believers of spirituality. There is no price for guessing which one, the really wise must choose. If you are going to buy the book, always keep an open mind.

I must mention there are certain things which some may not agree. For example, the morally right behavior is harming none including animals because the universe belongs to all living beings. Hence for our own pleasure we cannot simply kill and eat animals. Does feelings is limited to only humans? Don’t these animals experience pain too when harmed both physically and mentally?

Be prepared to find countless truths and solutions to live a satisfied life. Once again, I congratulate the author for writing a meaningful book. 


Real spiritual healers or guides will always teach you the ways to go deeper in your journey.

Projective psychic power or magickal powers such as healing, wish granting, blessing and protection are also real.

We can have many lifetimes depending on how long we take to fulfil our soul-purpose.

We aim to help people question their deep seated beliefs to figure out which of those beliefs are truly useful and worth holding as you go forward.

Modern spiritual believers feel that the destiny of the world is a greatly positive one.

Being overly attached to people and things that are not right for us can sometimes prevent us in manifesting our best.

Celebrations and fun should be a consistent part of your daily life.

Rating : 4.5/5