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Deep Singh Blue by Ranbir Singh Sidhu

No. of pages : 243
Publisher : The unnamed press
Published on : March 29, 2016
Genre : Young Adult
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My review

I have always wondered what kind of life a child will have in a dysfunctional family. I had no clue as I have not met one until I read this book. In ‘Deep Singh Blue’ I got more than a glimpse of life of a child especially a teenager. The novel is about Deep Singh who hails from a Punjabi family settled in US. His dad and mom always support their eldest son, Jag for everything as he has a job. Thus, Deep Singh leads a loveless life. This is when he meets Lily, a 27 year old married woman in his Junior college. At first glance, her story is difficult to comprehend but when the story progresses he learns a lot about Lily. By then, he has started to love Lily more than his family. Lily’s abusive past is sure enough to make him fall head over heels with her. But will she reciprocate his love? He is over a decade younger than her.

As Mother Teresa had said “Everyone should know they are loved”, Deep Singh and Lily liked each other(just as a friend by Lily) because no one else did or at least they thought so.I must admit, I felt sorry for both Lily and Deep Singh for their loveless life. But this doesn’t mean I supported their relationship. He could be her brother. Deep Singh is very young. He is only sixteen. Lily must have made some sense into his brain which has fallen heedlessly in love with her. Even though she tried so hard , Deep Singh turned out to be a home wrecker. I thought that if Lily had not made him take advantage of her, he wouldn't have become an animal. And who says Deep Singh is not loved by anyone. He has Chuck, his best friend with whom he shares everything. Lily spoiled Deep Singh not the other way around.

Parents should be their children’s best guardians and well wishers. In Deep Singh’s family this is lacking. His mother is also not supportive. All she does is cry. His brother who doesn’t speak much tells him to die. His parents don't bother about this devilish character of their eldest son and all they do is try to find a suitable bride for him. Deep Singh parents are fully unaware of Jag’s mentally ill behavior. How can they be like that? When it comes to Lily’s family whose Chinese mother being a prostitute unintentionally made her to fall in love just to escape with Eddie, her husband at a young age. However, these two characters are under developed. 

There are flaws in all the characters in the novel. This is what makes the book a real page turner. The book is an intense and emotional. It is a must read book by all parents with teenagers. How to raise children with discipline may not be found in this book but it warns you about the signs why the children behave in a certain way. How much do you love your children?Read the book and find out for yourself. Direct your child or children towards the right path.

My likes

Deep Singh Blue is otherwise a wonderful novel penned down beautifully by author Ranbir Singh Sidhu. The novel is on the melancholy side and yes, I loved it that way. The vagaries of emotions displayed by the characters fooled me into thinking, this must be a real life story. We learn what the power of favoritism can do to change the behavior of children very well. 

Rating 3.5/5

My verdict

I don't understand why Deep Singh's parents love their first son foolishly. Why they turn a blind eye to his mental illness? I think all the readers of this book would agree with me. May be it is because they are illiterate or is the answer known only to the author.The ending left me bewildered. However, I recommend this book to all parents out there. Buy this book and see if you understand your children well or not. In this book, you will learn communication is the best way forward to raise a good kid.

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