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Wednesday, November 23, 2016
32938026No. of Pages : 194
Publisher : Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published on : Novemeber 16, 2016
Genre : Young Adult
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My review

The author has written this book solely keeping in mind the youngsters. Today the youngsters(including myself) are streaming with adrenaline rush that they(we) decide anything in the spur of the moment. We don’t think about the risks involved. If something holds our interest we will do everything to satisfy those desires whether it is small or big and sometimes even someone like our parents opposes to it. We will go to extremes. When I meant ‘ Extremes’ it includes all daring adventures. Nothing scares us at this point of stage. So this book is told from Abhay’s point of view who is also our hero. His sidekick is Shashank alias Sasha. They are both twenty five.

Abhay comes from a poor family background as his mother and father are separated. He didn’t want to live with his stepmother, consequently he lives alone. He wanted an answer from his mother for leaving him with his father but his mother to convince him says his father is rich so he can provide whatever that he wants. She doesn’t give a proper answer . Speaking of, it is very clear that is why he has friended Sashank who comes from a well protected joint family. In the first half his jealousy is justified. Shashank has got it all, a loving family and a very beautiful girlfriend. He has enough on his plate. On the other hand, Abhay though he is handsome is lacking in all areas. 

Abhay who worked in an advertising company which paid him well quit his job to visit some of the important places all around India to make a movie out of it. He asks his best buddy Sashank to accompany him on this exciting adventure. Shashank’s parents wouldn’t allow it. But after asking an opinion from his uncle who himself is a traveler they agree. Now they have to convince Sasha’s girlfriend Unnati’s parents. Here I have a doubt to ask the author if Abhay quits his job, it is his decision. What happened to Shashank and Unnati’s jobs. Did they quit too? Today finding a job is like rain in desert. I mean how did they agree to Abhay’s wish?I don’t know the answer.

Then another thing that caught my eye. Though Unnati’s mother is modern, her father is not. How can they trust two male companions with their daughter even when Abhay and Sasha try to convince them both? These days we can’t trust a girl with a male even if it is her father. We read a lot in daily newspapers about the rapes and gang rapes committed by men. It is as if Unnati’s parents live in another planet. How can they let Unnati to go with two strangers they have only known for just a short period of time. And what about their long journey? Will they not miss their only daughter?Abhay has no one but this is not true in both Unnati and Shashank’ s case. 

If we exclude the minor errors , the 'Colorful notions' is perhaps the only one book that is written detailing the road trip of three youngsters.I would suggest this book to all those who are fed up of their daily routine that is wake up, get ready, go to office, come back, sleep and wake up next morning to do what they did yesterday all over again with an exception goes to Sundays and for some including Saturdays.

I want to share everything from the book but it will be considered as spoilers. Hence I will stop here only with this. Abhay's mother who we thought she left her husband without giving a reason actually has a valid reason. Buy the book to know what it is. It energized me and made me stronger to face life's challenges.

I am also a twenty five year old woman who worked in an office(just resigned to find a more suitable job- what a timing) so I was able to connect with the characters well. I am in fact surprised with all the details regarding the road trip that felt like I am also visiting those places with the protagonists and getting into trouble because of mischief. In short, If you are reading this, buy the book to free yourself from stress. I am sure you will like it. The plus point of the book is the entertainment quotient otherwise this book will be dull and boresome.

Rating 3.5/5

My verdict I can't help noticing it. This book is very cheap at Rs.176 only. It is worth buying. It is a great adventure thriller. Don't miss it.

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