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Thursday, October 06, 2016
31575143No.of pages :222
Publisher  : Juggernaut
Pubished on : August 192016
Genre : Dystopian, Paranormal fiction
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My review

This book took me by surprise. Although I enjoyed reading the first book in Many lives series, 'Feral' failed to impress me. It was a pleasant read but logic was missing in the novella according to my view or it was too difficult to believe the goodness of the story. But I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book set in a futuristic world call it Utopian after tsunami cleansed the whole world and where many people died leaving only few to survive the attack by tsunami.

I have read and reviewed the 'Many lives of Ruby Iyer' and quite liked it. Though this novel is a part of the many lives series , it’s a standalone novel. Ruby Iyer’s one silly mistake ended up in a massive loss where many people lost their lives not only in the city Bombay but the whole world. Jai has promised his mother on her death bed that he will protect his country and all the survivors of tsunami where even temples are washed out and destroyed. So the novel is set in the near future where hybrids pose a great threat to the humans but enough reasons not given to justify this fact in the book.

Jai is the son of the Mayor Vikram and Ruby Iyer and in this period only people with high positions have phones. There are refugees settled in the city Bombay now called as Indostan.Particularly these refugees are from all over the world. Ariana alias Aria is one of the refugees. Jai is attracted to her immediately when she came to his house as an unwelcome guest.

She offers herself to him so that her sister and her mother can be saved from the iron hands of the people with bad intentions especially the hybrids. Her mother was raped in place of her and her sister, and therefore she does not trust anyone. She simply goes by what her gut feeling says. She is very daring in nature.

Jai’s mother has given him a sword before she died that belonged to Charles II once(it was the main reason that triggered tsunami), which can kill all the hybrids.As I have read the novella 'Feral' I am not too shocked to know about Jai’s sibling. There arises a situation where Aria has to kill Jai but will she do it because she loves him so much. The love is mutual but they don’t say it.

What I liked in the novel was that Bombay had become more economically powerful nation after tsunami hit the world. I liked what Vishal had said. It gave the city and its survivors a fresh start to a more cleaner and pollution free nation even though the cost of life cannot be replaced. Bombay 2 is ready to be occupied by the refugees but the hybrids have grown large in number and they pose a menace to the world.

I liked all the good characters in the book starting from Gilbert, the right hand of Jai. They all speak volumes apart from the main protagonists Jaidon and Ariana. I liked the theory behind the red moon day and Jai harnessing the power of the sword. I liked the ending part and it was quite filmy. If this book was a movie I am sure all teenagers might like it.

Rating 3.5/5

My verdict 

I read this book in one go. If you like the genre dystopian , this is a must read otherwise never bother to read this book. The initial pages are boring and the second half is much more interesting than the first half. I would recommend this novel to all teenagers.