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Fancy & Adriaan by Haidji

21895852No.of pages : 62 
Publisher : Create space
Published on : 2014
Genre : Fantasy
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My review

I have no words to express this book. But be assured this is me reviewing this marvellous work of the brilliant author, Haidji .The story is set in a distant world away from the earth. This is a love story. Fancy is a fairy while Adriaan is an elf. There are other beings like dwarfs too in this world.

One day Fancy meets a man entering their world and she asks her guardian angel to know who is this giant being for which the angel replies he comes from the human world. She asks the guardian angel to give her permission to visit the human world and the guardian angel declines her request saying she does not come under senior fairies group.

Will she visit the human world? She asks help from her lover Adriaan. Adriaan is a popular elf in his world as he creates portions to cure the sick trees, dwarfs, elfs, fairies. Fancy is inquisitive, risk taker and very, very adventurous.

If one thinks, other one feels. This is something us the humans lack. Lot of divorce cases happen all around the world because married couples lack this quality of being sensible and level headed to enjoy a happy fruitful marriage.

After reading the book, thanks to the author, Haidji I was able to imagine and weave my own story about the world which I am sharing right now. There were humans, elves, fairies, dwarfs , guardian angels when God created the world. But due to the greediness of the human beings to become like God, God separated them by putting the elves, fairies and dwarfs and guardians angels all in a different planet.

The humans lived more than 1000 years on earth. Then God decreased the life span of humans  and animals owing to over population. It was hard for him to make this decision but if it is not made there will come a time where humans do not have space to even stand.

I loved the author’s style of writing. The book contains very few pages but the message is clear. True love indeed exists. The love will survive until there is a give and take in the relationship.

Rating 5/5

My verdict

Go buy this book immediately. It is not a yet another book. 
You will not be disappointed. I always used to hate fantasy stories exceptions go to few books like Fancy and Adriaan.After reading the book who knows you can also create your version of story telling. This book is a decent read. So it can be read to children below six years as a bed time story.Fancy & Adriaan is a book I will cherish for a long time.

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