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Monday, September 12, 2016

No. of pages : 408
Published on : 1st November 2014
Publisher : Jaico Publishing
Genre : Mytholigical thriller
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My review

Rightly named Vikramaditya Veerkadha, the story happens after thousand years when Lord Shiva swallows Halahala, a portion that gives victory to whoever has it. Lord Shiva failed to drink the last portion of the Halahala and he can’t drink it again to safeguard the universe from depletion as He nearly died the first time. At this point of time, I found Mahadeva Lord Shiva to be powerless when he sought help from Vikramaditya.He is just like us needing help from trusted people once in a while.

It makes me wonder from an atheist point of view, if there is any God, is he powerless too?What is stopping Him/Her to help the needy and downtrodden people? I understand the author’s way of thinking which is God has given the power to choose between right and wrong. So if we are doing bad things/good things, Karma will decide whether the gate of heaven is open for us or we are going to be pushed into hell despite our likes and dislikes. But playing with one’s life is not a good behavior even it is God Himself. After reading the novel, my perspective of looking at God changed totally. I was questioning my belief.

Now coming on to the Halahala, the angels of Devaloka and demons of Patala compete among themselves to get Halahala stored in a dagger’s hilt. Who is going to win? It is a battle between the good and the evil.Vikramaditya and his nine councilmen who are all humans are entrusted by Lord Shiva to guard the dagger that contains a small amount of Halahala. Will they succeed despite so many odds? Because their lives are at stake. How can they protect themselves from harm from Asuras and Devas and also from hunas and sakas?

We all have read the mighty king Vikramaditya’s story in our childhood days but this one is a totally different take from the books we have all read. There is no Vedhalam, the spirit here. Only the nine councilmen who accompany Vikramaditya on his journey to succeed.That is why the novel is called ‘The guardians of Halahala’. Not only these people are in this book, there are so many intriguing characters which occasionally makes us forget who is who only in the first half. Second half is fine.

When I started reading the novel, I had a feeling I will not like it. The prologue was not that impressive to capture my mind but it did give me a glimpse of what I already know that is Vikramaditya is the chosen one to do the job given by Lord Shiva. Will he succeed?Hell, yes(If the author changes his mind in the next series, just forgive me please). The novel is very simple but the suspense of what we are going to find next, the hardships that Vikramaditya and his nine council men are going to undergo, the mystery unraveling itself gave me a satisfactory read.

I have read mythological thrillers before and watched movies too(Lord of the rings) but not like this one. I can’t believe how the author managed to write a book that readers of all ages love. If you like mythological thrillers, this one is tailor made for you. Each character speaks volume. I was totally into learning about more people and the bad omens.

There are lot of twists and turns in this well plotted story. I understand this book is written basically around Hindu myths. I am still in the learning process but I can do a comparison of certain things like omniscient Lord , demons, angels, witches, flesh eating pishachas and spirits as no human knows the full story of how the universe was formed with proof.

As the book is 400 pages long, I took breaks to read it. That doesn’t mean the book is not a compelling read. Indeed, it is the opposite. I devoured each page so much that will feel like bragging to some of you. King Vikramaditya is loyal, down-to-earth and valiant enough to lead the nine council men towards brighter future for himself and his people. His love for Vishaka even though she is in a vegetative state for almost two years is so touching. Can't wait to read the next one in this series 'The conspiracy at Meru' which is already on sale.

Rating 4/5

To the author There is only one flaw that appeared before me. How did Lord Shiva protect the dagger for thousand years? What made him think it is under big threat?What were the asuras and devas doing? He could have trusted people born before Vikramaditya or is it just that there were no trusted people like Vikrama then?Now I can't wait to see what happens to the dagger in the future books and oh, how can I forget about the leading man's lady love, I wish her health improves.

The author is very kind to answer all my queries(even pointing out a correction in my review)and I thank him for the same. If you have the same doubts like my above note, you can as well read the author's reply and clear your minds just like I did. Please click on the below link you will be directed to my review of this book on Goodreads followed by the author's reply.