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Friday, August 05, 2016
No. of pages : 56
Published on : May 29th 2016
Genre : Young-Adult, fantasy,  fiction
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My review

For all the fans of The many lives of Ruby Iyer, this book is a real treat to their hungry souls. Feral is a novella woven around Maya, whose journey is to find her blood relations. After being disgusted with who she thought was her own mother, she is now after finding her family. Will she find her true parents? She is just a seventeen year old teenager who is at a crucial stage of her life. All these years, she believed she was one among the pack of werewolves,  and with her crush on hybrid Luke who she fondly calls Luka, will she be prepared to leave the place because of all the pains unnecessarily created by her then mother?

She already has Luke who she promised she will return back once after finding her parents. But it’s in human nature to give in to temptations, there are emotions that we can’t escape from, we almost can’t deny the urges to do the opposite. She is attracted to Jai. They both have common grounds. This leads to having weird feelings about him in a good sense that she is not able to get out from. Though she was confronted by Luka, she says he is the only love of her life, she is confused. I call their love puppy love or  an infatuation specifically pointing to their young age.

This novella is mostly set around the city , beautified(call it utopian) city Bombay after Tsunami and revolves around Maya, how she will be able to survive in this new city away from where she used to live. The world we live is a small world.That being said, when in Rome do as the Romans do is an energizing proverb for all those who live far from their families because of their job. So we have to make some adjustments to suit ourselves to certain common rules, this is what the main protagonist Maya does. Eventually, she makes friends all of whom are male. It just happened for she is an outgoing girl. 
These friends are also nice people.


When we compare, USA and UK, how can we describe our country? Particularly regarding Air pollution, Noise pollution, Soil pollution, Thermal Pollution, etc. What is the reason? We all know the reason. In our country many of our people lack discipline(even educated people) and do not think it is their duty to act as a responsible citizen. Spitting on roads, disobeying traffic rules, throwing used plastic bags, we can pity ourself no need for developed countries to take pity on us. This novella talks about what we desire, Utopian world even if it is for seconds time.


I found three big flaws in this novella which is that Bombay is not a small city, how she was able to get a job(maybe she was a girl) that easily even if she was, how did she manage to find her real parents and all that with such a short notice/span of time without an effort and why she was let free by her so-called mother which states it very clearly she is nothing to her even if Maya dies. I felt it was her insecurity to end up being lonely made her to do the crime.

What can you expect from this novella?

Did Maya find her true parents in an unfamiliar city? What is her first impression on finding about her parents and her sibling?Buy the novella and know it for yourself.

My verdict

Forget logic, enjoy the novella. Sometimes all it takes you to smile is that finding a good book which can make you think, get yourself immersed, and who knows you may even get access to the fantasy world/utopian world.

Rating 3/5

Disclaimer I received an ebook in exchange for my honest opinion.