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Wednesday, August 17, 2016
No.of pages : 227
Publication date : 1st october 2016
Published by : New Harbingers Publication
Genre : Self-help
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My review

Before reviewing this book, I want to let the readers be honest with themselves which is how many of you suffer from Insomnia. I don’t want all the details. If you are unhappy with your sleeping pattern even after trying so many methods, going to doctors also didn’t help you, let me stop, this book is your saviour. There are previous books written around this topic -Insomnia and how to get rid of it to enjoy a happy and healthy life, the authors would have been successful by selling those books but I am doubtful as to how the readers are benefitted or not. This book is real proof and an eye opener that is why the topic Insomnia has been taken in the hands of this brilliant author and I am very well pleased to say she has not disappointed me.

Now that’s like speaking ill of all those  authors books as I did not read their book in the first hand even so I will say that they would have forgot to give proof to eradicate Insomnia in the form of flow charts, tabulations, case studies, question and answers, road maps, road blocks, etc.. As I am myself have suffered from sleepless nights, I know the value it costs. That’s the only reason I have taken it as a challenge to read the book and I am glad sharing my views with you all.

First and foremost, I thank the author for providing a free copy of this wonderful book. I loved it and it did help me get an idea about what she was trying to stress in the Introduction page and the first chapter itself. I will give a thumps up for her hard work. The book must be read essentially by all starting from the teenagers to grownups. This book might bore people even those with Insomnia, I want to cite the author’s advice be strict with yourself but not too strict as some might fall prey to another disease, anxiety.

How can you utilize the book to the fullest

Author says, your sleep will not improve just by reading this book. You cannot become proficient at any skill (knitting, woodworking, skiing, golf, swimming, cooking, and so on) just by reading about it.

In the first chapter, the author deals with sleep log/sleep diary in which the author asks you to record a number of things. She has given an example for the same. But as she says, you can create a much simpler lists that suit your taste and do not aggravate your symptoms such as anxiety. You can be your own master(I found the author’s list not helpful for me so I created my own).

Sleep is essential for survival.We can learn about hormones that are responsible for sleeping. We cannot force ourselves to sleeping. There is good news in this chapter. How we can get a good sleep? The answer is here.We can learn about predisposing characteristic.What they are and how they are present before sleep deprivation/ chronic sleep disorder occurs. This chapter is a follow-up chapter of second chapter.

The endocrine system is responsible for hormones. The hormones that are most important for sleep include melatonin and cortisol. We encourage you to check in with yourself to assess if you are sleeping to live, or living to sleep.

The first three chapters altogether complete when sleep log is done by the readers. Case examples are given and flow charts depict what we didn’t know before. Combined with the knowledge of writing our own sleep log with an awesome example given on the book, whoever has sleeping difficulties will learn a lot about themselves and their poor sleeping patterns.

In the fourth chapter, we learn many facts about CBT-I(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and I have shown the below two as the life changers of a sleep deprived person.

Though CBT-I has been shown to be effective, it has two significant challenges. The first is that it requires you to be uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally. The second is that it requires you to trust in the process for a number of weeks before you see or feel any progress. This is going to be a struggle!

CBT-I relies heavily on behavioral change, and behavioral change is hard! Keeping a sleep log, restricting your time in bed, and skipping a nap are all examples of behaviors that are initially uncomfortable but can help you return to restorative sleep patterns.

The main thing to worry any of us would be this bugging question, What if I take a medication for another medical condition?Yes, indeed the answer is given.

Individualized treatment plan as stated in the book helps to determine our sleep efficiency in percentage. This is just a glimpse of how to improve our treatment further more but if we have a more easy format for determining eliminating sleeping troubles, yes, can do that even if you are using sleep aids. Detailed Stimulus Control Therapy is helpful for those who are still not able to get enough sleep even a tidbit I can personally assure a lot of people with Insomnia that they will get better after having finished reading the fifth chapter. 

However, the sixth chapter and the rest of the chapters are not waste, it discusses what one should do and what one should not do. If this chapter didn’t help what to do?Don’t worry. You have six more chapters. Sleep Restriction Therapy which helps you to reach your target amount of sleep.The eighth chapter deals with combining SRT with stimulus Control therapy. Sleep hygiene is more important and waking up refreshed and being able to do brisk walk will sound like a great deal by those who don’t follow a sleep pattern. We can know how to create a comfortable bedtime environment by reading the ninth chapter and so many thing like how to make hard changes by being flexible. We can learn also about behavioral strategies and cognitive strategies.

It is estimated that humans produce hundreds, if not thousands, of thoughts per hour.Your mind groups your thoughts and uses themes like good/bad, always/never, right/wrong, and love/hate.Minds are not 100% accurate.

In simple words, cognitive restructuring is necessary for all those who think too much and have constant worries about when they should be able to fall asleep.

“I keep trying to replace my negative thoughts with
 positive thoughts. Why can’t I convince my brain to be more optimistic?” Read the 10th chapter.

In the 11th chapter the author has talked how to worry less about things naturally by being able to convert a negative thought into a less negative thought. I am totally impressed by the idea. We can schedule our own time to worry. What’s the worst that can happen?. I mean really. We can find this chapter to control our thoughts and at the same time be optimistic about life. This chapter eradicates doubts and kills it. Can I do worry time before bed? The answer the author has given will fill your mind about the possibility.

You must convince your already frustrated mind to choose to do something different. You are required to complete worksheets and redesign your daytime and nighttime rituals.

The final chapter is dedicated to all those anxious, depressed, discouraged people whose thoughts are filled with pessimism.Mindfulness and cognitive defusion are the only methods that has the ability to sweep the unwanted thought process. There are mindfulness exercises that will help them to live in the present moment. Common troubles arise when people with sleeping troubles say I don’t have time and such that it will not be overall efficient if they have not done it for continually for about eight weeks.

We can skip the 13th chapter, if our sleeping habit is healthy. We must ask our self in the end of the five Treatment programs how they helped us in getting sleep- Stimulus Control Therapy, Sleep Restriction Therapy, Sleep hygiene, Cognitive restructuring, Designated Worry Time, and Mindulness and cognitive defusions.

If the treatment programs do not help or some of you are stalled out, it is big time you should see a trained professional as the author suggests. The book ends here or should I say our course on the topic Insomnia. The 14th chapter , is to congratulate the readers who have finished reading this book and are leading by example to tell the tale.

Is this your(our) new forever? The answer to this question is yes and no. We know ourselves than anyone else. Rightly said by the author at the right time.


I don't like all the calculation thing. I found solace in my own treatment plan by reading the book. I wish the readers form their own by following this as sample. As it is a PDF, I am not able to view some of the tabulations properly as there is no rotation button.

Rating 4/5

My verdict  Go buy this as a gift for anyone in your family who has Insomnia, they will be very thankful for what you have done.

Disclaimer I thank the publisher for providing a free ARC of the book.