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Chakana by W. E. Lawrence

28094715No.of pages :325
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published on :28 December 2015
Genre : Historical romance
Audience : Adults
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My review

Chakana is a historical novel set in the 1940’s that is before WWII. Starting from the prologue, I liked the flow of the novel. It is well balanced-neither fast or slow but unnecessarily the story is hurried according to my POV as if the author wants to end the novel too soon. I wonder how he managed to do that in the 325 pages long book.

What drew me to read the novel in the first place was the treasure hunt and being ahead of the smugglers and winning over them. I enjoyed these parts more in the novel than personally knowing the characters. 

Chakana is the story of lost Incan treasure of King Huascar. Dr. Charlie and Kate Rhodes go to Peru on a mission to find Kate’s lost brother Nick. There Kate meets James Fleming by accident. First she didn’t know he is a secret agent. What she knows is that she has met him once in her past. Both Kate and James try to solve the puzzle that unlocks the mystery revolving around the treasure. Will they find it despite the huge threat by the big shots who want it for themselves? You will find the answers in this book. As the book blurb mentions, there is action, suspense, romance, danger, adventure all in this one novel.

Kate is a police woman, James is a secret agent and Dr. Charlie is an archaeologist and Kate’s brother Nick(past student of Dr. Charlie) is also an archaeologist.. Then there are bad guys who are after the treasure for all the wrong reasons. James Fleming helps Kate find Nick, her brother. They also together try to find the treasure. If they didn’t find it, it will go into the hands of bad people. 

Kate and James didn’t find the treasure, nobody will. Everyone in the world will be speaking in German. Millions of people depend on them even if people in all around the world didn’t know it. Germany will conquer the world and do whatever that pleases them. James and Kate are the only people left to save the world. 

Like the book blurb says. the Nazi’s Third Reich could win World War II and they might take over the world. The history part amused me and thrilled me. I was thinking , what is going to happen next.I wanted to know more about the Inca Gods, the Inca people. I didn’t really understand why they have to hide their treasures while they can just pass it to their future generation.

So I had a love and hate relationship with the story because of the Incas. Why do they have to tempt people and drive them crazy towards the place where the treasure is hidden. Other than that, the author has done his job well by producing this novel where there is no major flaws only minor flaws. I can say that the steamy sexual scenes between the lead couples are rushed into but I understand one scene happened because of the hypnotizing place. The leading lady is more interested in having sex than the male lead. It is not understandable as the story of the novel happens in the past.

The main put off in the novel for me are confusions regarding the main characters .I understand that it is the author’s second novel. The characters are under developed. I am unsure why there seems to be a hurry in each situations revolving around the story and the people. I hope the author has noted this down and makes necessary corrections in his future novels. 

My advice for the author is he needs to slow down a little bit and have to ask for second and third opinion whether he has made any error. The novel for me is a little too predictable, it is clear from the start that the leads will accomplish the task given to them with due care and diligence. After all , in which novel the heroes and heroines didn't finish the task and went home with their hands full.

For some reasons, I did not like the end portion of the novel. It was as if the author doesn’t know(ran out of ideas) about how to execute the novel so he chose a short cut instead. But overall, I will say that Chakana is an entertaining as well as a delightful read.

Rating 3.5/5

My verdict 

Though the novel is a historical romance, it is not readable by children below 15 years of age but others can read it. I can give assuarance you will not be disappointed with the novel where the story progresses in each chapter. Highly recommended for those who like historical romance and adventure.

Disclaimer I received a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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