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Seven days without you by Anmol Rana

Seven Days Without You No.of pages : 336
 Publisher : Leadstart corp
 Published on : January 1 2013

 Genre : Fiction
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This book has been in my shelf for a very long time. Why didn’t I read it then? The book is too predictable for me. It’s a cat and mouse story between two childhood friends when I read the first few pages. My conclusion is they are going to end up together at the end of the story. I have to admit, I was in for a pleasant surprise. There are a handful of supporting characters (both good and bad)in the book which makes it complete and engaging. If I have to put it in words, Seven days without you has the potential to become a movie. 

My review

Since childhood days, Vishwas hate Shailja. Same school, same college, her only business is to watch Vishwas . Her father and his father are best friends. By nature, his mother and her mother also become best friends. In addition to this, they are also neighbors. Shailja’s only playtime is watching Vishwas and complain to his mother by exaggerating the story concerning him that makes him embarrassed. She knows all his secrets. He calls her wired teeth witch inside but he can’t say to her face because of his mother who treats her like her own daughter. The saddest part is that she would not believe anything he says about her.

Fortunately, Vishwas gets an offer letter to work in Delhi as a software engineer. Thinking he is going to escape from the torture of his mortal enemy Shailja, he goes to Delhi with immense joy. But the reality is far from this. Lot of things happen in the life of Vishwas in seven days which is discussed elaborately in the book .Some are his good experiences,and some are simply bad experiences.

Vishwas encounter with Nishika is very funny. I have  thought, they both are going to become lovers even when the book blurb suggests otherwise. My guess is they will eventually breakup because of her carefree nature but have to agree she is the most level headed female. Another hilarious moment is his cousin who bathes only once a week during winter season.. It is a shocking experience when his best friend, Harsha acts like a scum bag. I felt that Vishwas should not have listened to him.There is more to the story.

What are all the things a person faces when he gets a job in a location far away from his family? What are all the troubles he undergoes in an unfamiliar city? Does Vishwas find true love of his life?Read the book, you will know.

This novel is simple, neat, realistic and easy to comprehend with a very well written story plot that will surely attract youngsters who are away from their families owing to their job in different location. I will say Anmol Rana has done a fabulous job even though this is his debut book. The right choice of characters and the cover image makes this book ever interesting enough to capture any reader’s mind. 

Rating 3.5/5

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