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Wednesday, July 13, 2016
No.of pages : 300 pages
Publisher :Harpercollins
Published on : November 1st 2012
Genre : Crime thriller
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My review

I had this book in my shelf for a long time(2 years to be exact) and whenever I attempted to read the book fully, I felt sleepy. I will put the blame wholly on the author, Mr.Ashok Banker due to his stiff form of writing. I cannot understand why he wrote the book in this way(Confession-I haven’t read his other books). 

I am displeased with his writing style as the book is irritatingly slow moving and it is baffling to learn about each female protagonists- Anita, a private detective, Sheila,  gym instrucor and Nachiketa, a lawyer who are the main pillars of this novel for me. 

Let me be frank, what drove me towards the book was the attractive book cover design, the inviting book description and the creative book title. I hope many of us can’t deny loving it. I like crime thrillers and luckily this seemed to be just that, this was only my belief. And also, how can I forget, the book blurb was amazingly riveting. Hence, I thought this book will not upset or let me down with its story. But dramatically it was just the opposite.

The story is very complex to understand. I have to make sure what I was reading is correct twice in the first half. What I understood from this novel was, it is about three woman who receive a yellow package containing documents sent from Lalima, a social activist. Lalima’s involvement in catching the big criminals lands her in huge trouble. 

Predicting her future before in hand, she sends the package containing important documents to three strong woman in order to capture the criminals and put them behind bars. After receiving the package, these three woman’s lives turns into a nightmare. Unfortunately, they don't understand a thing about the documents and why they are the chosen ones to receive it.

My verdict

I do appreciate the author for experimenting by producing a novel that is female centric in India on one hand and on other hand if some readers (like me) get their hands on this novel, they will either get impatient with the writing or just stop halfway from reading it. This novel is very boring. 

Rating 2.5/5

Disclaimer I thank Harpercollins for providing me a free copy of this book.