Thursday, July 21, 2016

The speaking ghost of Rajpur by Priyonkar Dasgupta

The Speaking Ghost of RajpurNo.of pages : 304 
Publisher : Thought Baloon books
Published on : 2015
Genre : Historical fiction
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We all remember our childhood days spent in our grandparent’s house and also in our uncles and aunties house really too well. We can never forget them. Those are the memorable moments of our life as we wasted most of our time simply by chatting, playing and just fooling around with our cousins.

To all grownups, if time travelling machine is invented, we will not think twice going back to our childhood days and reliving those days once again instead of running from the madness of our city life without worrying what’s in store for us in the near future.

Since it is not possible to time travel, thus, author Priyonkar Dasgupta has done a splendid job by unfolding a story of a young boy set in the early 1990’s when school children have summer holidays.

About the novel

“The speaking ghost of Rajpur” is a fantabulous, mind blowing unpredictable novel. Before I like you all to know the story, I want to thank author Priyonkar Dasgupta first for reaching out to me and generously giving his book in exchange for an honest review. I revisited my childhood days by reading his marvelous work which did wonders as it made me recall all of my pleasant childhood memories. I will suggest, to all those who wish to read this book shall read it on weekends as  you can expect to live the life of the central character (until the story ends), a young lad named Shoumo aged 13 years who tries hard to fit in with a gang of teenagers including his brother Shoumik on his summer vacation.

For his brother, though, the place, Rajpur is not new as he has visited plenty of times or so and especially he and his cousin Joy are perfect buddies . However, for some reasons, Shoumo has not visited his aunt’s house and is a newbie to Rajpur. That’s why he tags along with his cousin joy’s friends and his brother Shoumik as he doesn’t have any other option that is considered as best. Shoumo gives his voice to the novel, it is in his perspective, the novel is told.

When I was 13 years old like Shoumo, I read a novel , “ A  hole in the world”. Though that story doesn’t really match author Priyonkar’s novel in any way but the voice of the book was that of a 15 year old teenager. Then there is author John Grisham’s novel, “ A painted house” in which an eight year old is a narrator. Writing a novel where the main protagonist is a small boy is still new in India and for this reason,  I find his novel totally awesome . In India, according to my carefully calculated guess, only author Priyonkar has written a novel where a young boy is a story teller. So kudos to the author for daring to be different.

And the debate whether Ghost is fictional or non-fictional remains unsolved and this novel is no way related to the title. The book cover design is apt for the story. It gives a peaceful feeling. The few picture found in the book is not essential, in other words, there is no need to include them in the novel.I am not sure why they are there in the first place. If I am right many will just skip from noticing it and continue concenterating on the next page.

Merits & Demerits

Let me talk about the demerits first -If I have to mention the demerits of the book, it is the typographical errors such as ‘the’, ‘on’, ‘that’ is repeated twice in the initial pages of the novel(not so important) and there are very, very few grammatical errors that didn’t matter to me. 

What mattters was the bad habits of the teenage boys  which is appalling to the core. To be specific, smoking cigarettes, ogling at girls and woman alike, trying to get porn videos from a known shop, nasty stares of Joy at his cousin Shoumo when he speaks casually to the younger sibling(girl) of his friend, double meaning dialogues, pulling Shoumo’s leg very often by making him uncomfortable, their inquisitiveness to go to dangerous places like that of Tantric and haunted house without their parent’s consent, and going to an isolated factory all by themselves. 

To put all the above stated in one sentence, I would say that all teenage boys mentioned in the novel (Joy, Shoumik, Pinku, Tony, Rakesh) lacked self-discipline ,  it was a pity that Shoumo wanted to be a part of their gang that badly and it was pathetic that he himself tried to smoke a cigarette like his friends when they were not noticing).

So I never thought I was in for a big surprise. The great twist to the story was unexpected. To all those who are reading this post now, if you think you have figured out about where the novel is going or  just pretend to know how it is going to end, then you are in for an unforeseen surprise. I will give a clue. The spoiled brats turn into real heroes towards the end of the novel.

My verdict

The major problem was the boy who made me engrossed and glued to the book thinks, acts and talks like a matured person. However, I felt this does not tamper with the overall story. To all readers, if you have liked “The adventures of Tom Sawyer” and other books where the story revolves around young boys/young children, then you are up for a treat. Go ahead and get a copy of this book. You will not regret it.

My rating 4/5

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blood Red Sari by Ashok Banker

No.of pages : 300 pages
Publisher :Harpercollins
Published on : November 1st 2012
Genre : Crime thriller
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My review

I had this book in my shelf for a long time(2 years to be exact) and whenever I attempted to read the book fully, I felt sleepy. I will put the blame wholly on the author, Mr.Ashok Banker due to his stiff form of writing. I cannot understand why he wrote the book in this way(Confession-I haven’t read his other books). 

I am displeased with his writing style as the book is irritatingly slow moving and it is baffling to learn about each female protagonists- Anita, a private detective, Sheila,  gym instrucor and Nachiketa, a lawyer who are the main pillars of this novel for me. 

Let me be frank, what drove me towards the book was the attractive book cover design, the inviting book description and the creative book title. I hope many of us can’t deny loving it. I like crime thrillers and luckily this seemed to be just that, this was only my belief. And also, how can I forget, the book blurb was amazingly riveting. Hence, I thought this book will not upset or let me down with its story. But dramatically it was just the opposite.

The story is very complex to understand. I have to make sure what I was reading is correct twice in the first half. What I understood from this novel was, it is about three woman who receive a yellow package containing documents sent from Lalima, a social activist. Lalima’s involvement in catching the big criminals lands her in huge trouble. 

Predicting her future before in hand, she sends the package containing important documents to three strong woman in order to capture the criminals and put them behind bars. After receiving the package, these three woman’s lives turns into a nightmare. Unfortunately, they don't understand a thing about the documents and why they are the chosen ones to receive it.

My verdict

I do appreciate the author for experimenting by producing a novel that is female centric in India on one hand and on other hand if some readers (like me) get their hands on this novel, they will either get impatient with the writing or just stop halfway from reading it. This novel is very boring. 

Rating 2.5/5

Disclaimer I thank Harpercollins for providing me a free copy of this book.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Spotlight~ 21 shades of night and Awakened


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What they say:

Awakened by Laxmi Hariharan low resolution.jpg"Laxmi's stories get you from the very first sentence and never let go" - Rebecca Hamilton, USA Today Bestselling Author
"...A novel that presents so much more than a singular, easy path." - D. Donovan, (Midwest Book Reviews)

Finalist, 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
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His tongue flicks out to touch his lips. Can he still taste blood?
His eyes flick to my lips, down to my throat, my breasts, lower, lower still. I'm close enough to see the golden flecks in his eyes shine. Smell that hard man smell of his which tugs at me. Heat from him spools towards me hitting me squarely in my chest, pulling at my stomach, churning my guts and I shudder.
His eyes widen, and as if unable to help himself, he lowers his mouth brushing my lips once, twice, thrice. Teasing me, nibbling at me, caressing my lips till I feel the heat inside twist and glow, till the lighting tree on my back sizzles, sparking fire.
I moan and reaching up capture his mouth with mine, thrusting my tongue against his; and feel the shock run through him.
He's still just for a second, then he's leaning into me, on me till I am surrounded by him, his touch, his skin, that cinnamon smell of his, which is so Vik. Heat from his body pushes at me, begging to be let in, holding me captive and I feel a trickle of sweat running down between my breasts. Breath coming out in short bursts, I strain against him, trying to free my shackled arms, but he doesn't let go. He also doesn't stop there.
His mouth lowers to my throat, pushing aside the bathrobe till he bares the curve of my shoulder, then bites me, lightly.
My heart slams against my rib cage at that, my eyes flutter shut and I bite my lips to stop myself from crying out. At the pain trembling down to my belly.
He kisses the skin, licking his tongue over the exact same spot and this time I shiver, but he's already trailing his lips down to my breasts. His hand grips the flare of my lips and this time, I moan aloud as his fingers splay out over my belly.
And it's as if the sound gets through to him, for he's suddenly leaning back.
My eyes fly open and I look up at his face, want to trace his lips, run my fingers through his hair and once again I arch my back, push against him and this time he lets me go.
Even as I watch a shutter comes down over his eyes and they lose that bright glow I'd seen there just a second ago.
I know then, he's going to leave and walk away and I can't let him go.
Not now, not when I can tell he's feeling something for me.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Seven days without you by Anmol Rana

Seven Days Without You No.of pages : 336
 Publisher : Leadstart corp
 Published on : January 1 2013

 Genre : Fiction
 Book links : Goodreads Amazon Flipkart
 Author links : Goodreads Facebook

This book has been in my shelf for a very long time. Why didn’t I read it then? The book is too predictable for me. It’s a cat and mouse story between two childhood friends when I read the first few pages. My conclusion is they are going to end up together at the end of the story. I have to admit, I was in for a pleasant surprise. There are a handful of supporting characters (both good and bad)in the book which makes it complete and engaging. If I have to put it in words, Seven days without you has the potential to become a movie. 

My review

Since childhood days, Vishwas hate Shailja. Same school, same college, her only business is to watch Vishwas . Her father and his father are best friends. By nature, his mother and her mother also become best friends. In addition to this, they are also neighbors. Shailja’s only playtime is watching Vishwas and complain to his mother by exaggerating the story concerning him that makes him embarrassed. She knows all his secrets. He calls her wired teeth witch inside but he can’t say to her face because of his mother who treats her like her own daughter. The saddest part is that she would not believe anything he says about her.

Fortunately, Vishwas gets an offer letter to work in Delhi as a software engineer. Thinking he is going to escape from the torture of his mortal enemy Shailja, he goes to Delhi with immense joy. But the reality is far from this. Lot of things happen in the life of Vishwas in seven days which is discussed elaborately in the book .Some are his good experiences,and some are simply bad experiences.

Vishwas encounter with Nishika is very funny. I have  thought, they both are going to become lovers even when the book blurb suggests otherwise. My guess is they will eventually breakup because of her carefree nature but have to agree she is the most level headed female. Another hilarious moment is his cousin who bathes only once a week during winter season.. It is a shocking experience when his best friend, Harsha acts like a scum bag. I felt that Vishwas should not have listened to him.There is more to the story.

What are all the things a person faces when he gets a job in a location far away from his family? What are all the troubles he undergoes in an unfamiliar city? Does Vishwas find true love of his life?Read the book, you will know.

This novel is simple, neat, realistic and easy to comprehend with a very well written story plot that will surely attract youngsters who are away from their families owing to their job in different location. I will say Anmol Rana has done a fabulous job even though this is his debut book. The right choice of characters and the cover image makes this book ever interesting enough to capture any reader’s mind. 

Rating 3.5/5

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Tania attends a wedding by Kanika G

Tania Attends A WeddingNo.of Pages : 20
Published on : Feb 16 2015
Genre : Children's fiction
Book links : Goodreads 
Author link : Goodreads

Book descrition 

Tania and her family go to Bangalore for aunt Poonam's wedding. Join Tania as she participates in all the fun rituals and ceremonies. Tania is faced with a challenge and she comes up with a devious plan to overcome it.

My review

After a short break from blogging, I was thinking what to read next, fiction or non-fiction. I don’t have to do the math because I know it very clearly, I have reviewed just three children’s book in fiction. Randomly I picked this book online which was up for free grab. Now glad I did.

This book is a short story written by Kanika G .Young Tania visits her father’s cousin Poonam’s wedding. She is wonderstruck after seeing the house of her aunt’s parents living in Bangalore as it’s a bungalow. Her aunt has visited her apartment few years ago when she was just one and a half years old. She mispronounced her name as ‘’Poonty”. Now she is a pretty young girl who is curious to see her aunt Poonam’s wedding. She is in 7th heaven.

Being a South Indian, I don't know what happens in North Indian weddings. The hindi cinemas also doesn’t show the entire wedding rituals and ceremonies. That’s why I and Tania have something in common which is an opportunity to learn about the wedding culture in North India for the first time. 

Last but not least,  Kanika G has also added pictures taken from a real North Indian wedding most probably the one she visited.I thank her for it gave me an insight to the wedding.

My rating : 4/5