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Last vacation by Sarah elle emm

Paper back : 298 pages
29432083Publisher : Next Chapter Media
Published on : January 23rd, 2016
Genre : Mystery
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My review

I haven’t read author Sarah’s previous works. So I confess, this is my first time reading a book written by her. After reading few pages, I felt there would be disappointments, my expectations were so high due to her previous books ratings. I should mention the beginning of the novel was really boring. Within a blink of an eye, you are sure where the novel is headed to.

You are able to get a clue what is going to happen next. Everything happened so swiftly, but as the story progressed I did not feel like it at all. In Last vacation, the author has discussed a sensitive topic that is drug dealers, how they operate and she has stressed this message, ‘it is not that easy to capture drug dealers. These people just escape from the eyes of law'. What if someone whose family has been murdered by one such drug dealer, the only alive person in the family comes out stronger to seek his revenge? That’s what the novel is about. There is lot of suspense and a lot is going on.

This novel is about lost family and unconditional love. Megan Mckenna has a twin named Madeline Mckenna who has been missing for a week, to say exactly, seven days. It is because of the drug dealers.Did they kill her? What happened to her? Gabe, a cook lends his helping hand even though there is a huge drawback. If the people who took or killed Madeline alias Maddy know she has a twin, they will not spare her life. Despite the odds, will they find out and solve the mystery? Is Madeline dead?

Below lines stuck me for a long time. Not only these, in the initial chapters too, there are some lines such as these but let me share these alone as I don’t want to spoil the book.

“Didn’t you ever get hurt? Weren’t you climbing trees, having fun, too”.

“Me? No way.I was always close by, keeping an eye on her…Well, keeping one eye on her, the other eye buried in a book. I am not exactly the adventurous type”.

His mouth curved upwards. ”Could’ve fooled me. I’d say risking your life to look for your missing twin sister is pretty adventurous, Megan.”

“Honestly, I don’t know that Megan. I know the reckless one who goes running into dangerous situations trying to save her sister and not even thinking about herself”.

On the whole, this is the kind of novel I always expect to read. There is action. There is fun. There is romance. Of course, there is suspense. There are novels you will never ever forget in your life because it gave you a strong message. True/pure love indeed exists and it is nothing to do with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. It is something to do with your siblings/parents/friends may be. This is what I understood from the novel. To put it in a few words, I found I was actually on a vacation. No matter how many times you have gone to various places for vacations, this book will surely give a new experience for all the readers.

Drawback The number of pages could have been reduced especially in the initial chapters. The novel could have started with missing Maddy and her love affair.The thing is we are able to get a clue what we can expect from this book in the initial chapters itself. This is something wrong and after reading the synopsis, it is very evident what the novel is about.  

Rating 3.5/5

Disclaimer  This review is part of a Blog Tour and it is also my honest opinion about the book.

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