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Interview with Dr. Ajay Yadav

Hi my dear faithful readers, look who is here for a lovely chat. It is Dr. Ajay Yadav. I have reviewed his book just weeks ago and I am already interviewing him. The whole point of interviewing thing didn't fascinate me unlike my fellow book reviewers but Dr. Ajay Yadav is someone from whom you can get inspried a lot. I thank him with my heart for his patience and endurance in answering all my questions. Read my review of his book here

1. Dr. Ajay, Please introduce yourself to my readers.

Hi, I am Dr. Ajay Yadav. By profession I am an Anesthetist, Intensivist and pain specialist working as senior consultant and head of department at W –hospital by Pratiksha, Gurgaon, the largest women hospital of India. I am also teaching at Institute of advanced medical studies, a premier MD/MS entrance coaching institute where three times I have been awarded as best teaching faculty. As a person I am an analytical thinker.

2. Now tell me about your family. How much support you got from them?

My wife is HR professional working with a corporate. I have 2 sons; the elder one doing BBA and younger in 10th. I don’t think that any venture can be completed without the support of family. Since writing is not my full time profession so whatever the time I spent in writing this book was from the family time. It took me almost 2 years to write this book, so you can imagine their sacrifice.

3. What are your hobbies?

Reading, Writing (my textbook of anesthesia is one of the most saleable textbooks for undergraduates in India, South East Asia, Middle East, China and Africa), watching plays and movies, traveling and long distance running. Recently I did Gurgaon and Mumbai marathon and Delhi half marathon.

4. What made you to write "From where I see"?

Since my childhood I had been an analytical thinker. I observed that there are always two sides of the curtain; our fears, prejudices, fixed notions and attitude of accepting what’s served as platter does not let us peep on that side often letting the winners to manipulate the historical facts. Injustice, human exploitation, dishonesty and lawlessness had never been tolerable to me. Nothing has grieved me more than hatred towards each other. Why at every level, whether it’s intrapersonal, interpersonal, inter-social, inter-religious or inter-country we are conflicted? I started to think; finding the cause for these conflicts became my passion. I started to dream of a society free of these conflicts, an honest Utopian society.

There are 2 types of people in this world. First, who are sensitive to their own needs and own desires; their life revolves around ‘me’ only. Second, who are sensitive to the needs of others; their concern is ‘we’, we as a society, as a country, as a world and most importantly as humans. Unfortunately! I belong to the second category. This sensitivity, desire to show the other side of curtain and desire to change the world to establish Utopian society were the motivating factors for me to take such a bold decision. There is no weapon stronger than a pen in bringing revolution so I decided to pen down.

5. Who read your book first?

One of my closest friend.

6. What do you think about the traffic jams in big cities?
The reasons are multiple like over explosion and massive migration of population, the haphazard and unplanned development (of course with vested interests!!) by government and our attitude of showing our richness by cars.

7. Big companies like Dell, IBM, Infosys, TCS, etc run their company and has multiple branches only in big cities, especially capital cities(Chennai, Hyderabad , Bangalore to state a few in South India) and students who completed their studies in other cities are forced(50% may agree) to go to these cities for work, what do you think about this issue?

Businessmen have only one religion!! “Profit”. Therefore they chooses the place where there are more customers. This will create more job opportunities leading to more migration from small cities eventually starting a never ending vicious cycle.

8. Do you think Media poses a threat to the society?

Not always but sometimes yes. To improve their TRP they are going to any extent. Without bothering for the consequences they ignite a small issue to an extent that it becomes a reason for big divide and animosity in country. My statement may look a bit undemocratic but I feel that there should be some strong authority to scrutinize the news before it gets aired.

9. When we compare the crimes done against women and children by men 50 years ago to the present, it is scarily high, what is the reason? Your portrayal of Rashid as a serial womanizer who acts friendly and then preys on weak woman, in your opinion, who do you want to blame?

Again the reasons are multiple like more reporting, increased frustration among people due to social and economic divide, American influence, decreased family bonds and family values and failure of our education system in teaching the values.

10. Terrorism and war, the word itself creates extreme fear in people whatever country they may be. Let’s talk about India. To strengthen the bond between India, Pakistan , Bangladesh , Srilanka and Jammu & Kashmir, what must be done, you have given an excellent solution which is being human first and apply logic but enmity and ego clouds evil people’s mind all the time.The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, is an assumption in most of the cases in India. What is your opinion, does empathy and sympathy missing?

You are 100% right. Empathy and sympathy is missing in our pseudo Americanized country where materialistic gain super passes everything. I won’t mind saying that majority of us has become psychotic to amass wealth at any cost.

11. Do you have any complaints regarding our educational system in schools?

It has failed terribly. We are just making jacks. In the modern era of technology majority of schools (even many of the branded one also) are following the rudimentary methods of teaching. I feel that in our country we read two third of irrelevant stuff which actually becomes of no use in our life. Moreover our system is failing to inculcate values in new generation.

12. I told you about a small error in your book which is you should have published this book as two books(Part 1, Part 2), other than me, have anyone told you about this?

From the very beginning I knew that I was writing 2 books combined. It was actually an experiment for me. I wanted to start a new genre FICTION+NON FICTION. In fact, I struggled with the authorities to allot me this new genre of fiction + non- fiction but in India, you know the change is so difficult that they didn’t agree.

Once again, thank you sir, for being here today.I am very sure, my readers would have been inspired by your speech now. Please visit my blog often.We, the readers are awaiting your third book. May God shower his immense blessings on your family and your works.

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