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I don't wear sunscreen by Kavipriya Moorthy

I don't wear sunscreen
No.of pages : 97
Publisher : Notion Press
Published on : July 22nd, 2015
Genre : Fiction
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My review

How can you turn your adversities to your advantage and make it a blessing.  Sometimes, we make wrong choices in life without batting an eyelid, we don’t think twice and when it bites us and drains our energy, we lose hope as our expectations are crushed. We question our whole being. What can we do?

I don’t wear sunscreen is about Laksha, a Chennaite, who goes to Mumbai, Maharashtra to study Interior designing as the exposure to this subject cannot be matched comparing to Tamil Nadu.I don’t know anyone who have completed a course in Interior designing so I am not sure whether this fact is true or false. The one thing that I am very sure of is that learning about other cultures, their way of talking, language, and life on other side gives us enough knowledge to adapt to different surroundings.

Laksha’s life revolves around her parents and her best friend Pallavi.While Laksha chose commerce group in high school, Pallavi chose science group as her aim was to get an IT job to pay her family’s debt. Initially, I felt Laksha was being too possessive of her best friend for silly reasons.I also think she has a jealous behavior. Her self-esteem is low because she is plump.When Prabhu(social activist), talked to Pallavi in a casual manner, she took it in the wrong way. She got upset for no reasons on her friend’s birthday as Prabhu wished her first. Having a boyfriend at such a young age even when they are reaching 18 is not advisable but Laksha was honestly overreacting. As Pallavi put it in words, he is just a friend nothing more.

Intelligent girls always make wise choices even if they make mistakes now and then, even when life hits their head hard, they get up swiftly.Laksha faces one of the biggest challenges of her life. Her stress hormones were tested;Dexamethasome Suppression Test proved the severity of PTSD. How did she get this? Who was responsible for it? Is it Sai, who helped her get an internship in his cousin, saurav’s company?Is it Pallavi, her best friend who stayed by her side through thick and thin and vice versa, really? Is it because of disappointing her parents? Who then is responsible for her depression?

With the help of her parents she manages to get up fast from sulking down and yes, eventually she recovers. She manages to get a decent job after completing her master’s degree(where???). It wouldn’t have been possible if her mother didn’t take the initiative. Her mom gets a job in one of the pre-school franchise after 20 years. Everything is going well for them. What about Pallavi, did she pay her debtors? What happened to her? Why Sai was friendly to Laksha? Why Saurab, behave in an ill manner?

The book was too predictable in the first half. Why Laksha fell for a guy like Sai, the reasons were not enough. How can she trust him blindly with her resume?It was a great relief, she didn’t let him know that she loves him. As for Pallavi, why did she do such a horrible thing? I did not expect the twists and turns. The readers need to know the truth. Priyanka’s arrival at the climax was much welcomed as we have to know who was responsible for her depression.

Title and cover design

I don’t wear sunscreen doesn’t suit the novel. “I was betrayed” suits the novel better.This is just a suggestion. This novel is on the melancholy side, so a cover design that depicts this emotion is necessary to satisfy the readers to feel the depth of the story.

Omit the errors

There are loads of typographical errors and few grammatical errors in the book. If I have to list them all, it will take at least three full pages.I wish the author when publishing her next novel, she gives her book to a good proof reader. Where did she go wrong? The editors. They have done injustice to the book.

Rating 3/5

Excerpts from the book

Laksha glared some more. “So what do you want?”
Typical Tamil Nadu, I just want to be your friend,” he smiled again.

“No, thanks, I have a good number of friends already,” she tossed her head and started walking.

“Should I call someone?If yes, whom?Or is she really busy with preparing for her placements?Whatever, I wish she gets the job soon.Her family desperately needs her support. Even when I wanted to help her, she denied”.

“Shut up Sai, how can you just talk like that someone you’ve never met?And if you can pass a comment about a stranger like this, what will you do to your folks?Who knows you must be bitching about me too.You think I will fall at your feet just because  you arranged an internship for me?”

“You think I want to cry?I didn’t cry the day I married you or even when I gave birth to Laksha after hours of pain. A mother’s instinct is stronger than anything else. So if I had felt that she was in trouble, do you think I would have refrained from approaching the police?I don’t even care about going to the media for help, I just knew she was fine, “ said Laksha’s mom, laughing at him a little”.

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