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Merjella by Yuvaraja Dhayanithi

28118108No.of pages : 184
Publisher : Dreamsblooms Media
Published on : December 4th 2015
Genre : Fantasy, Fiction
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My review

One good book is equal to 100 friends but one good friend is equal to a library(Courtesy-Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam). Truly, this book turned out to be more than that. This book is a good friend. It may revolve around octopuses, other sea living creatures like Jelly fish, starfish, archer fish, etc and humans too but the message it conveys to the readers is told in an ecstatic manner. We, as a reader, are able to comprehend the good and the bad from the beginning of the novel. The readers are educated through this book whether what we are doing is right or wrong. 

Sometimes we think we are doing the right thing but for other people or some people it is as if we are doing the bad thing.For example, take a murderer or acid attacker. He thinks he is doing the right thing by murdering people or attacking people with acid because he hates them. Enough of my rambling. Now let me get into the heart of the novel.

Jella raised by Mimico, her mentor is the right ruler of Zypher. She has two friends named Bingo and Qwerty. Her father who was the king of Zypher was killed by Chiro , a demonic character. Now the city Zypher is under his control. Jella has to win the battle and recapture the city which belonged to her father once and free people who belong to the kingdom of Zypher and her siblings who have been captivated by evil chiro in Jail. Will she do it? She doubts her capacity but Mimico has full faith on her. He fought the battle with Nomura, a giant jelly fish and lost because of cheating on Chiro’s part.

She is the only alive Jellopus. They gain more power saving the lives of others and killing the life of others. Chiro belongs to the Malojels category. They chose killing. This is the only difference between Jellopus and Malojels. Jellopus save lives while Malojels destroy lives.Jella is able to take back time and see what happened in the past and stop a disaster from occuring. Here I want to question the author, why couldn’t she go back to when her father was killed and save him and her siblings?

Tarjo could have saved himself, since that day Chiro was a guest he died a brave death and he doesn’t want to interfere with Chiro.Jella has 999 siblings.Not all octopuses are Jellopus Her father told Mimico, only Jella is a Jellopus. What happened to her siblings is a calculated guess, they are in Jail. Some of them may have been killed by Chiro is one point of view.

The whole point of the novel is about doing the right thing. When we do the right thing, the world will be a safest place to live and we will no longer compare earth and heaven anymore.
Merjella is a meticulously written book. Though it is a fantasy story, we can learn good values.

“No pain, No gain” is a famous proverb. If we keep on killing animals to satisfy our selfish desires for eating purposes, how will we gain real wisdom and how can we act humane?.Killing and hurting comes from the Evil one.This is a message, it struck me hard throughout the book and I kept on recalling as I am a non-vegetarian who felt guilty eating it always when I ate particular non-veg like chicken and mutton.

So I strongly agree what Merjella did to Ryan Catchmore(what a strange name)two times was right. He deserved to feel the pain. I imagined what if we, the humans were low life, animals ruled us and killed us and ate us for breakfast, lunch and dinner, How would we feel?

This kind of thinking itself gives us shivers and we dread it.This is what we are doing this to the animals since our ancestors days. There is no real proof that God really told us to eat some animals as food. It is also a living being. Is it cursed more than us if so why? Since the animals don’t speak we take them for granted. This is the case all over the world.

In each chapter we learn factual information about octopuses and other general knowledge. It was very thoughtful of the author. But as a reader I would have liked these information at the end of the novel because it was kind of distracting me from reading further. This is only my opinion and other readers may have a different opinion.

Who is Marina?What business she has with Jella?How did Jella become Merjella(Marina and Jella)?How did Jella gain her powers?Marina along with Jella did they accomplish their goals?What is pro-dog?Why Jella said, the boss is very furious to the Mayor’s ears? Why did Jella create a Kingdom, seasorg with the help of Ryan?What happened to Mimico? Did Jella take over Kingdom of Zypher finally?

If you read the book, you will know the answers. There are some flaws and it rarely matters to the readers who think like me. What can the readers learn from this novel? Common sense and united we stand and divided we fall.

Title and the cover design

I praise whoever made this cover design wholeheartedly. It looks spectacular and gels with the story absolutely. The title of the novel is just perfect as the story is about Marina and Jella.

Note : The cover page illustration, that is the Quilling work and digital design work was done by Ayobola Kekere. It is mentioned in the Book's credits section. Hats off to her for her tremendous creativity which helped her throughout the designing process.

Rating 3.5/5

Excerpts from the novel and my views

“A killer only knows to kill for reasons known only to him. The killer instinct is the quality one exhibits naturally with a strong urge to win but not kill”. Wow. Well said.

In the above quote, killer can be replaced with the word hurter. It gels with today’s corrupted society.

Red indicates heat and violence-the color of blood. Looks like two days weren’t enough to bring calmness to your mind, Mr. Deimos.’After saying that Smith looked at Marina and asked, ‘whatis your favorite color, madam?’
‘Green!’ She was quick with her answer as if she had long been expecting the question.
‘That’s a lovely choice, lady-the color of life. I wish you a long life, Mrs.Deimos,’ said Smith, he slightly looked at Deimos and continued, Of course, with your beloved husband.’

What kind of trick was the Mayor playing?

They are innocents because they don’t do deliberate killings and they are not licensed to. They would not resort to taking other’s lives even if their lives were endangered.’
‘So you call them innocence because of their non-aggressive stance?’
‘Aggressive or Non-aggressive! They don’t know how to harm. They don’t know how to kill. They don’t play out of the law. They stick to values. They are innocents no matter what you call them. And they need to be protected’.

I loved Merjella’s way of thinking .The difference between Ryan’s thinking and Merjella’s was quite entertaining to read. It was full of fun and very educating. Knowledge is power. The different views of various knowledgeable people with abundant wisdom is very much needed to arrive at our own conclusion.

‘ I foresee something terrible for tomorrow, Mimico. The baby you are holding is the one who is going to save the world. Remember, she is the chosen one, Mimico.In  twenty moons, she will turn into a powerful jellopus  and destroy evil of every form,’ said Tarjo.’
‘Funnel of God!’ exclaimed Ryan.
‘Yes!Your e-netcatcher is their funnel of God! And your hotel Gillover will be called God’s restaurant, ‘added Merjella.

The unawareness of the sea living creatures was indeed very sad. We humans are like this we think life is greener at other side. Is it not?

‘Oh, oh, you issue paper currencies, you dump all unwanted articles in the name of fashion, and then  you take away pearls!’

What a total jerk, Ryan was. A rather foolish and selfish jerk.

‘Wait!You are not Berta!’ remarked Qwerty.
‘ I am Berta!’said Berta.’
‘Yes! Not your brother Berta!’
‘Berta!’ called Qwerty.
Berta turned back and looked at Qwerty as if asking her what she wanted.
‘But your purple tail'. 
'Mine is yellow actually. I got this purple-colored tail polish from the market and onlyrecently applied it. They said girls get attracted to purple. They also said you are a girl.’
Bingo could not stop laughing. And so did everyone else in the gathering.

I laughed at this joke too.

‘I’m Russel Bond. I was once greedy. My greed was to live a luxurious life alone. I chose this beautiful island. I picked my staff with utmost care. But I made  one mistake. One wrong person I aligned with. He was like a son to me. And all he did was to prove to me that my desires are indeed of greed. I lost my peace. Thanks for the help, Marina.’

I liked the sweet ending.

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Interview with Dr. Ajay Yadav

Hi my dear faithful readers, look who is here for a lovely chat. It is Dr. Ajay Yadav. I have reviewed his book just weeks ago and I am already interviewing him. The whole point of interviewing thing didn't fascinate me unlike my fellow book reviewers but Dr. Ajay Yadav is someone from whom you can get inspried a lot. I thank him with my heart for his patience and endurance in answering all my questions. Read my review of his book here

1. Dr. Ajay, Please introduce yourself to my readers.

Hi, I am Dr. Ajay Yadav. By profession I am an Anesthetist, Intensivist and pain specialist working as senior consultant and head of department at W –hospital by Pratiksha, Gurgaon, the largest women hospital of India. I am also teaching at Institute of advanced medical studies, a premier MD/MS entrance coaching institute where three times I have been awarded as best teaching faculty. As a person I am an analytical thinker.

2. Now tell me about your family. How much support you got from them?

My wife is HR professional working with a corporate. I have 2 sons; the elder one doing BBA and younger in 10th. I don’t think that any venture can be completed without the support of family. Since writing is not my full time profession so whatever the time I spent in writing this book was from the family time. It took me almost 2 years to write this book, so you can imagine their sacrifice.

3. What are your hobbies?

Reading, Writing (my textbook of anesthesia is one of the most saleable textbooks for undergraduates in India, South East Asia, Middle East, China and Africa), watching plays and movies, traveling and long distance running. Recently I did Gurgaon and Mumbai marathon and Delhi half marathon.

4. What made you to write "From where I see"?

Since my childhood I had been an analytical thinker. I observed that there are always two sides of the curtain; our fears, prejudices, fixed notions and attitude of accepting what’s served as platter does not let us peep on that side often letting the winners to manipulate the historical facts. Injustice, human exploitation, dishonesty and lawlessness had never been tolerable to me. Nothing has grieved me more than hatred towards each other. Why at every level, whether it’s intrapersonal, interpersonal, inter-social, inter-religious or inter-country we are conflicted? I started to think; finding the cause for these conflicts became my passion. I started to dream of a society free of these conflicts, an honest Utopian society.

There are 2 types of people in this world. First, who are sensitive to their own needs and own desires; their life revolves around ‘me’ only. Second, who are sensitive to the needs of others; their concern is ‘we’, we as a society, as a country, as a world and most importantly as humans. Unfortunately! I belong to the second category. This sensitivity, desire to show the other side of curtain and desire to change the world to establish Utopian society were the motivating factors for me to take such a bold decision. There is no weapon stronger than a pen in bringing revolution so I decided to pen down.

5. Who read your book first?

One of my closest friend.

6. What do you think about the traffic jams in big cities?
The reasons are multiple like over explosion and massive migration of population, the haphazard and unplanned development (of course with vested interests!!) by government and our attitude of showing our richness by cars.

7. Big companies like Dell, IBM, Infosys, TCS, etc run their company and has multiple branches only in big cities, especially capital cities(Chennai, Hyderabad , Bangalore to state a few in South India) and students who completed their studies in other cities are forced(50% may agree) to go to these cities for work, what do you think about this issue?

Businessmen have only one religion!! “Profit”. Therefore they chooses the place where there are more customers. This will create more job opportunities leading to more migration from small cities eventually starting a never ending vicious cycle.

8. Do you think Media poses a threat to the society?

Not always but sometimes yes. To improve their TRP they are going to any extent. Without bothering for the consequences they ignite a small issue to an extent that it becomes a reason for big divide and animosity in country. My statement may look a bit undemocratic but I feel that there should be some strong authority to scrutinize the news before it gets aired.

9. When we compare the crimes done against women and children by men 50 years ago to the present, it is scarily high, what is the reason? Your portrayal of Rashid as a serial womanizer who acts friendly and then preys on weak woman, in your opinion, who do you want to blame?

Again the reasons are multiple like more reporting, increased frustration among people due to social and economic divide, American influence, decreased family bonds and family values and failure of our education system in teaching the values.

10. Terrorism and war, the word itself creates extreme fear in people whatever country they may be. Let’s talk about India. To strengthen the bond between India, Pakistan , Bangladesh , Srilanka and Jammu & Kashmir, what must be done, you have given an excellent solution which is being human first and apply logic but enmity and ego clouds evil people’s mind all the time.The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, is an assumption in most of the cases in India. What is your opinion, does empathy and sympathy missing?

You are 100% right. Empathy and sympathy is missing in our pseudo Americanized country where materialistic gain super passes everything. I won’t mind saying that majority of us has become psychotic to amass wealth at any cost.

11. Do you have any complaints regarding our educational system in schools?

It has failed terribly. We are just making jacks. In the modern era of technology majority of schools (even many of the branded one also) are following the rudimentary methods of teaching. I feel that in our country we read two third of irrelevant stuff which actually becomes of no use in our life. Moreover our system is failing to inculcate values in new generation.

12. I told you about a small error in your book which is you should have published this book as two books(Part 1, Part 2), other than me, have anyone told you about this?

From the very beginning I knew that I was writing 2 books combined. It was actually an experiment for me. I wanted to start a new genre FICTION+NON FICTION. In fact, I struggled with the authorities to allot me this new genre of fiction + non- fiction but in India, you know the change is so difficult that they didn’t agree.

Once again, thank you sir, for being here today.I am very sure, my readers would have been inspired by your speech now. Please visit my blog often.We, the readers are awaiting your third book. May God shower his immense blessings on your family and your works.

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I don't wear sunscreen by Kavipriya Moorthy

I don't wear sunscreen
No.of pages : 97
Publisher : Notion Press
Published on : July 22nd, 2015
Genre : Fiction
Book Links : Goodreads Amazon Flipkart
Author Link : Goodreads

My review

How can you turn your adversities to your advantage and make it a blessing.  Sometimes, we make wrong choices in life without batting an eyelid, we don’t think twice and when it bites us and drains our energy, we lose hope as our expectations are crushed. We question our whole being. What can we do?

I don’t wear sunscreen is about Laksha, a Chennaite, who goes to Mumbai, Maharashtra to study Interior designing as the exposure to this subject cannot be matched comparing to Tamil Nadu.I don’t know anyone who have completed a course in Interior designing so I am not sure whether this fact is true or false. The one thing that I am very sure of is that learning about other cultures, their way of talking, language, and life on other side gives us enough knowledge to adapt to different surroundings.

Laksha’s life revolves around her parents and her best friend Pallavi.While Laksha chose commerce group in high school, Pallavi chose science group as her aim was to get an IT job to pay her family’s debt. Initially, I felt Laksha was being too possessive of her best friend for silly reasons.I also think she has a jealous behavior. Her self-esteem is low because she is plump.When Prabhu(social activist), talked to Pallavi in a casual manner, she took it in the wrong way. She got upset for no reasons on her friend’s birthday as Prabhu wished her first. Having a boyfriend at such a young age even when they are reaching 18 is not advisable but Laksha was honestly overreacting. As Pallavi put it in words, he is just a friend nothing more.

Intelligent girls always make wise choices even if they make mistakes now and then, even when life hits their head hard, they get up swiftly.Laksha faces one of the biggest challenges of her life. Her stress hormones were tested;Dexamethasome Suppression Test proved the severity of PTSD. How did she get this? Who was responsible for it? Is it Sai, who helped her get an internship in his cousin, saurav’s company?Is it Pallavi, her best friend who stayed by her side through thick and thin and vice versa, really? Is it because of disappointing her parents? Who then is responsible for her depression?

With the help of her parents she manages to get up fast from sulking down and yes, eventually she recovers. She manages to get a decent job after completing her master’s degree(where???). It wouldn’t have been possible if her mother didn’t take the initiative. Her mom gets a job in one of the pre-school franchise after 20 years. Everything is going well for them. What about Pallavi, did she pay her debtors? What happened to her? Why Sai was friendly to Laksha? Why Saurab, behave in an ill manner?

The book was too predictable in the first half. Why Laksha fell for a guy like Sai, the reasons were not enough. How can she trust him blindly with her resume?It was a great relief, she didn’t let him know that she loves him. As for Pallavi, why did she do such a horrible thing? I did not expect the twists and turns. The readers need to know the truth. Priyanka’s arrival at the climax was much welcomed as we have to know who was responsible for her depression.

Title and cover design

I don’t wear sunscreen doesn’t suit the novel. “I was betrayed” suits the novel better.This is just a suggestion. This novel is on the melancholy side, so a cover design that depicts this emotion is necessary to satisfy the readers to feel the depth of the story.

Omit the errors

There are loads of typographical errors and few grammatical errors in the book. If I have to list them all, it will take at least three full pages.I wish the author when publishing her next novel, she gives her book to a good proof reader. Where did she go wrong? The editors. They have done injustice to the book.

Rating 3/5

Excerpts from the book

Laksha glared some more. “So what do you want?”
Typical Tamil Nadu, I just want to be your friend,” he smiled again.

“No, thanks, I have a good number of friends already,” she tossed her head and started walking.

“Should I call someone?If yes, whom?Or is she really busy with preparing for her placements?Whatever, I wish she gets the job soon.Her family desperately needs her support. Even when I wanted to help her, she denied”.

“Shut up Sai, how can you just talk like that someone you’ve never met?And if you can pass a comment about a stranger like this, what will you do to your folks?Who knows you must be bitching about me too.You think I will fall at your feet just because  you arranged an internship for me?”

“You think I want to cry?I didn’t cry the day I married you or even when I gave birth to Laksha after hours of pain. A mother’s instinct is stronger than anything else. So if I had felt that she was in trouble, do you think I would have refrained from approaching the police?I don’t even care about going to the media for help, I just knew she was fine, “ said Laksha’s mom, laughing at him a little”.

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Frugal Innovation by Navi Radjou and Jaideep Prabhu

No.of pages : 280
Publisher : Hachette India
Published on : February 15th 2015
Genre : Business, Non-fiction
Book Links : Goodreads Amazon Barnes& Noble
Author Links : Gooodreads Website Twitter
Co-author Links : Goodreads 

My review

What is frugal innovation? Creating more high quality goods with less resources(Optimum level approach). Is it possible? If that is where your doubt lies, this book is tailor made for you. Business owners will find this book useful and extraordinary as it guides them HOW to produce consumer goods utilizing less resources that has the capacity to satiate the needs and wants of the consumers without compromising on the value, quality. I am not speaking as a book reviewer. I am speaking as a consumer. How to make more with less resources?I love this concept.

The authors have done a thorough research on various countries like how did the respective companies over there succeeded in creating more high quality products with less resources. Remember Nano cars in India?The solution is simple. You don’t have to study economics to understand this concept, frugal innovation. Apply creativity and you can fantastically create more complex products with lesser resources if you want to start a business.

Who is more important for a business man/business woman, the employees or the consumers? Of course, it is always the consumers. If the employees are given due respect and encouragement, they will work on creating frugal products that will become a huge hit among the consumers. How to get to the top?It is not as complicated as it seems.

Do not underestimate the book. The what’s and why’s and how’s are explained. Startups must buy and get an idea of how frugal innovation can help them making huge profits.There are various strategies discussed in the book.These strategies will help in determining/estimating whether their business will become a success or a failure.For any business, the owner is dependent on the consumer not the other way around.This is a basic principle.As said in the book, the consumer is doing the business man a favor by giving them an opportunity to do so.

“When we design and build products, we focus on the consumers”. Will they buy the product?If they do buy it, will they buy it again in the future? Through word of mouth will they motivate their neighbors, friends and family to buy it?

The main theme of the book is to do more with less. At present, frugal innovation has been followed by plenty of Industries, so if someone is going to startup a business how their business is going to stand out from others, they should ask themselves.

There are 9 chapters in the book and 7 case studies.This book is dedicated by the authors to all the frugal innovators out there who are everyday making the world a better place for 

My verdict 

The drawback of the book is , it is written in a boring tone, and people who are averse to reading Non-fiction will find it very hard to sit for a long duration. But this is a must read book not only for (aspiring) business man and business woman, it is for everyone including the homemakers. I hope when the authors publish their third book, they understand the wants of a layman and produce a book that is interesting and creates enthusiasm to turn the pages and not skip some pages. For instance, I got tired of reading and felt sleepy while reading the book. 

I really appreciate the hard work done by the authors. They have done an analysis of big companies like Renault, Zopa, Unilever, Tata Motors, Facebook, Apple, Google, Cisco, IBM, Nike, Herman Miller, Heineken, Philips, Tech shop, Levi Straus, Uber La Ruche qui ditOui, Aetna, etc. Whatever you want to convey to the readers next time, tell it in a manner that attracts a large number of consumers.

The one thing that caught my full attention in the book was “Companies cannot expect consumers to change their behavior by themselves or overnight. First though, managers must change their behavior”. If you have studied marketing, you will know the four P’S-product, place, promotion and price.There are actually 7 P's just letting you know. This sure is a clever and tested method a startup owner can follow.

Mental models of the employees must be changed and they should work by creating sustainable solutions. Motivation plays vital role in the life of the employees. Customer is a tool to motivate them. The change in the behavior of the customer must create a change in the employees too. They should act accordingly to satisfy the customers with new innovative products.Hats off to the authors for having the wisdom to produce a quality book.

Rating 3.5/5

Disclaimer I thank Hachette India for providing me a free copy of the book.

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Have Fun with Words by Maria Sarkar

No.of pages : 74
Publisher : Austin Macauley
Published on : August 29th 2014
Genre : Non-fiction
Author links : Goodreads


My review

What is more difficult? To teach a child or a grownup. Majority of the answer is obviously, the children. That’s why author, Maria Sarkar has done a fabulous job by writing a book keeping in mind, the mindset of the children aged 9-12. Thanks to her nieces, this book has come out well. It is not Maria Sarkar who is teaching English, it is Buz, an imaginary character who is funny, conscientious, sociable, cheerful, reliable, and a happy guy. He understands the psychology of the children.Throughout the book, he helps the children increase their vocabulary through fun activities.

English is a compulsory subject and is part of the curriculum in almost all countries. In India, except other medium schools (Tamil, Telugu, Kannadam, Hindi, etc)  in all English medium schools, other subjects like History, Geography, Biology, Physics, chemistry, etc are written in this language. So if the children are taught this language with genuine effort by teachers, they will score high marks without being told often is my assumption.

English is considered as the universal language. Does this make the children learn this language that easily? Nobody in this world has mastered this language(any language) yet is my humble opinion, even Maria Sarkar. It is a language that still needs to be explored. If we find a difficult word, our hands automatically picks up a dictionary and nowadays we can just make use of the internet.It is that simple.But there are people who don’t have that facility. We cannot expect the poor people to have dictionary and internet connection at their homes.
I will not say this book is waste. It is a real gem. To catch a criminal, we have to think like a criminal. If the teachers and parents want to captivate the children’s mind, they have to enter into their world, understand it, think like them, have some empathy(we were children once upon a time) and make them sit down and learn this language by cajoling them and using word play as an important tool. Buy this book as it is just made for parents and teachers who find it hard to teach the children. How to teach a problematic child? Ideas are found inside this book.

Practice makes perfect and Honesty is the best policy, these are proverbs which must be implemented in our life (Buz says this too). The more and more we practice, the more and more we will be able to attain perfection. Some people find it uncomfortable being honest especially teachers. The fault is with the teachers not with the students, they don’t know HOW to teach the children. There is a famous proverb, A child is the father of man. Have we ever seen a child lie, may be. When a child grows up, who teaches them to lie and be dishonest, be lazy, be arrogant, be selfish, be a pain in the ass? Teachers. 

Even parents are teachers because they teach their children. They are the first teachers to a child. As the saying goes, a child is the father of man. When a child is born what he or she brings to this world. Nothing. So teachers (also means parents) must have common sense and make the children learn any subject without expecting anything from them. Have zero expectation and achieve the impossible. Seeing their teachers, the children will be inspired and seeing the grownup children (youths), the society will be inspired

The primary duty of the parents and the educators is to lay a solid foundation for the children by making them learn this language using fun methods.There are 16 chapters in the book.In each chapter, we learn something. Adjectives, Synonyms and antonyms, Verbs, Nouns, Roots, Prefixes and suffixes, Adverbs, Abstract nouns, Guessing the meaning of words, using a dictionary,  Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, Collocations, Geographical terms, Nautical terms and use it or lose it.

 My hopes and expectations were fulfilled after reading the book. A sample from introductory chapter-“Vocabulary does not only refer to single words; it is much more than that”. Some examples are lexical sets, collocations, parts of speech, synonyms and antonyms, dependent proportion, etc. The colorful cartoon pictures are eye candies to the children. They will surely draw the attention of the children and instill enthusiasm.

Noteworthy lessons from the book
·         Unscramble the letters to create an adjective
·         Do the crossword
·         Fill the gap with appropriate adverb
·         Use abstract noun to complete the proverb
·         Guessing the meaning of words.
·         Using the picture as a clue, guess the idiom and write out its definition

My verdict

I will say the book is incomplete. Maria Sarkar has written this book solely for the age group 9-12(she is capable of adding more chapters and simplify the lessons even more), she can write a book for age group 2-8 and 13-16 if she can.What these books must contain? Alphabets, vowels, nouns, preposition, conjunction, direct and indirect speech, active voice and passive voice, punctuation, past, present and future tense, superlative and comparative adjective, letter writing, personality development. She can send these books to schools in all Asian countries. A rich source of knowledge for parents and teachers. It will do wonders in the life of children.Have fun with words and increase your vocabulary is nice but some children don’t know basic grammar. I hope she publishes her second book on the topics I suggested.I thank her for giving me this book for free.

Rating 3/5

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From where I see by Dr.Ajay Yadav

25260919No.of pages : 400
Publisher : LiFi Publications Pvt Ltd
Published on : March 20th 2015
Genre : Self-help,Fiction
Book Links : Goodreads Amazon
Author Links : Goodreads

My review

I have to first apologize to Dr. Ajay Yadav because he sent me the synopsis of his book few months ago but I was quite busy with my life, I was unsure whether I will be able to review it on time. The main put off for me was this is a lengthy novel containing 400 pages. It is impossible for me to read without any distractions. So I didn’t reply him. But when I stalked his page accidently, I was intrigued by various reactions of the readers. I messaged him back by blindly reading the synopsis of his book alone, and spoke to him and he told me to read the book first and then tell my views and opinions.

My review is going to be different from other bloggers who have reviewed this book already. The author has given a simple solution to all the problems that exists in the world. How can we lead a happy life? How to eradicate crimes all over the world done in the name of religion/country from its roots? You will get a satisfactory answer.

From where I see is written in first person, Dr. Ajay which is of course, the author himself. But the story is pure imagination not pointing to any particular individual even if you read the book, you may get a feeling, I have met someone like Shruti, Dr. Ajay , Aslam, Rashid, Deepti or any other character in the book. This is what makes the readers engrossed. The author has brilliantly managed to get the attention of the readers. In the first chapter, we learn Shruti is poisoned to death. Who killed her doesn’t matter. What killed her is more important to save more Shruti’s from getting killed.

So in the name of religion, caste & community how many people are affected in India? How many women and young girls(even a just born child is raped) are raped, gang raped, harassed, and brutally murdered only because they are born in the wrong gender. So being born as a girl or a boy has its own benefits and demerits. We don’t follow a particular culture (common agreement among people) even by birth we are Indians.It is because of culture less people many people are affected at large is what I understood from the novel. That is why the need of hour is creating a Utopian world. Almost in all countries, they are teaching English, so why can’t we make everyone in the world even the poor and illiterate learn this language? The author has a valid point. I agree with him.

I have heard this phrase friends with benefits. Most of the people in India who are from a particular religion, caste, community believe it does more good to them. Is it really true? It meddles with people’s minds diverts their true purpose of birth which is being human first. How can you become a human from being a bad omen is explained elaborately in this novel .What is distracting us from acting as humans? -Bad educators/Bad Omens. It corrupts weak (mentally and emotionally) people’s mind to act in an inhumane way.

There is a famous saying, we dig our own graves. The mystery revolving around Shruti’s death and her nephew’s death is tragic. “We are very God fearing, religious people who fail to follow most basic teaching of religion ‘forgiveness’’. What we sow we reap.When a person doesn’t think logically, they think their ‘Religion/community is in danger’ , they try to convert more and more people to their religion either by bribing them or coercing them, why do they do it, did their God ask them to do so. They are forgetting they are humans first and the rest comes next.

The novel is a real eye opener and Human rights is a subject that must be taught in schools instead of History.

China has 159 judges while India has only 15 judges per million for the same number of population (I think I read it correctly). What is the reason? No money, no honey in India!!!. The author says the rich people must pay tax amount higher than others so that the poor people get what they deserve.

I have read many novels that spoke about a particular social issue boldly, but the solution to eradicate the problem was not given. Dr.Ajay Yadav is different and he has outperformed them all. His book creates magic in the minds of the readers. How to solve all the problems existing in the world? Not just read this book, implement it in your own household.

Watching Saas Bahu serials in leisure time which does no good only bad, movies that are created for commercial reasons by depicting women as a glamour material(especially the item songs) poses threat to the life of woman and young girls.Only Doordashan channel has not changed and follows the rules and regulations of Indian culture strictly as mentioned in the book is as per my opinion, it is correct.

“If any social or religious dogma harms any human mentally, physically, emotionally and financially then it is the matter of shame not pride”

“Logically we are humans first; nationality comes next and then should come religion, sect or caste.”

No one has the right to exploit any other human being whatsoever the reason may be”.

My verdict

The irony of the world is nobody is willing to listen to good educators. From where I see is a novel written by one such good educator, Dr. Ajay Yadav. I will boldly say this to all my fellow bloggers and friends. The number of books you have read so far is not important. What is more important is that the number of books you have read that were written by good educators. We don’t need teachers who just read from a book and vomit it. If they are good educators they will be able to make almost all the students excel in whatever subject they are teaching. They will be able to brainwash students to create a brighter future for them, that is why they are getting paid right. Simply fooling themselves by showing proofs of their multiple degrees, what is the message they are trying to give, I am namesake, a teacher, a lecturer, if the student is not willing to learn, I am not responsible. For me, my salary is more important than teaching the students. What an unhealthy culture?When i was studying in Bishop Heber College(completed one year-there were more than 60 students), the mentality of most of the lecturers(except one or two) were like this.How small minded people they were.They will teach the students for 20 minutes, then just sit and relax , when the bell rings they will escape.Then shout at the students for their poor performance.What example they were giving to the students.Autonomous colleges(My previous college was okay) must fire such lecturers and recruit good educators.Just failing the students in Internal exams and passing the students in external exams so that they don't lose their job is done by foolish people who are no use to the society.They just want to exploit the students because they are lazy, will they do this to their own children?

I can't believe this

Did the editor’s sleep read the book? Did the publisher at least go through this book?I don’t want to criticize anyone. They have done a huge mistake producing this as one book. It should have been like this From where I see, which talks about what killed Shruti? Kill the sin, not the sinner. Lines taken from the book itself.

Then another book, Tragedy, sorrows and Struggles of all countries: A lengthy conversation, serious talks on Politics and righteousness of human behavior(these lines are also taken from the book itself).I can understand we have to learn about all countries and their history of war crimes and the mistakes done by their leaders, especially kings like Ashoka and Alexander who killed people in the name of war but praised by people as Ashoka-the great, Alexander-the great, Mahatma Gandhi(Father of our nation????), did we go overboard because of our unshakeable sentiments for our respective countries/some people that we didn’t realize that we are humans not animals, where is logical thinking? Iraq, Pakistan, Jammu & Kashmir, Sri Lanka(LTTE), South Africa, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, (Is Japan and Korea missing in the book-blame it on the number of pages which made me forget?)are some of the important countries where the leaders should buy this book and read it. The origin of all religions and their religious book when it was published, (why in this language?), who is the creator(Gods and Godesses) are also discussed elaborately (Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam to name a few). The message is loud and clear for me. In order to captivate the minds of the readers fully and not partly, to make them understand the lesson, never forget it in their lifetime, this book should have been produced as two books (250 pages each).

1. From where I see 

Rating 3.5/5

2. Tragedy, Sorrows and Struggles of all countries: A lengthy conversation, serious talk on politics and righteousness of human behavior 

Rating 5/5

Excerpt from the book

Those in power ensure that their achievements are highlighted and repetitively convey through various medium. And your age is the most impressionable to leave long-lasting imprints,” he said.” Are you preparing for Gandhi Darsham?”


“So can you tell me when did Gandhijee leave the country?”

“I don’t remember the year, but I know he first went to England to study law and then to South Africa where he started a crusade to eliminate racial discrimination from the world. This was after he was evicted from the first class compartment of the train, “That’s all I knew.

“He was an educated man.While leaving the country wasn’t he aware that discrimination in India was even worse than in South Africa?”my father said accusingly. Underline the word(educated man)

“Ok, when was he born?”

“1869,”I replied instantly with pride.

“And which year did we get freedom?”

“1947,”I replied.

“Were the British waiting for Gandhi to celebrate his 78th birthday to grant us freedom?”

“It was aftermath of world war II, bankruptcy and the revolt of Indian forces which forced them to leave India. Probably, we would have got freedom much earlier if Gandhijee had not helped British by recruiting huge battallions of soldiers to serve them during the First World War”. (The author is definitely a good educator but he is not bold enough, if you want to accuse someone say it boldly if you feel you are right is a lesson I directly learnt from this novel)

He didn’t allow appendectomy, a surgical procedure, on his grandniece Manu who wriggled in bed with excruciating pain for more than 36 hours. Then finally agreed when she was on the verge of death. Nehru commented: ’ideology of Gandhi can only push the country backwards.’

“If you had decided not to help me then why the hell you were enquiring as if you were her father? Does the government give you salary to help people or harass people? Uncle, putting a sandalwood tilak on forehead will not be able to protect you from the curse of the people whom you are harassing.”

“True friendship is not about thinking of your loss, it is about thinking of your friend’s benefit.”

“The misuse in the name of ancient and traditional systems is so rampant that any Tom and Dick can prescribe any powder which may even turn out to be some talcum powder”.

“It is not just about chanting prayers or performing rituals and pilgrimage, if you don’t abide by the principles of morality then in my opinion you have no right to be called religious;you are only a hypocrite”.

“So you believed in love without sex, I mean pure, eternal love; Love of hearts type………?”

“No one wins but war leaves common man in suffering. Yet again there occurred humungous loss of 160000 innocent civilian and 100000 combatants for Mr.Bush’s lust for oil.The dream of Mr.Bush of tasting oil from different oasis, to begin from Iraq and then to Iran and so on was shattered.Fallout of the war was that Iraq, a happy nation was afflicted with insurgency, Shia Sunni war and yet another breeding ground for cultivation of terrorist organisations.