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The sound of water:A psychology of the soul

Paperback :144 pages
Published on:December 30th, 2014
Publisher:Turning stone
Genre :Self-help, Motivational
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The Sound of Water: A Psychology of the Soul

My take on the book

First of all, I have to thank the author for gifting this wonderful book.It came to me at the right time.So I didn't waste a single day to read.Psychology is my favorite subject and I desperately wanted to know what I find inside the book will be helpful for my soul or not.When I began reading, I was immediately attracted to the words found in it. For instance, the introductory notes to the readers, then from the first chapter to the last chapter.I would say, the author's research for seven years didn't go waste.

The book creates peace of mind, I was able to learn so many things such as ego, culture, lost souls vs pure souls, universal laws of mind, social construct, family authorities, etc.I had hard time understanding Ontological Field Theory , thought it was simple.A physics student will be able to understand it as it is , is my humble opinion.The words were crystal clear but the only problem is the hindrance in communication.I have underlined most of my favorite quotes in pencil, you can consider I have been blind all these years and now I feel I woke from coma.My suggestion to the author is why prelude, interlude and postlude cannot be put in as one chapter.It's an imaginary story and the introduction was not necessary.Some of the pages, I just skipped reading after having a glance as I didn't find it very helpful.

The author asked me to say my thoughts on the book pertaining to Hinduism, I would say this book can be read by other religions also unless the author sticks to the word What is pure soul, what is lost souls. He can quote, there was once a man who had pure soul and list his qualities.Spirituality in general.He need not explain in detail about pure soul just about lost souls.Remove reference to Christianity entirely.Talking about Humanity alone is enough.Empathy for fellow humans is missing in this world.Love, peace and Harmony is missing.Somebody is selfish, these three cannot be attained.Selfish persons are also lost souls is what I mean.

We see many beggars(old and young) on the street, orphanage children and old age people, deaf and dump people, disabled people, the question I want to ask is do they all have love and peace of mind.So do we.Love and peace of mind fluctuates now and then according to time, place and situations.There are lakhs of people who have wealth to support the above people and uplift their spirit but everyone wants love, peace and harmony only with their family,friends, neighbors and acquaintances.This is an unhealthy culture.There is a bible verse, enjoy as much as you like without sin.I agree to this.Whether people who say proudly they are christians have sinned or not or they just want to enjoy as much they like by sinning.The jungle rule-kill or be killed applies to the world.

My verdict  I put my heart and mind in writing this opinion of mine.This is a good book that's enough reason to buy.

Rating 4/5

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