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Guru with Guitar by Vikrmn

Guru with GuitarPaperback:252 pages
Published on :October 1st, 2015
Publisher : Shristi Publishers & Distributors
Genre :Self-help, Fiction
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My review

What can I say about this book? To describe it in one simple sentence, it’s a very intense emotional rollercoaster ride. This is a true guide to not only IT employees but to everyone who are stressed out (even home makers) by their pressures of workload and are not able to find time to pursue their dreams/hobbies. The book gives advice on stability and practicality to the readers. Don’t say “I want happiness”, remove the words I want, you are now left with happiness. This is told by the author in a simplest manner possible in the 252 pages long book. 

About the main characters

The Guru with Guitar is a thought provoking, very inspiring story about Viktor who is a chartered accountant by profession working in USA. He is experiencing certain difficulties in life, he believes his boss also hates him. His mind and heart is not in sync.So he is always anxious, stressed out and has fear of hurting people unintentionally and he is too absorbed in his work (to escape from the world) so he doesn’t have time for any chit-chats even with his colleagues who see him on a daily basis then think about his mother and his best friends who live in India. He is someone who likes to uplift the spirits of others but he can’t uplift his own because he thinks too much.

What he should do with his life is a question he keeps on pondering. He forgets many simple things life has to offer due to this unnecessary stress. When did his sign of depression start is not mentioned clearly in the book. But I figured it out on my own. At that time in India, he paid a deaf and mute boy Rs.500 (bought pens), and his colleague said the boy was acting, he says ‘I know when I am being fooled.’ It is evident Viktor is indeed a very intelligent guy who knows whom to trust and who will have answers to all his questions about life that many of us find it silly.

Kimberly alias Kim enters (he allows) into his world, she makes him forget all his worries and frustrations. She lends him her helping hand when nobody in the office including his colleague friend, Christine failed to do so. He is someone who needed immediate attention and care. It is very evident from the way he behaves. He has a habit of forgetting important things in life such as wishing his mother on her birthday, talking to his best friends on phone, partying with his colleagues, etc due to depression.

He could have messaged or wished his mother when he was busy sending motivational quotes to his colleagues yet we can’t blame him because he has stress-related problems he has a need to please. So thank goodness Kim came like an angel. At first, he is a bit hesitant, eventually he confides in her, she then encourages him and strengthens him to find his true purpose of life. They have same wavelength, by which I mean both have lost someone who played an important role in their life-for Kim, both her parents died when she was young while Viktor has lost his father at the age of 16.Kim likes receiving quotes, and he likes creating them.

In short,we can find answers to these questions.If you are a know it all, get inspired by a different point of view.

Should we give up our dreams to pursue the dream that our parents have for us(Amber)?
Did his relationship with Kimberly is a success or failure?
Who can be called best friends?
Who is a true preacher?
How can we turn our failures into success?
Did Viktor publish his second novel?
How did he find true happiness and who helped him?
The most important thing is, the author has given a brilliant answer to the bugging question, “Why does God give chronic diseases like cancer to young children and what did they do wrong?”

Is Kimberly and Viktor made for each other?

In my POV Viktor pretends to listen to her as he is attracted to her blonde hair and immersed in her beauty, she on the other hand to his dark eyes. Both have lost people who were precious to them-character wise their wavelength is somewhat same. Kim was just a friend who made Viktor realize what he must do with his life. I would say his mother, Mrs. Elissa, and his best friends Rahul and Richa are the ones behind his success as they stood like a rock and they know him well enough to support him up and take it easy. Instead of confiding in a stranger like Kimberly he could have asked them for help but he didn’t. He is also initially afraid what other people will think as he hasn't called them for many years. He needed an emotional support and true understanding from a woman who makes him to come out of his cocoon and he got it.It was actually the young lad whom he met in India hes is where he is now.He was just unaware.

In the beginning of the novel, I felt Kim is not the right person for him but Amber is(She is rough and tough, always on the alert, not afraid to speak what is on her mind, this is a relationship where eyes alone can do the talk, she is also quick in understanding people) because when Viktor wrote a beautiful poem when he was leaving for Japan and asked her to give to the one she loves, she feels her love is one sided and her ego emerges and in the spur of the moment, she says to her cousin sitting in the cafeteria, I can love for both sides. In short, she is too slow to understand. Read the last stanza of the poem.It doesn’t address a guy, why doesn’t she have the common sense(slow in understanding) to understand she can’t give this card to a guy and why she doesn't understand he may love her in the future.

O girl, O girl, O…O…girl…you be mine…
You are more than this rose to me…
You be my…Valentine.
Just be mine…O O…Valentine!!!

But this opinion of mine was short-lived. Kim is really a sweet person and she is a boon to him, she cannot hurt even an insect. Viktor and Kim come from a decent, well educated family that's all matters.Life is not all roses, problems and difficulties arises in their lives too, how they utilize it as an opportunity to grow is written marvelously.


Guru with Guitar doesn't suit the novel. Viktor plays Guitar in the second half of the story but this novel is about the life lessons he learned during the course of his journey and how he became a motivational speaker.

“Life is like a guitar. Tune. Play. Repeat,” The book description does justice to the title.We can take it in any we want.Like if you are a painter or enjoy making crafts, you will be able to have a clear understanding of the message the author stresses.

Supporting characters

Christine, Amber, their parents, Viktor's mother, Rahul alias Rahu, Richa and Mrs.Elissa.They all inspired me in their own way. Particularly the scene where he bought license to start a school for underprivileged children in India and gives to his mother who needed it to fulfill her husband's wish.


We all have heard this famous proverb, “Too much of anything is good for nothing” and how many of us actually know what it truly means? If you read the book, you might know it just like I learned. Seriously speaking, Viktor has so many talents that is why he was not able to find peace of mind and happiness. He can pursue any job he wants at any time.He is good at writing poems and creating songs, he is good at playing guitar, he is talented in writing motivational quotes, etc.He has so much to offer to the world.He doesn't know where to start.May be if you read the book, you may have different views and opinions. The first two poems and the rose song he wrote to Kimberly touched my heart. Hindi was a compulsory subject until my fifth grade, so i could understand the hindi songs a little.

WOW quotes

“Gentle reminder! Smile please.”

“Decide. What do you want? Life full of years or years full of life. Now.”

Joy is temporary, happiness is permanent; for it comes out from positive a mind and is an art of a tension free heart.

Right is right no matter how wrong the time is.

May your profit and loss account of humane deeds be in profits;for you have to present you Balance Sheet on the Judgement day.

“Your date of birth is just the time you begin to exist,  and life only truly begins the day you realize what you’re here for.”

Every today has a better version called tomorrow.

Bless for you never stopped learning.

Let the pain of past not ruin the happiness of present and dreams of future. Move on.

Thinking in loneliness and speaking in public are the two things leaders are masters at.

Friends understand the unsaid words, no matter if they are silent for years.

“Good people won’t do bad to you if you hurt them.They’ll just be neutral and walk away, with a experience and a lesson;

To grow up be a kid again. The Sanskrit saying goes like this," Genius is one who is taking his child to his old age".

I have a different god.I see it in the smile of others.My worship is to make people happy.Love is my religion.

“Life goes on…no matter you are happy or not…no matter you want someone to be happy or not.So happiness is a choice.”

“Don’t just sit and read the quote of the day; implement it.”

This is just a handful of quotes.There are totally 111 life changing quotes in the novel.

Rating  4/5

My verdict The novel gives contentment and a meaning to live differently to all those stressed out, busy individuals who don't know why they are running and for who they are running.You can get educated and take a level headed approach towards life or surround yourself with such people so you can become like them.Being intelligent is having good company and having empathy for the unfortunate is what i learned from Viktor.

Disclosure I received this book as a gift from the author.This is my honest opinion about the book and i mean it.

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The sound of water:A psychology of the soul

Paperback :144 pages
Published on:December 30th, 2014
Publisher:Turning stone
Genre :Self-help, Motivational
Book Links : Amazon Barnes & Noble
Author Links : Goodreads Website

The Sound of Water: A Psychology of the Soul

My take on the book

First of all, I have to thank the author for gifting this wonderful book.It came to me at the right time.So I didn't waste a single day to read.Psychology is my favorite subject and I desperately wanted to know what I find inside the book will be helpful for my soul or not.When I began reading, I was immediately attracted to the words found in it. For instance, the introductory notes to the readers, then from the first chapter to the last chapter.I would say, the author's research for seven years didn't go waste.

The book creates peace of mind, I was able to learn so many things such as ego, culture, lost souls vs pure souls, universal laws of mind, social construct, family authorities, etc.I had hard time understanding Ontological Field Theory , thought it was simple.A physics student will be able to understand it as it is , is my humble opinion.The words were crystal clear but the only problem is the hindrance in communication.I have underlined most of my favorite quotes in pencil, you can consider I have been blind all these years and now I feel I woke from coma.My suggestion to the author is why prelude, interlude and postlude cannot be put in as one chapter.It's an imaginary story and the introduction was not necessary.Some of the pages, I just skipped reading after having a glance as I didn't find it very helpful.

The author asked me to say my thoughts on the book pertaining to Hinduism, I would say this book can be read by other religions also unless the author sticks to the word What is pure soul, what is lost souls. He can quote, there was once a man who had pure soul and list his qualities.Spirituality in general.He need not explain in detail about pure soul just about lost souls.Remove reference to Christianity entirely.Talking about Humanity alone is enough.Empathy for fellow humans is missing in this world.Love, peace and Harmony is missing.Somebody is selfish, these three cannot be attained.Selfish persons are also lost souls is what I mean.

We see many beggars(old and young) on the street, orphanage children and old age people, deaf and dump people, disabled people, the question I want to ask is do they all have love and peace of mind.So do we.Love and peace of mind fluctuates now and then according to time, place and situations.There are lakhs of people who have wealth to support the above people and uplift their spirit but everyone wants love, peace and harmony only with their family,friends, neighbors and acquaintances.This is an unhealthy culture.There is a bible verse, enjoy as much as you like without sin.I agree to this.Whether people who say proudly they are christians have sinned or not or they just want to enjoy as much they like by sinning.The jungle rule-kill or be killed applies to the world.

My verdict  I put my heart and mind in writing this opinion of mine.This is a good book that's enough reason to buy.

Rating 4/5