Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Chase of choices by Hari Parameshwar


Paperback :
302 pages
Published on :December 28th 2014
Publisher :Leadstart publishing
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My review

What a wonderful story.I found myself finish reading it in one sitting. The story follows Ravi Raj Nambiar, a divorcee who divorced his wife four years ago(the mistake totally falls on his ex-wife) and is now searching for a prospective wife who can be a mentor to his children than a doting mother as his children will not accept anyone as mother that easily.His main concern is his daughter, Rajita who is just 8 years old.She is at a crucial stage of her life.That is why she needs to be pampered and cared for well.

Ravi Raj Nambiar alias Raj who registered himself on IDM, that is Indian Divorcee Matrimony finds many women interested in him throughout the story.First, he approves a proposal from a woman from Jammu followed by a woman in Bhopal.He is left with a choice of selecting one woman who can be added to his family.Then in a twist of events, he is flooded with two other proposals too.One from an annoying woman and another from a mysterious woman.He becomes confused what to do next as it is a tricky situation for all the four women are keenly interested in him.He makes choices that he should be ashamed of.The story piques readers at this point of time.

As a reader, I was very intererested in Raj marrying Anjali and living a happily ever after life.She was such a sweet, lovely, adorable woman who has a voice of the child.I was able to relate to her absolutely.All the other women who wanted to enter his life were all selfish in some form.I simply couldn't understand them and their reasons any better.One of the woman's approach was love at first sight upon seeing his photo on the matrimonial site.It was hardly believable.I 100% thought she must have some strong motive.But it was quite a surprise, there wasn't any.The ending was sad.

On the whole, the story was entertaining as well as educating about the different emotions of people.Chase of choices had all the right elements to be called a fantastic story.The characters were all well sketched and it was a real page turner.Kudos to the author for producing such a rattling good story.


Disclaimer I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.