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The Panchatantra Retold: Part 1 - Mitra Bheda

No.of pages :124(epub version)
Print length :180 pages
The Panchatantra Retold: Part 1 - Mitra BhedaPublisher :Maysun in C
Published on :December 31st, 2014
Genre :Children's fiction
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My review 

The Panchatantra Retold: Part 1 - Mitra Bheda basically contains collection of short stories retold by Sonal Panse.The main theme of the story is how king Amar Shakti’s three sons who are incapable of becoming  kings are educated by Pandit Vishnu Sharma in his Ashram in order to become intelligent and wise like their father.He says within six months, he shall transform them into clever , competent men.So begins the story of King Pingalik, a lion and sanjivak, a bull.They both become best friends by a rare event that occurred after the bull being introduced by Kartak, a jackal who is a former minister’s son.What happens between their true friendship?This is narrated in the 124 pages long book.

The author has depicted Kartak to be the main protagonist.He tells moral stories to those who need it the most at the right time to correct the King and other animals from doing the wrong thing.He is also good at it
 even though he drastically fails in the case of Damnak .My favourite story in the book is where a young, beautiful girl marries a snake due to fate.It was thought provoking.A question arises in all our minds, “how can a snake marry a girl?”.When you read it though you will understand how.

Another story which made it to my favorite list was that of a young merchant.He asks his neighbor to look after his iron balance.But the greedy neighbor keeps it to himself.When the merchant returns from his trip he asks the neighbor to give back the iron balance for which the neighbor replies, it was eaten by a mice.I have read this story somewhere.But i hardly remembered the full story.Once reading the book, I was again able to recollect it.The chapter Suchimukh and the monkey is a great lesson to everyone.It tells, never teach a fool about intelligence otherwise you will have to pay for it.The pictorial representation is a spot on.

In Mitra Bheda, the Pandit stresses the importance of having good friends and the outcome of having association with cunning people.How the life of the king lion is ruined by wrong friendship?To whom Kartak told his stories, why?What did Damnak do?Read the book to find out.This is the first volume in the panchantra series.Actually, there are four more volumes. Pancha means five in Sanskrit. So this book is split into five parts.At the end of the fifth part, the kings will be transformed as promised by the sage , Pandit. The book is an eclectic treat to all the little ones as well as the grownups.

Rating 4/5

Disclaimer I received an ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review

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