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Lies a river deep by Vera Jane Cook

No.of pages :244
Published on :March 2nd, 2012
Publisher:Musa Publishing
Genre :Suspense Mystery
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My review


Usually, I wouldn’t have picked up a book that sounds all melancholy.When I first had a glance of Lies a river deep book blurb, I truly thought it would be a difficult read for me.It’s because I haven’t read that many novels that depicts this subject. But the novel didn’t exactly disappoint me. Read on.

The novel started off in a slow place, then it began to gain momentum.I liked the way in which the words flowed naturally throughout the novel. All the characters in the novel have powerful roles to play.The list of characters was long but they were all easy to remember.So, I was able to relate to them well.

The author’s portrayal of Bessie was superb.Long ago, there was a terrible incident that threatened her life to the core.Yet, Bessie didn’t lose hope.She took a brave step and She managed to save Francine (who became her fast friend after that incident.)and her son from the robber who was trying to kill them.It was sentimental.

Lies a river deep is about a lie that was said to the main protagonist, Bessie many decades ago.Even when she forgets about the incident , it comes to haunt her at present.How she is going to handle it when the truth is revealed?She learns that all those close to her has cheated her.But she reacts to it as if it’s not a big news.

The novel was a good read.My dislikes includes the lengthy number of pages, it could have been avoided.The story is crystal clear.The author could have went straight to the main theme.I felt the whole story was little dragged.Although it was like this, the novel was interesting and congenial.The first half could have been reduced into lesser chapters and the second half more chapters.Luckily, once finish reading the novel, it was easy to forget about the pages except think about the story.

Rating 3/5

Disclaimer An ebook was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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