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Baramulla Bomber by Clark Prasad

No.of pages :316
Published on :August, 2013
First published :27th July, 2012
Publisher :Niyogi books
Baramulla BomberGenre :Science fiction/political thriller
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Book Description(via Goodreads)



Multiple intelligence agencies are tracking Mansur Haider, a god-fearing aspiring cricketer from Kashmir. His girlfriend, Aahana Yajurvedi, is trying to locate her missing mountaineering team, who vanished after a mysterious earthquake strikes Shaksgam Valley. 

Investigating Mansur and the Shaksgam Valley incident is Swedish intelligence officer, Adolf Silfverskiold, whose only relationship to god consists of escorting his girlfriend to Church. 
A dual China-Pakistan battlefront scenario facing the Indian Home Minister, Agastya Rathore, whose ancestors carry a prehistoric secret linked to the stars. He is faced with the challenge of finding a lasting solution to the Kashmir crisis. 
Which Biblical Weapon was Tested in Shaksgam Valley? Why is Mansur Haider Important? Is There a Solution to the Kashmir Crisis? Can Destiny be Controlled? Does a Cosmic Religion Exist?

My review

There are some novels which makes you to want more and there are novels which drives you crazy and makes you to quit reading.Then there are some novels which gives you mixed feelings, such is the novel, Baramulla Bomber.

The author has done a lot of homework for this one book which I noticed throughout.When I started reading the book, I was totally into the book.What was the problem is the unimportant things that comes later.Less explanations, more story could have worked better for grabbing the attention of the readers to keep them on the edge of their seats.

At the start of the novel, we learn Baramulla is a place where barely 1000 inhabitants were left alive out of 14000 people because of the pakistani troopers and Kabali tribal people.Then we learn about the theoretical physicist Openheimer who is nuts about wanting the weapon of universal sound that brought down the wall of Jericho as per the Bible.His hope is heightened when he finds a kashmiri student of the same interest.

The author has combined science with equal parts of religion and politics.He has succeeded to leave an impact as he has burnt the midnight oil toiled enough to give vivid pictures of happenings at various places under different circumstances with several things along the way.

Though this is a hard to explain kind of novel, the cover image and the title what leads even a non-reader towards the book.But that is not enough for the story’s success.The author learns eventually.Details into the research were interesting at first, the author must have noted it cannot remain the same where the whole book is concerned.

But the reader is taken for a ride at any stage of the story as the author is well versed in political background of many countries especially India, China and Pakistan.To highlight the cosmic metaphysics, a science of sound and effect may be novel in concept, but the author is very much matured enough to handle the subject comfortably.

Overall, the book can be termed as a crime thriller, political thriller, religious mystery and science fiction.A four in one novel.It’s a mind blowing read for those who have a thirst for knowledge about the universe and its mysteries.

Rating 3.5/5

Disclaimer I received the book in exchange for an honest review.

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Lies a river deep by Vera Jane Cook

No.of pages :244
Published on :March 2nd, 2012
Publisher:Musa Publishing
Genre :Suspense Mystery
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My review


Usually, I wouldn’t have picked up a book that sounds all melancholy.When I first had a glance of Lies a river deep book blurb, I truly thought it would be a difficult read for me.It’s because I haven’t read that many novels that depicts this subject. But the novel didn’t exactly disappoint me. Read on.

The novel started off in a slow place, then it began to gain momentum.I liked the way in which the words flowed naturally throughout the novel. All the characters in the novel have powerful roles to play.The list of characters was long but they were all easy to remember.So, I was able to relate to them well.

The author’s portrayal of Bessie was superb.Long ago, there was a terrible incident that threatened her life to the core.Yet, Bessie didn’t lose hope.She took a brave step and She managed to save Francine (who became her fast friend after that incident.)and her son from the robber who was trying to kill them.It was sentimental.

Lies a river deep is about a lie that was said to the main protagonist, Bessie many decades ago.Even when she forgets about the incident , it comes to haunt her at present.How she is going to handle it when the truth is revealed?She learns that all those close to her has cheated her.But she reacts to it as if it’s not a big news.

The novel was a good read.My dislikes includes the lengthy number of pages, it could have been avoided.The story is crystal clear.The author could have went straight to the main theme.I felt the whole story was little dragged.Although it was like this, the novel was interesting and congenial.The first half could have been reduced into lesser chapters and the second half more chapters.Luckily, once finish reading the novel, it was easy to forget about the pages except think about the story.

Rating 3/5

Disclaimer An ebook was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Promo Blitz~Night Buddies and the Pineapple Cheesecake Scare by Sands Hetherington

Genre:Children's fiction
Date Published: June 1, 2012
Publisher: Dune Buggy Press

Book Description

  Night Buddies and the Pineapple Cheesecake Scare  is an after lights-out adventure story that will delight young readers and middle graders who relish roller coaster fantasy and fun, filled with unforgettable characters and an astonishing and inventive collection of magical whatchamacallits.

Night Buddies is all about the nighttime adventures of a young boy named John, who is not ready to go to sleep, and his friend, a bright red crocodile named Crosley who turns up under John’s bed.

They sneak out of John’s house using Crosley’s “I-ain’t-here-doodad” which makes them invisible to John’s parents. They then embark on an adventure chasing down enemies and cleaning up one mess after another as they solve the earthshaking mystery: who stole all the pineapple cheesecakes from the only factory in the world that makes them!

The investigation starts out fine, but things get a little crazy when Crosley, who is allergic to water, gets wet.  Hilarious things happen when Crosley’s allergy to water kicks in, and when they get to the pineapple cheesecake factory and meet Big Foot Mae, the investigation gets more complicated and zany than either of them bargained for.

Night Buddies and the Pineapple Cheesecake Scare is the first title in the Night Buddies series, a 7-times award-winning chapter book series for kids. The second book, Night Buddies, Impostors, and One Far-Out Flying Machine was published in February 2013 and the third book, Night Buddies Go Sky High is due out in March 2015. The Night Buddies series is available in both print and ebook format.

About the Author

Sands Hetherington credits his son John for being his principal motivator. Sands raised his son as a single parent from the time John was six. He read to him every night during those formative years. He and young John developed the Crosley crocodile character in the series during months of bedtime story give-and-take. Sands majored in history at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) and has an M.F.A. in creative writing and an M.A. in English from UNC-Greensboro. He lives in Greensboro.

About the Illustrator:

Jessica Love grew up in California, with two artist parents. She studied printmaking and drawing at UC Santa Cruz, then went on to study acting at The Juilliard School in NYC. Her favorite way to work is collaborative, which is why illustration is such a treat.

Some of her inspirations are Maurice Sendak, Edmund Dulac, Lisbeth Zwerger and of course, the incomparable Hilary Knight. Jessica currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, toggling back and forth between her work as an actor and her work as an artist.

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