Sunday, December 28, 2014

Natural Elements by Tracey M.Hook

No.of pages : 344
Published on :May 22, 2014
Publisher : Createspace
Genre : Young Adult
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My Review 

Geeta is a happy-go-lucky girl who enjoys life on her terms.She has everything in life, good friends, nice family and great parents.But what bothers her is her dark complexion since a majority of her family members are very fair.Even if she does not mind, some one or the other in her own family will bring up the topic and criticize now and then.

Her bestie who was not in ville parle for many years, has returned from Kerala, expresses her concern over Geeta for her dark complexion.She becomes upset and heartbroken. This makes her cut friendship with her long term friend, Sharmila. In her view, in India, 50% of people are dark.Then why the hell people criticize about her black complexion?She has no answers.It is as if she has been cursed or something.

Her life goes smoothly with her two friends, despite being the odd girl among her family members and others because of her complexion.She faces all her troubles and turmoils boldly with the moral support of her two friends, Lalita and Ganesh.

Natural elements is about Geeta. She is just an ordinary girl like us.But what makes her unique is her dark complexion.Why her life is different than the people who are fair.The first half revolves around her, her friends, her relatives and her new boyfriend, Joseph.

The second half revolves around her mother.How she got married to her father, Shiva and what problem did they face when they returned from Trinidad. I felt the English they spoke there, very intriguing.Instead of her, him , us, she, he, and we were used.I was absolutely glued on to the second half because of their language.The first half of the novel was written from Geeta’s point of view.On the other hand, the second half was written from her mother’s point of view.

The turning point of the novel was Geeta’s aunt, Cynthiya who came from port of Spain, her mother’s native place.She does not come alone, she has brought a secret with her that she and Marlene(Geeta’s mother) hid years ago.If Geeta knows she will be shattered into pieces.

But how long will they hide it.Somehow the truth has to come out. Geeta must know it.Her mother has deep fears that her daughter when she knows the secret she, Cynthia and her friend June has hid long ago, how will Geeta react ?As it involves Marlene and her dignity.What if her husband and her in-laws find out?

There are lot of grammatical errors which could have been avoided by proper proofreading as it is one of the main drawback.In the second half of the book I found the writing apparently different than the first half.It was written in Trinidad English.

My verdict-I will strongly recommend it to all my friends due to the down-to-earth character of Geeta.The setting of the novel is near perfect.I was able to learn about North India and many other foreign places.

Rating 3/5

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