Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Third Day-Dwapara Yuga #1

No.of pages: 296
Publisher:Self-published by author
Published on :June 20th 2014
Genre:Mythological thriller
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My review

The southern kingdom of kanya kumari ruled by the great king, Drona, is under huge threat.It is because of the evil himself. They are called cannibals as they thrive on living humans flesh and blood.. The King, Drona has Thala Pratha Grandas, a holy scripture written by ancient sages that has answers to everything in this world.

As ordered by the king, Parama, the supreme commander of the army, the sole heir to the kingdom must begin his voyage to the Kingdom of North to hand over Thala Pratha Grandas and his father’s personal diary upon request for the upcoming battle between the good and the evil.He is also warned not to read the book on the course of his journey through his father who is no more.

Then he learns about the dead walkers that they do not spare anyone’s life. Because of the cruelty they dealt with, many prisoners never dared to escape the monsters clutches.Fortunately, after the union of Sarayu and Elsker, the war comes to a halt at Narmada.Parama and his people win the battle.The old saying good triumphs over evil is justified.

While the first half of The third day-Dwapara Yuga deals with parama fighting the battle and coming out victoriously by risking his life and safeguarding the people of the north and the south, the second half or the second millionth year deals with Nirbhaya who hails from the family of Parama has his responsibility to unearth the book that his ancestors had, that is Thala Pratha Grandas which tells about the past, the present and the future.Will Nirbhaya be able to find it? What is the story behind the city of lost souls? Who are Asura and Brigu? Learn more about them and others inside the novel.

The narration of this Hindu mythological thriller is brilliant .This is a fast paced novel where the story is crisp and precise. At the end of the story, the recap found is highly thought provoking.Glossary is very useful to both Non-Hindu readers and Hindu readers. The author, sharada Vallem has done a fabulous job for a debut author by penning down her imagination and giving life to it. Disadvantages include the misspelled words here and there and the grammatical errors found in few parts of the book.I hope the author notes down the page numbers and also corrects it as soon as possible for the sake of the future readers. 

Rating: 3.5/5 

Disclaimer: I received the book  in exchange for an honest review.