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The Guardian Angels by Rohit Gore

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.

The Guardian Angels

Paperback:328 pages
Publication date: July 10th 2013         
Publisher: Grapevine India
Genre: Historical Fiction

Book Description

The Guardian Angels is the epic and tumultuous story of two star-crossed lovers who weren’t just soul-mates but were also each other’s protectors.

The fates of Adi Mehta and Radha Deodhar are deeply entwined when within days of their first rendezvous they save each other’s lives.

Despite their vast sociopolitical differences, they are drawn to an uncertain future fraught with contrasting ambitions, personas and ideologies.

. . . he is the son of a billionaire, she is the daughter of a socialist.
. . . he is quiet and unassuming, she is a firebrand and spirited.

However, the unexplained phenomena ties them forever – whenever they are in peril, they are each other’s only saviors.

Over the following two decades Adi and Radha live through hope and despair, joy and sadness, and try to decipher their relationship. As the truth of their bond is revealed, they must confront the true nature of love, and ultimately, their destinies

My review

Before saying anything about the novel, I must, must compliment the author for writing such an excellent, mind-boggling, thought provoking, intriguing story. I have read so many novels but Rohit Gore's “The Guardian angels “has found a permanent place in my heart. There are certain novels out there which I have always dreaded to read and yet I loved and treasured them most than any other novels because of the strong emotional bond I had with those lively characters. This novel turned out to be beyond that.

In this novel, we learn about Adi and Radha whose lives are entwined to each other even when they are miles apart. If you ask me, they are two opposite people who don’t know why they want to be together but here is a twist, they want to be together.

When I was reading the first half of the novel, one thing kept bugging me. They either fight for silly reasons (super-silly reasons) or feel jealous for nothing,   then the next minute we see one of them saying sorry to the other. I got so tired because this happens most of the time in the first half. So I wanted them to separate so badly and find someone they both have in common but I can’t deny the fact no matter how things go out of hand they look out for each other and I liked it that way.

Throughout the novel I fell in love with Radha’s character though I can’t forgive her for torturing and butchering me. How could she blindly believe like that? Fast unto death!!! She was such a fool. My perspective of the novel changed totally after she took that massive decision which put her and her colleague, Vedant in almost death situation. I closed my eyes and I just wanted the novel to end. It was such a horrific experience for me.

What makes this novel unique is that their lifecycle (Adi and Radha) is told in four stages from childhood to adulthood. Seriously, I wonder how the author came up with such a wonderful neat story plot. This type of story is very risky to write because he has tried something unique and I am glad he sticks to every detail like the Huntington’s disease of Radha’s father and how it could affect her life in the future. I am also marveled by the hard work he has done for this book, I could almost feel the depth of each and every character in the novel say Adi’s sister Heena , his foreign classmate, Nicole and Sudha Bhapat(She was abominable than that Jagmohan Shinde).I felt pity for Nicole and as for Heena, I loathed her.

At the end of the novel, I do regret doing something that is for crying and sniffing out so loud for more than fifteen minutes. Can you believe that?Overall, I must confess that this novel was very, very hard and tricky to read (not that it was boring or anything), but it’s just that due to all that emotional attachment I had with the characters. After long thoughts, I am giving this novel the only rating it deserves. 

Rating 5/5

Excerpt from the novel

It was only Radha who he could talk to in every possible way-with words, with feelings, with silence.

When he saw Radha three months ago it was on the TV, and for a moment he had felt like crying.She was being interviewed by a news channel for her reaction to the high court's order on one of the projects of Jagmohan Shinde in the Subhadra Valley.The news channel anchor had breathlessly pointed out to the viewers that Sudha Bapat had credited this mini victory in their battle against the atrocities of the notorious builder to the persistent efforts of the young Radha Deodhar. Radha had looked at the camera and for a moment, Adi had thought she was going to take his name and tell the world that she was sorry about what had between them. Instead, she said that it wasn't the victory of jagriti, but that of the Murti tribe, who had settled in the subhadra valley for hundreds of years, and nobody had the right to drive them out of their homes. The news item had lasted hardly thirty seconds.  

Favorite quote from the novel

"Choosing battle is one thing, but quitting a battle is cowardice and I can't imagine doing that".

Know the author

Rohit Gore grew up in a number of towns in India. At various times in his childhood, he wanted to be a theatre actor, an architect and a bookshop owner.

After his engineering degree, he was based in Mumbai. An MBA from S P Jain Institute followed and since then he is in the IT industry for more than a decade.

He loves sports, specifically the discussing and watching part of it, since the playing days are long gone. He has travelled a lot – a consequence of living in Mumbai and London. His greatest passion is reading and it inspired him to write. He is a frequent contributor to many online writing forums and wishes there were more writing groups.

He currently lives in Pune , a wonderfully vibrant city with his wife. He has a keen interest in history, especially the history of music and arts. One of the things he would like to get better at is photography.

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