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Monday, August 12, 2013

Nina D'Angelo's interview was also a part of the blog tour of her book-Nowhere to run but I  thought it would look congested with all the other posts so I am posting it today along with few teasers which you may find it very exciting. I hope you read my review of the book before learning about her.

1.When did your desire to write start?

I have always written from a young age. I started working as a freelance music Journalist when I was 17 and spent close to 15 years working in that industry. I started playing around with fiction again in my mid twenties and wrote a few novels that I’ve never published (But I will) before I started writing Nowhere to Run. Now I could not imagine working in Journalism again because fiction is definitely my forte. I just love writing.

2.Who or what inspires you?

My peers have been a huge inspiration to me. I’ve seen the struggles Jenn Sterling went through before she hit the big time with The Perfect Game. She’s an amazing writer and such a beautiful personality, and she’s awe inspiring. I’m also inspired by the likes of James Patterson, who is a master at controlling his own works – from the marketing, to the writer and editing and distribution. He makes you sure he is heavily invested every step of the way and that’s inspiring.

I’m also inspired by people in life. Every character in my novel is someone I know. I use the names of real people. From the characters I murder, to the serial killers. Take Leigh Walker for example, he’s based on an ex boyfriend. Jase Devlin and Ben Reynolds are based on my two best friends – who are names Jase and Ben. Aspects of Stephanie Carovella’s life are taken from my own experiences (obviously not the whole being stalked by a serial killer thing). Every character you read about is either someone I know or a blend of people I know

3.Do you have any advice for other writers?

Write from the heart. Write passionately and do it every day. It could be a letter or a journal or just words on a page, but do it. And read widely. Read the genre you’re writing in, read other genres. The only way to get better as a writer is to do both. It’s about practice. Get to know the industry as well –find Betas you can trust to tell you the truth about your work, find editors you know you can work with and the same goes for formatters and designers.
Believe in yourself and never stop chasing your dreams. If your heart tells you that you’re a writer and you can’t imagine a world in which you’re not writing then you probably are.

4.What  advice would you give to someone who wants to publish a book?

Publishing a novel is not as easy as it sounds. Learn the business. Learn how to network and talk to other authors. Don’t expect success to happen overnight. Writing is fun, but there’s more to publishing a book than writing and you need to be prepared for that. It’s time consuming. It can sometimes be heartbreaking and exhausting, but ultimately it’s worth it.

Research what you’re getting into and what you need to do to publish a novel. Don’t go in there blind. Get to your your audience, your readers and the bloggers. Bloggers will become your best friends. Respect them as you would other authors because the reality is you need them more than they need you. They can help make or break a career and remember they’re in the industry because they love writing and reading as much as you do.

Also realize that this industry is like every other industry. It’s tough. There are people in the industry who are bitchy and who will stomp over you given the chance, but there are also some amazing people out there too – fellow authors, bloggers, formatters and editors who give a damn and are passionate about writing as you.

Last but not least, trust your gut and love what you do.

4.I loved reading your second book.What can readers look forward to in the future?

You can expect to see more of Stephanie Carovella and Gena Evans. Deadly Secrets, which is the third book in the Stephanie Carovella series has been pushed back to next year now but it will be out there.
I also have a spin off series planned, which will introduce readers to Dominique Arlington, who you see briefly in Nowhere to Hide.
Due out in October is Damaged, which is the prequel to Nowhere to Run and a romance. For all of you who wanted to know more about Dominic and Stephanie’s lovestory, this is it. I also plan on writing another prequel about Jake Carlisle and Gena Evans.
I’ve also got a paranormal series planned in which LA is the portal to hell, a slew of crime novels planned and a romance series based on the Carlisle brothers (Yes ladies, Jake and Jesse aren’t the only Carlisle boys out there.)
So, I’m going to be busy writing!!!!

6.Do you have a message for my blog’s followers, if any?

Hi everyone. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and visit this wonderful blog. I hope you all enjoy the interview and Nowhere to Hide and I can’t wait to share more with you later on this year and in 2014. – Nina.

Thank you so much, Nina,  for taking your  precious time and answering these questions. I am sure, my readers found this to be very informative  and special thanks to the lovely teasers which I am sharing below-Periodical Gazette

Hi readers, if you haven't read this book yet, you may find these very intriguing but don't forget to add this book to your reading lists if you're a huge fan of crime fiction. Thanks.