Friday, August 30, 2013

Author Ritu K.Gupta

Today, I am so excited and at the same time very thrilled to interview Author Ritu K.Gupta who has written an extraordinary novel called Awakening colors. I read this book two months ago by chance and it was a very rare opportunity because she herself sent me this book for review purpose. You can read my review of the entire book here.

For those who know nothing about her, a little introduction. Ritu K. Gupta was born in India and has lived and worked in Canada for the last 25 years.

You can find her on Twitter~Goodreads~ Website~Google +

Me:Hi Ritu K.Gupta , our readers are very much interested in learning more about you. So can you tell us a bit about yourself ?

I come from a beautiful little town – Dehradun - nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India.  This used to be sleepy little town known only for its prestigious educational institutions and ancient temples.  Now, of course, it has changed a lot and become a bustling metropolis.
For the last 25 plus years I have lived in and around Toronto, Canada.  Today I live in a northern suburb of Toronto called Woodbridge.  I work in downtown Toronto and write as often as I can.   

Me: Who is your inspiration and how did they inspire you to write your first novel?

My late father is my inspiration.  He was a writer too and always encouraged our creativity.  My first writing was inspired by him.  He told me a story about his dad, which I rewrote with a great deal of literary license.  He loved it.

Me: How did you feel when Awakening colors was published?

  I felt driven to write my next book :)

Me: I loved Pari's portrayal in Awakening Colors. Can you tell us  from where  did the idea come from?

I had an issue with my sight for a few days.  Things were a little blurry.  Reading or other normal activities were not possible and I had to use my imagination to keep myself entertained.  I started imagining that the blurs around people and things were not really blurs – that they were the echoes of the past and omens of the future.  I spent hours imagining actual pasts and futures because the present was a blur.  This is how the Pari’s character was born.

 Me: Your top three favorite quotes from Awakening colors.

 “Whatever is, IS.  It doesn't grow bigger, richer or more successful if you believe in it.  Similarly, it loses nothing if you don't.  Only you gain – only you lose.”

 “There is something wrong with this conditioning that takes the individuality out of the individual and turns him into unthinking, unfeeling, unmotivated and lifeless little dolls of plastic.  We trade our capacity for action and become mere action figures. 

We don’t outgrow those dolls of childhood, we become them.”

“An artist sometimes feels this way – at the point when he has captured something that is greater than its reality... when it is larger than its promise... when it is more precious than its value.  When he can take his imagination and give it reality in the fantasy that he creates on his canvas.  When that fantasy comes alive and can tell its own tale without saying a word – magic can happen.”

Me: What do you do when you are not writing?

I think,  Besides working and writing, I like to do some gardening and a whole lot of reading.  I am also fond of cooking and keep fit by walking.  During the summer, I walk a lot more obviously.  In the winters, I use my home gym to keep healthy.  No matter how busy I may be, I always devote at least one hour to some pure physical activity – be it walking, gardening or something else.

Me: This might be a tough question but I want your honest answer. Who is your favorite character apart from Pari and why?
Arche.  His darkness, powers and multiple motivations fascinate me.

Me : (He is my favorite too. Although I think he is a bit too old for Pari.)

Me: When will  Awakening colors #2 be published and what can we expect from the same?

Becoming Colors is now finished and gone through editing.  I’m just putting the final touches on the package and it should be available as an Advanced Review Copy by the end of August.

Me: Do you have any message for our readers?

Read Awakening Colors.  It has dimensions and depths that you will enjoy exploring and it may just… awaken your own colors.

Thank You so much, Ritu K.Gupta for agreeing to this interview. I was immensely surprised to see the new cover of Awakening colors on Goodreads, yesterday. It fits the book perfectly and I am sure our readers enjoyed  having you in my blog as much as I did. We can't wait to see what Pari has in store for us in Becoming Colors. My best wishes.