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Friday, August 23, 2013
Lord Esterleigh's DaughterCourting the DevilThe Partisan's Wife
Series: The serpent's tooth trilogy
Genre: Historical fiction
Publisher: Books We Love, Ltd
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Author Biography

As a child Kathy wanted to be a writer when she grew up. She also wanted to act. After receiving an MFA in Acting and playing the part of starving young artist in New York, she taught theater classes at a small college in the Mid-West before returning home to the East Coast, where over the years, she and her husband raised two kids and an assortment of dogs. During stints in advertising, children’s media publishing, and education reform in the former Soviet Unions, she wrote whenever she could. Her love of early American history has its roots in family vacations up and down the East Coast visiting old forts and battlefields and places such as Williamsburg, Mystic Sea Port, and Sturbridge Village. At the same time, she daydreamed in history classes, imagining the everyday people behind all the dates and conflicts and how they lived.

Claiming her best ideas are born of dreams, Kathy has written a number of stories over the years. Her first published novel, Winter Fire, a 1998 Golden Heart finalist in historical romance, was reissued in 2010 by Books We Love, Ltd.
When not writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, photography, playing “ball” with the dogs, and rooting on her favorite sports teams.
My review

The serpent’s tooth trilogy is a historical fiction portraying Anne Fairfield in the lead, the only daughter of Lord Esterleigh. At first, she was told her father had died a valiant death on battle by her uncle Francis and mother Julia. This made her think highly of her father. Later on, when she comes to know of the real truth,  at the age of sixteen, she is devastated and gets angry at her mother for hiding it for such a long time. After her deceased mother, Anne tries to commit suicide but is saved eventually. She now lives with her father without changing her attitude towards him.
Lord Esterleigh's daughter is the first series in the serpent tooth trilogy which I was anticipating something more of an unpredictable story. In the first half itself, I could predict what is going to happen in the life of Anne Fairfield. It was an easy guess and I would have liked more twists and turns in the story than I normally found.

The second series is Courting the devil that begins where the first series left off. Here we find Anne who is now a servant in the American colonies is made to suffer because of her cousin, Arthur. She indeed escapes but things in her life doesn't seem to be at constant but she has Peter Marlowe the one whom she loved very dearly.
I liked the Partisan's  wife even more than the previous series because I felt so much connected to it from the very beginning. Anne who hated her father in the first series now wants to go to New York to meet her father. Peter Marlowe disagrees this as she is  a fine young woman who may get killed or raped in the process of finding him. So he marries Anne to lend his hand for the journey to New York. Then things turn upside down when they expect a child. Overall, I found this to be a very entertaining, fast paced novel.

Rating 3.5/5


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