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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Print Length:188 pages
Genre: General Science
Publisher: CreateSpace
Release Date: June 4, 2013
Book Description:

'Lines of Space' is a unique and interesting approach to creation of matter from empty space. The Author has presented this notion by primarily discussing the established theories of physics in an interactive dialogue with his son in order to simplify them and then comparing them with the new idea of 'Lines of Space'. The author conjectured that, in the beginning of the Universe, there was dense uniform space which converted into matter by contraction and caused different stresses in the remaining space, which in turn gave rise to fundamental forces. The author developed mathematical formula to find this stress at various locations in the universe and established its relation with cause of Gravitation,bending of Light, expansion of the Universe, Theory of Relativity and creation of subatomic particles. Thus, he has presented in this book, an absolutely new, ground-breaking, plausible and fascinating look in to the world of physics where all matter in the universe is created from space itself and the fundamental forces subsist due to stress in the 'Lines of Space'.

Praise for Lines of Space:

“This is a fascinating new look into the world of physics and Science. I think your way of presenting the material through discussion with your children is innovative and well done.”---Editor of Book-Editing- Services “I found it very interesting, I also like your style, and can just say, keep on going, you have talent.”---Dragan Bebic, Technical Superintendent

“New concept of Lines of Space has made me understand the universe and creation of matter in a very simple manner which has been given with adequate proof, hard to negate.”---Capt Sharat Kumar, Master Mariner.

'Lines of Space' concept explains laws of physics really well and gives a relation between strong nuclear force, electrostatic force and gravitational force. Thus, overall the book is a must read and the theories discussed have the potential to change science in a better way.”--- Nikhil Dhiman, Student Engineering

Author has presented the theories of science in a very good analytical way with experimental proof, mathematical calculations and original stories of different inventions.” --Bibhash Ranjan Datta, Electrical Engineer

My review

Lines of Space by Devinder Kumar Dhinam is a boon to all high school physics students and all those people who are interested in learning about space and the universe. There are plenty of  intriguing concepts such as Bohr's model, Rutherford's model, Plum pudding model, etc., in the book that are explained very elaborately so that even a non-science student like myself can understand it.

Lines of space is told from author's point of view. His son, Sahil, who is doing his 12th grade has great difficulty in understanding physics. He curses all the physicists as he thinks,  every single term he finds in his physics book is their own imagination. He continues by saying , there is no logic behind studying about protons and electrons. That is when the author is taken aback and takes one step at a time to tutor his son about Physics to get him pass in AIEEE exam. He also has much experience in that area because a long time ago, he has taught science and mathematics to classes 10th to 12th at a coaching Centre.

The author captures the readers mind in the initial chapters itself. Big Bang Theory was a term I don't really recall it from my school days. Physics was a compulsory subject for me until my 1oth grade. But only now I understood what it actually meant. And also the comparison between God and the big bang theory was a real spot on.

In one particular chapter, the author before beginning a new concept in physics,  questions his children about Newton's three laws which they have learnt when they were small. They both answer correctly without wasting a second. Everyone knows Newton's third law "Every action has equal reaction" except those two. This is how the author manages to teach the non science readers about importance of physics.

My only complain is, the later half contained too many difficult concepts. To be more specific,  I was having trouble understanding the Special theory or Theory of relativity he explains to his children and a few more. I guess it was just my lack of knowledge of the subject.

I personally enjoyed the first half of the book which was fun to read with all those explanations he gives to his son in the form of  stories taken from history. It was interesting to know the fact that "Bosons" was named after an Indian Physicist called Satyender  Nath Bose who has worked with the famous scientist Albert Einstein.

I will definitely say, in the final chapter, the author has not only succeeded in teaching his son and daughter about physics but also the readers. I also plan to read this book one more time to have a thorough knowledge whenever I get time. Overall, this book is a unique approach to learning physics.

Who would love this book? Everyone who has keen interest in learning about Physics. A must, must read for all high school physics student. The plus of the book is the pictorial representations.

Rating 4.5/5

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Author Biography
Devinder Kumar Dhiman

Author obtained his Engineering degree from the prestigious Marine Engineering and Research Institute, India (formerly known as DMET). After getting his degree, appeared for Indian Civil Services examination. During this period, he also taught science and mathematics to senior secondary school students and came across few questions of science which did not have satisfactory answers. Due to medical problems, he had to discontinue his studies for ICS but continued guiding science students in a coaching institute. After recovery from medical concerns, he re-joined shipping industry. In his free time, he continued his hunt for the answer to various questions of science and universe. Presently the author is head of technical department of a cargo ship and he devotes to his free time to other interests which include exploring the mysteries of creation of universe. He lives with his wife, son, daughter and parents in northern part of India.

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