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Runaway Groom by Sally Clements

Runaway Groom

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing     Platform
Publication date: June 5th, 2013
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary romance
Language: English
Target audience: Adults only

Author Biography

Sally Clements writes fun, sexy and real contemporary romance, partnering hot heroes with heroines who know what they want, and go for it!
Since her first book was published in 2010, she’s published six more, and is a full-time author. Sally lives in the Irish countryside, and when she isn’t writing can usually be found in traffic, driving ‘Mum’s taxi’.
Always a voracious reader, she considers writing for a living the perfect job—the only downside is saying goodbye to her characters at book’s end!

Book Description

Seven years ago, Matthew Logan ran out on his wedding to June Leigh.

Life is good for fledgling dress-designer April Leigh. She couldn’t be happier that her sister has found a new love, and is excited about her very first commission, June’s wedding dress.
When April discovers June has invited runaway groom Matthew Logan to the wedding, she has to intervene. Matthew’s presence will ruin everything – her father hates him, and just the sight of him in the church might give her mother a heart attack.

Matthew Logan has no intention of going to June’s wedding, but when intriguing April arrives on his doorstep, he can’t resist getting to know her better. When a disaster forces them together neither can deny the passion that combusts into a red-hot affair.

Discovering the truth about the past shifts April’s feelings from lust to love, but bitter experience has taught Matthew to guard his heart.

When it looks as though Matthew will lose her forever, will he fight or flee?

My review

Haven't we all really read any novel of this type before? I have read many romance novels but this genre, I can honestly tell, is new on my shelf . What attracted to me towards the novel was the title, "Runaway groom" because there was a movie called "The runaway bride" which you all might know well. I also have heard many stories about the brides who ran away from their weddings. But never once heard a groom run away that too like a coward without giving a solid reason. I was just wondering what kind of life he will be having if he ran out like that because people talk. This curiosity what drew me to read this novel.

Mathew Logan ran out of his wedding to his pregnant girlfriend June Leigh seven years ago. Both were 18 at the time and June had a miscarriage not that really matters. Now June is going to get married for the second time. Everyone in her family are so happy for her. There is going to be a perfect wedding. But her sister April Leigh is shocked to hear that June has sent an invitation to her ex-boyfriend Mathew. If her father sees him at the wedding, he is sure to hurt him. If it is her mother, she will get a heart attack upon seeing him. In either case, June's wedding will be on the verge of getting spoiled once again. So April Leigh must stop Mathew from coming to her sister's wedding. What if instead of stopping him from coming to the wedding,  she falls in love with him?.

I had great difficulty believing why would Mathew Logan ever come to his ex-lover's wedding whom he was supposed to marry seven years ago. If April Leigh thinks he might be feeling guilty because of what he did to her sister or have moved on with his life, the chances are still very low. Even he knows that. Then why bother meeting him? I also didn't like the fact after knowing what he did to her sister she still wants to sleep with him. No ways.

April Leigh is unbelievable , she is confused, and she still believes in the man who made her sister pregnant and also ran out of his wedding like a real coward. There are some revelations in the novel which made my head turn. Do not judge a person by his actions cause you may not know what or who made him to act that way.

Runaway Groom by Sally Clements is a very fast paced romantic thriller but it lacks some logic. I liked the beginning of the novel, I was hopeful it would turn into a perfect ending. There are lot of emotions between the characters which I liked. But the sexual tensions between April and Mathew didn't feel like they were real. May be the author could have reduced it a bit.

Verdict: If you're fan of new adult novels , do not forget to add this novel on your reading list. You'll like it.

My rating 3/5

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