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Awakening colors by Ritu K.Gupta

Awakening ColorsPages:218 pages
Format:Kindle Edition
Publication date: April 12th ,2013
Publisher:Self-published by author
Genre:Suspense-mystery, Religious-thriller

Author Biography

Ritu K. Gupta was born in India and has lived and worked in Canada for the last 25 years.

Besides writing, she loves to read, garden, meditate and to walk. She currently lives in Woodbridge, Ontario with her husband.

Book Description

"Your whole life you have painted windows and sceneries on your blank walls. Suddenly one day you break through a piece of the wall and create an actual window into the real world. Now you are looking out and seeing what you don't understand because you have never been outside your room ... In your imaginary window the sun is an orange ball hanging in the top left hand corner. Through your real window you see the sunrise and sunset; you feel the heat on your face ... You hesitate to accept the reality you see..."

This book will take you on an adventure like one you've never experienced.

My review

First things first.Did I like this book?Is the book worth reading? Yes, absolutely. I feel sorry for myself as I initially judged the book by its cover and the not so promising book description. It's not like they were bad or worse. It's just that I wasn't attracted to it.After  I enjoyed reading the book, I was like, is there a sequel? If the author haven't yet thought about a sequel, I'd like her to write one right now because there are so many things left unanswered in the book.

In Awakening colors, Ritu K.Gupta delivers us the story of Pari who has the ability to see through people by the color that is surrounding them. Each color has its own meaning. For instance, if she sees bright red color around people, it is either they are going to be in big trouble or they will encounter a major loss in their life. It was hard for me to believe it at first. But as the book progresses more and more, I can't wonder about the great ability of Pari and what she is going to do with her immense power of seeing colors.

The first half of the book was tortoise slow but it kept me going anyway. There was not a single moment I could point out as being bored up by Pari's story.I was actually living in the story. I was also amazed by the lots of marvelous and wonderful quotes extraordinarily well written by Ritu K.Gupta.Pari is not a saint. But there are things that is happening around her life  after meeting up with a huge accident that makes her believe in spirituality more than before. She also loses her father in the accident that is when she sees the strange colors around her after being comatized for several months.

When I came to the last page of this astonishing novel, I had lot of questions to ask the author.Let me say a few non-spoilers(may be spoilers) alone.

Was Pari's father killed?
Why is Navina's son doesn't behave like a boy at his own age?
Is Arche a good man or a bad man?
Why is Pari seeing all those colors?
What do Chanakya, her mother's spiritual guru want from her?
Why is Doctor Vincent's deceased wife look like Pari?

There are lot more questions like this keep coming to my mind,  so I want all these hundreds and hundreds of questions to be answered in the next series.As there are so many questions kept as a suspense, my rating may also differ according to that.No offense.

But on the whole, I just enjoyed reading the book so so much. What is really shocking is I can't believe this is Ritu K.Gupta's first novel. Her writing is so mature and the book is extremely well written in terms of perfection.

Spoiler Alert This book is full of suspenses only.You need great patience to read this book  otherwise it's a good page turner.


Few of my favorite and puzzling quotes from the book

Just as less is more, therefore, more has to be less.

“It is a materialistic world. In this world we are given gifts that bring us advantages.Not to

use them to enrich our life and our experiences would be...foolish and, quite frankly,

irrational and irresponsible."

No one will pay for something they themselves can do easily. People only pay for what they

“To not value your own gift – that is crass. You want to do charity work. Fine. Do it.But don't

become a charity case. First look after your own interests. If you don't safeguard your own

capital, one day you won't even have enough for yourself, let alone for charity.”

“Everyone is a grief-striker. It’s the nature of humans to indulge in grief.Grief is what digs up

 the emotional well and lets people dive deep within themselves. Love is just euphoric – it

causes one to rise above oneself just so one can fall harder in grief.”(and many more)

How i got this book?via Author

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Awakening Colors

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  2. Oh, thank you so much. And yes, ofcourse, it's indeed a great book. It may be slow paced, but it's a very interesting sequel.:):)