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Words to inspire the winner in you by Roopleen


Publisher:Power publisher
Release date:January 2013
Genre: Self help, Non-fiction

Author Biography:

Dr Roopleen is an eye surgeon, motivational counselor and speaker.She is the author of Principles of sucess made easy-14 steps to climb the ladder of success.A hard core optimist and a firm believer of the power of positive thinking, Roopleen is passionate about serving people and being able to make a difference in their lives.Her vision is to inspire people to believe in themselves, pursue their dreams and live a meaningful life.

Book Description

We all aspire to achieve our goals and fulfil our dreams. But working towards goals is not easy. Enroute to success you will encounter hurdles, obstacles and rough patches. The down times can get really down and dishearten you.

Setbacks and disappointments are an integral part of life- there is no escaping them. While you cannot change your circumstances or bypass the hurdles, you can brace yourself up against the difficult times by maintaining a positive frame of mind and being determined to keep going against all odds.

When the going gets tough and you are overwhelmed by the rough times, all you need is something to encourage you and keep you going. Words to inspire the winner in you will do exactly that. This collection of author’s original motivational quotes will lift up your spirits, inspire you and put you back on track.

My review

When everything in your life seems impossible, no matter how much ever you  try, you should never lose your hope nor your self-confidence .That is what 'Words to inspire the winner in you' is all about.

It is full of inspirational , motivational quotes, and no short stories and case studies.If you don't love a book filled with only just quotes then this is not your cup of tea. For others, it will give a new meaning to live their life in an efficient and effective manner much better than how they were living before. 

As much as I enjoyed reading myself whoever reads this book need not be in a tough situation to understand this wonderful book. It is suitable for anyone and everyone who wants to raise higher and higher in their precious life.

We live only once, The author aids us from living a worthless life to a meaningful life.Words to inspire the winner in you paves a way for positive thinking and gives a satisfaction of reading thousand good books.

If you don't believe me, you yourself can read some of the sample quotes taken from the book.These are the quotes that can change anyone's life.

Courage-Be true to yourself.Have the courage to be who you are .

Direction-Don't get disheartened if you fail.Refresh your goals, revise your plans and take your life to a new direction.

Dreams-There are two kinds of negative people in this world -those who will steal your dreams and those who will make you abandon your dreams;be wary of both.

Expectation-Results don't depend on your expectations.But if you put forth your best efforts, you can accept favorable results.

Never give up-Successful people never give up.They see obstacles as opportunites, disappointments as good fortune and setbacks as stepping stones to their success.

Life-Life is like a search engine-to get the right answer you must type the 

right keyword.

Perspective-This is your life and you get to live it only once.So start looking it from your perspective and live it on your terms and conditions.

Reason-It's not easy to live life but that's not reason enough to quit.

Wish-Don't spend your life wishing you were happier.Go out, do things that make you come alive and create your own happiness.Don't waste your life wishing for your dreams to come true.Challenge yourself to succeed, make big efforts and make your dreams a reality.


All the quotes are arranged in an alphabetical order prior to their title so we need not search for a particular quote.For instance, when we feel regret, we shall read the quotes under the topic regret. 


Noone can read all the quotes in just one day even if they do, it is not possible to remember a single quote the very next day as no use in reading it bcoz we all know that learning takes some time.So, it is good to read one-three quotes a day depending on which topic suits us in the best way on that day.

My rating 4/5

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