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The Promise by Nikita Singh

  • Paperback: 231 pages
  • Publisher: Grapevine Publishing 
  • Release date:December, 2012
  • Genre:Young-Adult, True-love, Romantic-Fiction
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  • Book Description

  • Some promises are worth keeping...
She smiles wide, and under it, hides pain she barely manages to endure. Her happiness brightens up the room, while inside, her heart drowns little by little.

Elusive, charismatic and incredibly rich, money is the one obsession he loves and hates in equal measure. He runs away from his past and the grief it brings with it.

She is capable of breaking down all his barriers, making his heart implore to give love and trust a second chance. Caught in the waves of alien emotions, a promise is made a promise to be together, to make their love last.

But when disaster hits, does their love prove strong enough to withstand the brutal force of reality?

Or does the promise lay forgotten, as they struggle to regain balance of their lives

My review

Wow...I was totally awestruck by the author's tremendous way of writing.I couldn't really get my eyes off reading this sensational novel even for a nanosecond.Nikita Singh kept me hooked onto the book until the very end.Her great writing, right choice of characters, and her use of bold sentences in the beginning of each chapters to quote the depth of the scene was really thoughtful.I almost finished reading it within two-three hours.

The promise is a story of two opposite people who accidentally meetup by fate and fall in love, then breakup due to misunderstandings which cannot be glued that easily. Shambahavi is a 23 year old,young, carefree, bubbly interior designer who takes life as and when it comes .While Arjun is a 29 year old very strict ,emotionless, arrogant  and selfish businessman whom any girl never wishes to have for in their life.What if these two meet up and hit it off so badly filled madly in love and break off for some ruthless reason?That is what happens in this particular story.

The novel starts off at a snail pace but when it moves further and further,  it changes then once again slows down.The conversations are the main strength of this astonishing book.To my pleasant surprise everything was just so.....perfect. I liked each and every line of it.Some of my favorite lines from the novel that made me laugh and cry are such as these but there are so many.

The carpenter joke

'Where is the carpenter?'Mrs Ahluwalia asked Shambahavi, when she pulled in at the mansion.
'Where's who?Did you just say what I thought you just said?'Shambhavi was shocked.
'Depends on what you thought i said'Mrs.Ahluwalia.
'Did you just call Mr Arjun Datta a carpenter?'
'That's what he's right?you said he will build what you ask him to, 'Mrs Ahluwalia said stupidly.

Shambhavi crying vigorously

Come here'he said.'It's okay.I'm right here, with you, baby.'
'Yes, Shambhavi, what is it?he asked again.
I'm...I'm...pregnant,'she said.
'What?he froze on his spot instantaneously.
Of all the things he imagined, this was the most improbable one.

Shambhavi reveals her pregnancy and love

"Ah.There it is.Love.That is reason even for every evil,"her father smiled.

Shambhavi on her diseased father

Nobody wants to die in a hospital.And what he had been doing was waiting for death in a hospital.

Arjun's emotions welling up on his premature daughter

She was his angel.Looking at her smile for five seconds  was not enough.He knew it would not have been enough even if it had lasted for decades.She had been in his life for all of ten minutes, and in those ten minutes, she had become a part of him.He could not imagine a life without her anymore.

My favorite supporting characters are almost everyone as the characters are less but I loved the way how the author has portrayed Shambhavi's father.For instance, when she says she is dumped by her boyfriend with his child, at this point he should be very angry rather he says  one word 'okay', it tells it all and also loved Mili and Tutul for their immense support to their best friend in trouble.

I had a great past time reading this extremely fascinating novel.The first half made me all go laughing and giggling while the latter part made me cry(I even shed some tears) and sympathize for Shambahvi and also Arjun, when he finally realized what he has done to her although the damage he caused cannot be repaired easily which he damn well knows.Overall, there is nothing to dislike in the story.This is a must read.

My rating 4.5/5

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