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Saturday, June 15, 2013
I am writing on Be Bold Stay Real at BlogAdda

With everything that is happening around the world, can we really be bold and stay real?I am sort of giving a negative post based on this topic because even newspapers scares us so much these days particularly if we are a young women.Gang rape, rape, molestation,kidnap or murder of young girls and women are all time problems in India which should be considered by our Indian government very seriously but whether it is taken seriously or not will be judged only based on the newspapers we read daily.

So what can we do as a young women and men in order to be bold and staying real even if more and more worst things such as these are happening.Okay, lets be brave and stay real when such incidents occur, we can do nothing else to eradicate it totally, this kind of attitude should never be cultivated in anyone's minds.

First, we have to raise our voice against such incidents like the one that happened in Delhi and Puducherri. In this way we give the families of the victim atleast some confidence that justice will be done and never be delayed because we can not be too much dependent on politicians alone.

And also the other important things that need to be  looked into seriously is the numerous advertisements, serials and soap operas on Indian channels depicting both men and women in an improper way,  which paves a way for false impression on the young minds of India .This poses a great threat in the future generation.

Recently, i happen to watch a program that telecasts every Sunday on TV which is only for those children below  the age group 5-7 , in where i saw today's young children beyond the word bravery and real because a boy just called his father, mother and his few of the family members present there with such poor names that cannot be said aloud.It's a great shame for the family.Though the program is for fun only,  the anchor can do nothing about it because the children have learnt to speak such words,  only because the society has allowed them to.I thank the anchor for showing the real face of today's generation as this gives an alarm to all the young parents.

I conclude by saying that if a parent who is afraid to take risk in their life can never expect his son/daughter to be bold enough or advice them to stay real and speak good.That being said, now being bold and staying real is a matter of concern which is rested on the shoulders of young parents and the soon to be parents as a normal citizen who is thought of moral values will never disguise their own family and also their country in general.