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Angel on the ropes

  • Paperback: 301 pages
  • Publisher: Jill Shultz
  • First Edition:June 1, 2013
  • Language: English
  • Genre:Sci-fi, Fantasy
Author Biography:

Jill Shultz is a novelist, freelance editor, and writing coach. She holds a B.S. in Biology from Cornell University and M.S.T. in Environmental Sciences from Antioch University. For most of her career, she zigzagged between environmental and arts organizations; some of the strange but true consequences can be found on her website

Short Book Description

Amandine Sand walks a high wire between two lives—hobbled by a life-threatening secret. She’s a leopard, one of the spotted humans wrongly accused of being a plague carrier. Leopards like her are hunted by zealots to protect their offworld colony from the scourge. Despite this threat, Amandine spends her days guiding other leopards to an underground shelter run by the pacifist Seekers. At night, with her own spots hidden, she takes to the air, the one place this extraordinary artist feels free and gloriously alive.In her darkest hour, Amandine must draw upon everything she’s learned from the circus and Seekers to bring peace to her fractured society. Can a reluctant angel fly beyond her limits to save her life, her love, and her world?

My review

From the book description of the novel it is very clear  Amandine Sand is the main protagonist .She is an orphan and now an adopted daughter to Elisbyth who wants her to shine as a great trapeze artist.When the author's introduction to Amandine as a leopard, I was confused as to what she was referring to.I thought Leopard was a common name given to a particular group of people most probably orphans.But that is not the actual reason.It is because Amandine has many spots on her body she is referred as Leopard in the novel  by Destiny in the beginning of the story and later on she is continually recognised as leopard to the readers.

In Angel on the ropes, Amandine who accepts herself as a leopard not only should turn as a successful trapeze artist but also has to take the role of an angel(that's why the title is Angel on the ropes) to save their financially struggling circus which she does towards the end of the story.

To be honest, I wasn't really able to get into the story well. It is because Jill Schutz kept me guessing the story throughout the novel.What was the main drawback of this wonderful novel according to me is that there were way too many characters introduced into the novel I wasn't able to guess which character is who and what is their part in the novel. But it couldn't have been avoided because the story revolves around a circus. And another main drawback was the very large number of pages which could have been avoided by the author.

Overall, I wouldn't lie I enjoyed reading the novel.I would say I liked the many twists and turns.Her being a heterosexual, the love between her and Nikos was very funny at times but well potrayed.I expected more scenes of their love story.When Amandine was doing her preformance as a trapeze artist i really couldn't stop reading the novel.She was such a strong character despite the odds as being a leopard her success gave a lesson to all the readers.

If there is determination and good intentions, neither sexuality, race or religion matters to acquire success.My thanks to the author for giving me a free ecopy of her novel.

My Favourite characters other than Amandine: Squirrelman, Sterling, Malaga, Nikos and Jango.

Read the excerpts from the novel:

She took a breath.
“Each word, each action, is a choice,” she said softly, wishing she could wipe off her makeup to show him she was a leopard. “With that choice, we either create peace or we hinder it.”

He nodded. She gave him one more quelling look, then walked away. Nikos tapped Amandine’s heel. She opened her eyes.
Want a story?
Her smile was barely more than a grimace. He muddled his way through a bedtime story, the best he could do with hands alone, about  farm girl who accidentally embarked on a quest and ended updefeating a dragon.
When they wheeled her into the hospital’s burn unit, he stood outside, looking through the window. (And the whole kingdom rejoiced),he said, (and made her Queen).

My rating:3/5

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