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Autumn Dog Days # 1 by Sierra Dean

Series:Dog Days # 1
Edition:Kindle Edition
First Published: January 1st 2013
Second Published:June 17th 2013
Publisher:Self published by author
Genre:Teens & YA, Mystery
Author Biography(via Goodreads)
Sierra Dean is a reformed historian. She was born and raised in the Canadian prairies and is allowed annual exit visas in order to continue her quest of steadily conquering the world one city at a time. Making the best of the cold Canadian winters, Sierra indulges in her less global interests: drinking too much tea and writing urban fantasy.

Ever since she was a young girl she has loved the idea of the supernatural coexisting with the mundane. As an adult, however, the idea evolved from the notion of fairies in flower beds, to imagining that the rugged-looking guy at the garage might secretly be a werewolf. She has used her overactive imagination to create her own version of the world, where vampire, werewolves, fairies, gods and monsters all walk among us, and she’ll continue to travel as much as possible until she finds it for real.

She’s also a book lover (of course!), obsessive collector of OPI nailpolish and the owner of way too many pairs of shoes.
Book Description
Cooper Reynolds’s life is going to the dogs… literally.

As if being a high school senior in a small Texas town wasn’t hard enough, Cooper has bigger things to worry about than who he’ll take to prom and whether or not the Poisonfoot Padres will win homecoming. He has less than a year before his eighteenth birthday, when a curse placed on his family will doom him to live in coyote form forever.

The last thing he needs to complicate his already messed-up life is a girl, but fate has other plans in mind for him when it brings Eloise “Lou” Whittaker to Poisonfoot. She’s grouchy, sarcastic and has no love for her new Texas home, but she might be exactly the right person to help Cooper break the curse.

The clock is ticking, and Cooper will have to decide if he’s willing to let Lou in on his dirty little secret before it’s too late.

My review

First of all, I have a confession to make which is I am super-addicted to paranormal stories.There are three things I always expect before reading a novel. They are right choice of cover image , the title and the book description .Miraculously, Autumn by Sierra Dean has all the three.Having finished reading this novel myself that too with great zeal and enjoyment, I am already waiting for the next series  with no patience (which releases this november ).I can't say how much I enjoyed reading this novel.I don't really want to spoil the novel.So I am giving a short review.Let the story be a suspense.

Autum Dog Days # 1  is a story of two people, Lou Whittaker and Cooper Reynolds.She is a 16 year old girl from Fresno, california but destiny forces her to live with her grandmother in Poisonfoot, Texas after losing her loving father to cancer.She doesn't want to give up Texas for some small town called poison-foot but as it turns out her mother don't have enough fund for either her schooling nor their living, they can't help themselves from going to this bizzarre town.She meets a 17 year old boy Cooper there who also suffers from a loss just like her.She is fully drawn to this cooper guy eventhough everyone in the town are warning her about him.

The grownups say he is bad and can't be trusted. Her friends say he is unpopular and whoever is friends with him is absolutely insane( bcoz he is a Reynolds).But this doesn't give Lou enough reason to stop being friends with him.She wants to know why everyone in the town are being rude to him and his family.There is something more to this.Like Cooper's family, Lou's family too has a big secret as she is a whittaker.Cooper's mother who also happens to be the town's sheriff warns him not to talk to her as she could be very dangerous.I felt like these people must get together as it turns out they both have secrets of their own they didn't know of until they met each other.One more reason why I want them together so bad is that I don't like Archer.

What makes this novel even more exciting to read is,  it has witches, coyotes instead of werewolves , a lot of strange people who keep secrets and also romance.There is one thing I didn't like in this novel, that is the ending part.I didn't want it to end so soon. 

Verdict If you're looking for a light hearted fast paced novel to read then this is the kind of novel you should read next.Though the ending would come as a surprise for you.

Rating 4.5/5

How I got this book?via Author.

This novel is now available on
Amazon US (ebook) ,
Amazon India(ebook)
B&N as a ebook.

You can find more exciting news about Sierra Dean's next novels on her website
On Twitter @sierradean
And via email

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Hippie Drum by Jnana Hodson

Ebook:120 pages
First published:May 30, 2013
Language: English
Genre:Young-Adult, General Fiction
Author:Jnana Hodson

Author Biography

Born and raised in the Midwest, Jnana’s career as a daily newspaper editor based him in Ohio, Indiana, Upstate New York, Washington State, Iowa, Maryland, and finally New England – all while writing poetry and fiction in his free hours.

He is the author of three published novels – Hippie Drum, Ashram and Subway Hitchhikers – and several poetry chapbooks. More than a thousand of his poems, stories, and essays have appeared in journals on five continents.
Jnana is a Quaker, poet, and novelist who lives in a former seaport in New Hampshire.

Book Description(via Smashwords)

They live together, more or less, on a hardscrabble farm. Some are college students; some, dropouts. One's an Army veteran and a few work full-time careers. They're drawn together by dreams of Peace and Love as much as cheap rent, even before dogs, cats, and chickens enter the picture. Of course you know them as hippies by their long hair and outrageous attire. But when their summer of mountain lakes and partying fades into winter, critical differences threaten their circle. Through it all, as the newest resident discovers in his quest for romantic recovery and companionship, one introduction leads to another, on the farm and in town, all eventually blossoming in delightful or bittersweet disclosures and wisdom the following summer. It's a private Woodstock to remember. Come, join the circle as Hippie Drum relives its magical dance and rhythm.   

My review

I had great expectations on Hippie Drum by Jnana Hodson , when I was initially drawn by the quite impressive and very inviting book description. The title of the novel also sounded good.And Another reason why I wanted to read this novel was that I haven't really read a novel about hippie's before.I wanted to know who they are and how is their lifestyle different from us.I was very much disappointed because I didn't find the story interesting to read at all.

The novel starts off well with our main protagonist DL.He has just completed his degree, and is offered a job as a photographer in a company through a referral who is also his friend, Nita . She also offers him a place to stay in their farm as they can split the rent with few others.Till this point, I was very well able to understand and absolutely relate with the characters.But after crossing few more entertaining pages I wasn't able to like the novel.If at least there was a little editing done, I think this novel would have come out as a fantastic ride.Now I will just say what i didn't like in the novel.

The characters in Hippie Drum  are just coming out of nowhere and they are talking and talking that seems to be never ending.I felt like reading the script of a television soap opera. In almost all the novels I've read, I could point out my favorite characters.In this novel, I couln't point one. Overall, I would say the beginning was good and also well done,the ending was fine.I liked reading the book as it was very fast paced, but couldn't say I enjoyed reading it.My thanks to the author for notifying me about the free download of his novel on smashwords.

Rating 3/5

Excerpt from the novel

DL left the dining room in silence. Wink, playing a fine guitar in the barber chair, grinned
up and shook his head. “Bad scene, aren’t they?”

The goal of every heroin addict is to OD, one dealer had said. Did Diz want to overdose on
absolute cosmic intensity? DL still couldn’t help thinking of her from time to time. At this point,he was down to a couple of times a week, on average. At least it was no longer with constant yearning.

Then Mylin won the daily double at the horse track. Whiskey and beer, good cheer all
around. Some things are obligatory, even when you’re at the fringe of society.

DL fed his pet spider its second moth of the evening, though it was still working on the first.

The spider had just dropped in through a crack one night and stayed. DL admired the structure and flexibility of the growing web.

He heard a line from an English opera: A spider combs the air.
Perhaps his room was a universe he could comprehend.

You can get more information about this book on
Author's official Website:
Facebook url:

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    Wednesday, June 26, 2013

    New Hope City by SunHi Mistwalker

    New Hope City
    Paperback:158 pages
    Release date: February 5th 2013        
    Publisher:Dark Tales Great Lives, LLC (first published November 30th 2012)
    Genre:Young- Adult, Crime-thriller,Fiction
    Book Description
     Life in economically and socially collapsed America has taught 14-year-old Sunni Brown more than a few tough lessons 1) Life sucks, 2) People suck too, and 3) You can't trust your own flesh and blood relatives even if your ability to keep breathing, eating and living depends on them. Sunni's move to New Hope City, a town known more for its former glory than its current corruption, is supposed to give her a fresh start. But like so many things in Sunni's life, her fresh start is soiled by those seeking to exploit her. Corrupt cops. Ruthless gangsters. Ambitious youth with dreams of ill-gotten fortunes. They all seek to lift themselves at Sunni's expense. It's only Sunni's street smarts and a strong distrust of people that keeps her one step ahead. But not without a cost. Something is brewing inside her -- a bit of hate, a touch of rage and a large dose of righteous indignation. For Sunni, life in New Hope City is filled with injustice that she's powerless to fight. But when she crosses paths with a disillusioned cop, will her growing outrage and his desire to change a rotten city transform her from helpless victim to vigilante outlaw?

    My review

    After reading "After the darkness " four series by SunHi MistWalker , I presumed this novel would also be an okay read but I found it to be a very compelling read.New Hope City is a city where there is no hope for survival for young teenage girls despite their respective family backgrounds.What is so bothering is the cops who are assigned to protect these young girls from bad guys are the ones that are behind it.Young hookers turn up dead one by one.There is not a single soul that cares about it especially the cops and the detectives.

    In this cursed city, we have our main protagonist,  Sunni,a 14 year old girl whose drug addict, abusive mother leaves her for her own good.It's not like sunny loves her mother but without her she doesn't know how else to survive alone in this cruel world where men are unreal and opportunistic.Now her survival is a big question mark,  she has someone to look after her that too a cop, a good cop.Like Sunny, Tony too has a very sad story, his young daughter Lauren who everyone thinks committed suicide by eating meth but that is not entirely true.Only Sunny has some answers to that.The question is will she answer him after what she has been through?

    New Hope City is a touching story of a young prostiute who wants to live a normal life just like anyother girl.She is trying hard not to get back to her dark life as a prostitute while she very well knows that she is not really the owner of her own life as her Pimp Lucky wants her back to working, so he offers her to both study and work at the same time.But that is not she wanted.Going to school in the morning and working as a prostitute at night.

    Sunni wants to live a normal life but it is not possible with all the bad guys threatening her.Her only hope now is Officer Gavilon, he also uses her for one primary reason, his daughter Lauren, which is crystal clear when he asks her to kill her pet for a silly mistake she does.But he is the only one who can help Sunny from the evil people more than Jin, her boyfriend , who also works for Lucky and his boss which I don't want to disclose because of spoilers.When a maid politely asks Lucky's Boss whether sunni is his daughter, anger welled up in me as he shamelessly tells her, Sunni is his wife.It took me all my strength to read this very sensitive novel.I even took many breaks to finish reading this novel.

    But at the end , all I could do was sympathise for sunni and the girls who were not destined to be prostituted.The truth is everything in the novel is so true that none of us can deny any of it.I don't know about other countries but this novel can very well be related with Asian countries to an extent.As for now, I want to know how Sunny is going to cope with officer Gavilon being gone, will he take take revenge for his death and also the other young girls like her both living and dead.
     Rating 5/5

    Excerpts from the novel

    Sunni snaps her gaze to meet his ."What?"

    "I could force you but i ain't...."

    It takes Sunni a full three seconds to comprehend what Jin is saying;but when she does, she is furious,
    "Then why don't you do it!Force me!Go ahead!Force me!"Sunni doesn't even try to conceal the hurt.

    Jin remains nonchalant, even amused as Sunni goes ballistic."Calm down...I ain't gonna force ya'.I could, but i wouldn't do that to you."He emphasizes the word'you'as if there is something special about Sunni.

    "Fuck you!"Sunni pushes past him and moves towards the stairs.Jin tries to grab her;but she yanks her arm away."The fuck off me!"She says as she quickly makes her way down the stairs and out of the barn.

    “Sometimes secrets are all that’s keeping people together".

    “Lies aren’t little things; they’re big…with big consequences. Now, someone has got to pay the price.”

    Now the book is available on
    Amazon US(Paperback or Ebook)
    Amazon India(Paperback or Ebook)
    Barnes & Noble(Paperback or nook)

    You can visit the following url's for more news about the author's next releases

    Twitter username afterthedark

    How I got this book?Via Author

    Monday, June 24, 2013

    The vampire underground by Brian Rowe

    The Vampire Underground (Grisly High #1)Series: Grisly high series
    Paperback: 320 pages
    Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Release date: April 2012
    Language: English
    Genre:Paranormal, Young Adult, Humor.

    Author Biography:

    Brian Rowe is a writing fiend, book devotee, film fanatic, and constant dreamer. He's written twelve novels, dozens of short stories, five feature-length screenplays, and hundreds of film articles and essays. He is one half of the blog Story Carnivores, where he reviews the latest in books and film. He is currently pursuing his MA in English at the University of Nevada, Reno, and is hard at work on his next novel.

    My review

    Is there anyone who doesn't like vampire stories?If the answer is "yes", then  I appreciate you skip this novel for good.But if you really are a die hard  fan , then no wonder you will become a fan of this author.You are not just going to read the book.As the characters are easily floating, you can visualise it as a picture.The vampire underground is full of fun and entertainment, i enjoyed so much reading it.I also finished reading the novel with  one sitting.I usually have the habit of skipping the prologue but not for this one.The prologue is   the main reason that kept me glued to the novel.

    The main character in the novel is Brin Skar, a 16 year old girl who enters her new year in Grisly high school where her bestfriend Ash also studies.She loves movies but not a big fan of horror movies instead she likes comedies and entertainment.What happens if she is given an assignment to do a short film based on this genre?.Can she decline it?If she does, her team  of six  Anaya, Chace, Lavender, Sawyer and Dylan lose their grade along with her.

    Apparently she has other problems than doing this short film.She wants to direct the film herself so as her team mate, Anaya,  a five hundred pound,  fat, ambitious girl with big dreams of becoming not just a director but a great director.They both fight at the beginning, but since anaya offers her a deal, Brin accepts, then changes her mind, later loses her spot due to her lack of preparation of the script.Now they all go to Bodie Ghost town as per Anaya's say eventhough the town is closed only to film their shoot illegally but less they know about the other dangerous creatures living there.

    It is very clear from the novel title, it is the vampires that are haunting the Ghost town.But how are they  going to survive?They can't  really escape the town without the help of a supenatural power.Like it is in every other vampire stories, here also there is a male vampire , Paul who comes to help Brin save her friends and reach their house safely.The question is how many can he save as they are relatively few when comparing to the hundreds of vampires.I felt very strange in Paul's character, why he wants to help Brin.I mean he is a vampire not exactly a vampire because of certain privileges they enjoy, if he helps her he is sure to be killed.There's a twist here that was beyond what you and I had expected and imagined in our minds.

    My most favorite character in the novel is Ash, I am a huge fan of each and every line he speaks.According to me, he is the only real, funniest and coolest character in the novel.His speech flows out naturally.I still remember all of his  funny dialogues .The fights between the students are also very funny but what is more funnier is their gripings to the teacher asking to change their roles in the short film they are going to make.

    I also loved the fact since this is the first in the many upcoming series, the character development is more than the romance between the main characters. I could very well feel the depth of the characters like they are actually one of us.What I didn't like in this almost perfect novel is the vampires gathering part for a grand ritual to kill Brin's friends.I felt like it was over exaggerated.

    Overall, I would say this is the kind of novel that should be read on a nice  weekend.This novel is even better than twilight.It has all elements like humor, horror, sentiments, friendship, romance and rivalry.I can't wait to read the next series because of my three favorites, Brin, Paul and Ash.

    My most favorite lines from the novel

    Between Ash and Colin

    The singing slowed down. “They said… he was dead. They begged… for his head. They searched… for his nose. And burned… all his clothes.”
    Ash didn’t love these lyrics, but he was the only one who volunteered to write them. He knew if he hadn’t that nobody else would’ve tried to, and certainly no one else would’ve attempted rhymes.
    Colin brought Ash down to the ground, more like a lover than an enemy.

    “He’s going to eat me! He’s going to kill me! The wolf man is back, he’s broken from his
    pack, and escaped his shack, and he really wants to mack… on my face and my neck and my
    lothes and my back! Ack!”

    “This is ridiculous,” Ash said, shaking his head in embarrassment. “Promise me nobody
    will ever see this.”

    “I promise I won’t post it on Youtube.”

    “You’re gonna put it on Youtube?” Ash’s jaw dropped.

    “No, of course not.”

    Ash knew he was lying. As he turned around, tears started streaming down his face. This time,the tears weren’t the result of laughing.


    We don't have a choice.Brin thought.They're taking their time, because they know they’ve cornered us, they know we won't be able to get away.

    Chace was the appetizer. Lavender was the main course. Dylan was dessert. I am leftovers.As was sawyer.

    She passed the next desk. She had just one more to go. And Anaya...Let's not kid ourselves...She's tomorrow night's appetizer, main course, and dessert

    My rating 4/5

    How i got this book?via Publisher 

    You can buy this book series on
    Amazon US(Paperback or ebook)
    Amazon India(Paperback or ebook)

    Saturday, June 22, 2013

    After the darkness( Episodes1-4)

    Series:After the darkness series
    Print length:124 pages(4 series)
    Publisher: Dark Tales Great Lives, LLC
    Format:Kindle edition
    Source:Via Author
    Author Biography:

    Author of dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction. Mistwalker enjoys writing books about how societal collapse can change individuals and families. She specifically explores class, economics, environmentalism and state sponsored oppression within post-apocalyptic and dystopian futures. She is also the author of two great novels New Hope City and The shelter.

     Book Description:

    Even in a world of never-ending winters and permanent darkness, fourteen-year-old Nadia Comani has everything she could ever want: power, privilege, a loving family and most importantly warmth. But her family’s refusal to compromise their values changes everything. Nadia is cast down from her pedestal of power onto the trash heap of the lower classes. No longer guaranteed a life of ease, Nadia faces a future of servitude. Branded as powerless and deviant, will Nadia muster the strength to save herself and what remains of her family

    My review:

    After the darkness is a very fast paced, suspense-thriller novel.The first three episodes had me both gripped and worried for Nadia and her sister Mila.I couldn't handle the suspense of what is going to happen next to both of them.All the characters are well potrayed in the novel especially Nadia and Percy.Colby's character is also a very strong character in the novel, I want to see him more in the next episodes.They will make quite a couple.

    I liked all the three series but the fourth series is a little bit lame.There are also many questions that is left unanswered in the book,like what is the main theme of the novel, who are these captivators, why they want to captivate these children and what is their motive behind it.But without a doubt, I think these will be answered in the next episodes because now Percy has Nadia, whether he will help her find her sister or will betray her for his own good.Instead of splitting the novel into multiple episodes, I would have liked to read the full book.

    I thank the author for giving me a free copy of all the four episodes.Really looking forward to reading the continuing episodes.I had a wonderful time reading this novel as I am also a fan of Sci-fi.This is a must read for all those who love a great Sci-fi.The story plot is fresh and new as it involves around two siblings(Nadia and Mila) and the journey of Nadia to find her lost sister.

    My rating:4/5

    This book is available on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble
    Author’s fanpage:                                             

    Wednesday, June 19, 2013

    Angel on the ropes

    • Paperback: 301 pages
    • Publisher: Jill Shultz
    • First Edition:June 1, 2013
    • Language: English
    • Genre:Sci-fi, Fantasy
    Author Biography:

    Jill Shultz is a novelist, freelance editor, and writing coach. She holds a B.S. in Biology from Cornell University and M.S.T. in Environmental Sciences from Antioch University. For most of her career, she zigzagged between environmental and arts organizations; some of the strange but true consequences can be found on her website

    Short Book Description

    Amandine Sand walks a high wire between two lives—hobbled by a life-threatening secret. She’s a leopard, one of the spotted humans wrongly accused of being a plague carrier. Leopards like her are hunted by zealots to protect their offworld colony from the scourge. Despite this threat, Amandine spends her days guiding other leopards to an underground shelter run by the pacifist Seekers. At night, with her own spots hidden, she takes to the air, the one place this extraordinary artist feels free and gloriously alive.In her darkest hour, Amandine must draw upon everything she’s learned from the circus and Seekers to bring peace to her fractured society. Can a reluctant angel fly beyond her limits to save her life, her love, and her world?

    My review

    From the book description of the novel it is very clear  Amandine Sand is the main protagonist .She is an orphan and now an adopted daughter to Elisbyth who wants her to shine as a great trapeze artist.When the author's introduction to Amandine as a leopard, I was confused as to what she was referring to.I thought Leopard was a common name given to a particular group of people most probably orphans.But that is not the actual reason.It is because Amandine has many spots on her body she is referred as Leopard in the novel  by Destiny in the beginning of the story and later on she is continually recognised as leopard to the readers.

    In Angel on the ropes, Amandine who accepts herself as a leopard not only should turn as a successful trapeze artist but also has to take the role of an angel(that's why the title is Angel on the ropes) to save their financially struggling circus which she does towards the end of the story.

    To be honest, I wasn't really able to get into the story well. It is because Jill Schutz kept me guessing the story throughout the novel.What was the main drawback of this wonderful novel according to me is that there were way too many characters introduced into the novel I wasn't able to guess which character is who and what is their part in the novel. But it couldn't have been avoided because the story revolves around a circus. And another main drawback was the very large number of pages which could have been avoided by the author.

    Overall, I wouldn't lie I enjoyed reading the novel.I would say I liked the many twists and turns.Her being a heterosexual, the love between her and Nikos was very funny at times but well potrayed.I expected more scenes of their love story.When Amandine was doing her preformance as a trapeze artist i really couldn't stop reading the novel.She was such a strong character despite the odds as being a leopard her success gave a lesson to all the readers.

    If there is determination and good intentions, neither sexuality, race or religion matters to acquire success.My thanks to the author for giving me a free ecopy of her novel.

    My Favourite characters other than Amandine: Squirrelman, Sterling, Malaga, Nikos and Jango.

    Read the excerpts from the novel:

    She took a breath.
    “Each word, each action, is a choice,” she said softly, wishing she could wipe off her makeup to show him she was a leopard. “With that choice, we either create peace or we hinder it.”

    He nodded. She gave him one more quelling look, then walked away. Nikos tapped Amandine’s heel. She opened her eyes.
    Want a story?
    Her smile was barely more than a grimace. He muddled his way through a bedtime story, the best he could do with hands alone, about  farm girl who accidentally embarked on a quest and ended updefeating a dragon.
    When they wheeled her into the hospital’s burn unit, he stood outside, looking through the window. (And the whole kingdom rejoiced),he said, (and made her Queen).

    My rating:3/5

    This book is available on 
    Amazon US(Paperback&ebook)
    Amazon India(Paperback&ebook)

    How I got this book?Via Author

    Saturday, June 15, 2013

    Be Bold and Stay Real.

    I am writing on Be Bold Stay Real at BlogAdda

    With everything that is happening around the world, can we really be bold and stay real?I am sort of giving a negative post based on this topic because even newspapers scares us so much these days particularly if we are a young women.Gang rape, rape, molestation,kidnap or murder of young girls and women are all time problems in India which should be considered by our Indian government very seriously but whether it is taken seriously or not will be judged only based on the newspapers we read daily.

    So what can we do as a young women and men in order to be bold and stay real even if more and more worst things such as these happen. Okay, lets be brave and stay real when such incidents occur, we can do nothing else to eradicate it totally, this kind of attitude should never be cultivated in anyone's minds.

    First, we have to raise our voice against such incidents like the one that happened in Delhi and Puducherri. In this way we give the families of the victim at least some confidence that justice will be done and never be delayed because we cannot dependent too much on politicians alone.

    And also the other important things that need to be  looked into seriously is the numerous advertisements, serials and soap operas on Indian channels depicting both men and women in an improper way which paves a way for false impression on the young minds of India .This poses a great threat to the future generation.

    Recently, I happen to watch a program that telecasts every Sunday on TV which is only for those children at the age group 5-7  in where I saw today's young children beyond the word bravery and real because a boy just called his father, mother and his few of the family members present there with such poor names that cannot be said aloud.It's a great shame for the family.Though the program is for fun only,  the anchor can do nothing about it because the children have learnt to speak such words only because the society has allowed them to.I thank the anchor for showing the real face of today's generation as this gives an alarm to all the young parents.

    I conclude by saying that if a parent who is afraid to take risk in their life can never expect his son/daughter to be bold enough or advice them to stay real and speak good.That being said, now being bold and staying real is a matter of concern which rests on the shoulders of young parents and the soon to be parents as a normal citizen who has learnt moral values will never disgrace their own family and also their country in general.

    Friday, June 14, 2013

    Words to inspire the winner in you by Roopleen


    Publisher:Power publisher
    Release date:January 2013
    Genre: Self help, Non-fiction

    Author Biography:

    Dr Roopleen is an eye surgeon, motivational counselor and speaker.She is the author of Principles of sucess made easy-14 steps to climb the ladder of success.A hard core optimist and a firm believer of the power of positive thinking, Roopleen is passionate about serving people and being able to make a difference in their lives.Her vision is to inspire people to believe in themselves, pursue their dreams and live a meaningful life.

    Book Description

    We all aspire to achieve our goals and fulfil our dreams. But working towards goals is not easy. Enroute to success you will encounter hurdles, obstacles and rough patches. The down times can get really down and dishearten you.

    Setbacks and disappointments are an integral part of life- there is no escaping them. While you cannot change your circumstances or bypass the hurdles, you can brace yourself up against the difficult times by maintaining a positive frame of mind and being determined to keep going against all odds.

    When the going gets tough and you are overwhelmed by the rough times, all you need is something to encourage you and keep you going. Words to inspire the winner in you will do exactly that. This collection of author’s original motivational quotes will lift up your spirits, inspire you and put you back on track.

    My review

    When everything in your life seems impossible, no matter how much ever you  try, you should never lose your hope nor your self-confidence .That is what 'Words to inspire the winner in you' is all about.

    It is full of inspirational , motivational quotes, and no short stories and case studies.If you don't love a book filled with only just quotes then this is not your cup of tea. For others, it will give a new meaning to live their life in an efficient and effective manner much better than how they were living before. 

    As much as I enjoyed reading myself whoever reads this book need not be in a tough situation to understand this wonderful book. It is suitable for anyone and everyone who wants to raise higher and higher in their precious life.

    We live only once, The author aids us from living a worthless life to a meaningful life.Words to inspire the winner in you paves a way for positive thinking and gives a satisfaction of reading thousand good books.

    If you don't believe me, you yourself can read some of the sample quotes taken from the book.These are the quotes that can change anyone's life.

    Courage-Be true to yourself.Have the courage to be who you are .

    Direction-Don't get disheartened if you fail.Refresh your goals, revise your plans and take your life to a new direction.

    Dreams-There are two kinds of negative people in this world -those who will steal your dreams and those who will make you abandon your dreams;be wary of both.

    Expectation-Results don't depend on your expectations.But if you put forth your best efforts, you can accept favorable results.

    Never give up-Successful people never give up.They see obstacles as opportunites, disappointments as good fortune and setbacks as stepping stones to their success.

    Life-Life is like a search engine-to get the right answer you must type the 

    right keyword.

    Perspective-This is your life and you get to live it only once.So start looking it from your perspective and live it on your terms and conditions.

    Reason-It's not easy to live life but that's not reason enough to quit.

    Wish-Don't spend your life wishing you were happier.Go out, do things that make you come alive and create your own happiness.Don't waste your life wishing for your dreams to come true.Challenge yourself to succeed, make big efforts and make your dreams a reality.


    All the quotes are arranged in an alphabetical order prior to their title so we need not search for a particular quote.For instance, when we feel regret, we shall read the quotes under the topic regret. 


    Noone can read all the quotes in just one day even if they do, it is not possible to remember a single quote the very next day as no use in reading it bcoz we all know that learning takes some time.So, it is good to read one-three quotes a day depending on which topic suits us in the best way on that day.

    My rating 4/5

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