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Tuesday, May 07, 2013
Disclaimer:I received a free soft copy of the book from the author for my honest review.

  • File Size: 258 KB
  • Print Length: 79 pages
  • Release date:November 14, 2012
  • Genre:Fantasy

Book Description:

A magical bunny, daft pirates, a village of rastafari elves, two princesses, a semi-retired thief and an aspiring bard, plus flying ships, dimensional portals and a largely silly sorcerer with a dangerous, mysterious amulet.

How do they all fit together, you may ask? Fate, it seems. Or maybe not.

Add a dash of fire, a pinch of lightning and some magic to your life.

And remember, it could all be just a bad trip..

This is the first book, Book I, in the "Party of Five" series of fantasy novellas.

My review:

This is not a usual kind of story i normally read.Party of five is a fantasy short novel which made me laugh from the beginning.The story begins with Parcifal and her younger sister by one minute, Lernea landing in a city that is totally new to them.The two sisters enter in a huge fight that seems never ending until their money gets robbed by a dwarf who calls himself , a halfuin. Both the sisters search for the dwarf vigorously and he gets caught in the process. These three are the main characters in the story.There are other interesting characters that make the story quite attractive to read.For some reasons, i didn't like the whole story, because i think the author has lost out of ideas and doesn't really know how to execute the story at the end.

My rating:3/5

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