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Monday, May 20, 2013
  • Paperback: 410 pages
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK (February 1, 2011)
  • Release dateApril 1st, 2010
  • Language: English
  • Genre Horror, Family-drama, Historical-fiction
  • Book Description

  • When novelist Theo Kendal inherits the remote Norfolk house in which his cousin Charmery was murdered, he believes it will bring him closer to the truth about her death. It will also be the ideal place to finish his new book. 
But the bleak Fenn House is a lonely and sometimes uncomfortable place to spend the winter. And the strangest thing is that Theo's new novel seems to be writing itself - and heading in an unplanned direction. Theo finds himself describing a young boy called Matthew who lives in constant fear of a visit from the cold-eyed men. Struggling to understand the dangerous secrets that surround him and his family, Matthew inhabits a terrifying world where people die in macabre circumstances, where they can be imprisoned without trial or reason, their identities wiped from the world forever.
And then Theo discovers that Matthew and his family really existed, part of a dark and violent segment of recent history that threatens to reach across the years to tear his life apart.

And somehow it all connects to the death of his cousin Charmery.

My review:

I grabbed this novel from the library as a random choice. But when I started reading this novel only I realized this is not an usual novel that should be read as yet another novel. Despite the compelling cover image, the novel really stands out amid the creepy plot. The author's meticulous way of writing gave me the impression that I am actually gone out of this present world and I never  realized that I was totally lost into the story.

The house of the lost is  a rattling good story for readers who would love a fast paced novel.The voice of this book is the  book itself but it really doesn't matter as I was able to connect with the story and the inside characters really well.Also the author, Sarah Rayne has well told the story of Theo Kendal, a writer who inherits the property of his cousin Charmery  after her brutal murder.Like every other novels, the killer is unknown.But her novel is not entirely about finding out who the killer is and what's his ulterior motive behind killing.
The main protgonist, Theo never expected to visit Fenn House which was passed on to him after his deceased cousin because he believed,  it would cause trouble into his stable life.He makes a sudden visit to the house which is now haunted by the memories of her and his own characters in the book that he is writing.

What happens when all the characters he has imagined for his new novel becomes real and not only they are real but also many of them are now alive.What is more gripping is they all have connections to Charmery's death. Although there were many characters in the novel, there is no baffle as to which character is who .This novel can be split into three short novellas.The story of Theo and Charmery and thier unatural love, then Theo's novel about Mathew and Mara, and a separate gothic story about the lesbians, Annaleise and Zoia. Overall, I could say this is a novel written out of great intelligence and brilliancy.

My rating5/5

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