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Killing Nazis

Disclaimer: I received a free soft copy of the book from the author for an honest review.

Book Published on:February 10th 2013
Genre:Crime thriller

Book Description:

Themis is a burnout painter who stumbles on a crime scene. Ali, one of his black neighbours, is brutally stabbed to death in an alley in Thessaloniki. Themis spots two Neo-Nazis lurking nearby and then it hits him: inspiration courses through him and he creates a masterpiece. Themis craves inspiration as much as the truth though.... But is inspiration worth dying for?

My review:

It's a brilliantly written book with great characterization. The main protagonist is Themis,  a painter who is a very disturbed man which is why he forces himself to believe that he is a psychopath. He lives like a prisoner in his own apartment and cares for nothing other than his talent. 

It is because of his grandmother who has found his talent as an artist at a very young age and it is she who tells him to concentrate only on his talent as an artist rather than on temporary things like friends, girls, etc. At this point we come to know Themis is a man who learns to protect his only gift as an artist.but until one day, Ali, his black neighbor is brutally murdered by some unknown persons.  

Themis is very much shaken by this incident although he doesn't have any relationship with Ali. It is due to the two Neo-Nazis laughing at the crime scene, he develops a strong feeling that they are the ones who had killed Ali.He has a strong history of hate for the Nazis. His grandmother's husband was killed by them. 

He also heard a rumor that her grandmother was a spy and she has killed some of the Nazis. This is a reason that  leads him to stalk one of the Neo-Nazis and also kill him in the same way that Ali was killed. There is a twist here which i don't want to disclose due to spoilers.On the whole, I had a great time reading the novel.

My rating: 4/5

Recommendation:This book has strong adult content which is not suitable for very young readers. Also there are many grammatical mistakes in this book, like for instance, in page No.13 and 14, there are wrong tenses used in some sentence. But this doesn’t really matter as the story is really good.This is a great suspense thriller.

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